Is it important to have a role model (Blog)?

Hallo, könnte mir jemand Tipps geben oder meinen Blog korrigieren? Danke.

For me a Role Model doesn't have to be a hero or a singer, a Role Model can be a family member or even your best friend, but not everyone has a role model.

I don‘t really have a role model, just because i don‘t like to compare myself with someone else or be someone else..

The problem is that in today's society it's not easy to tell if a person is a role model or not.

Almost all influencers are fake, they just want the money they get, and many teenagers don't see that.

Zach Hanf, a 18 year old boy lost his leg, because of a car accident.

He was driving on Rt. 13 in Perry Country with his girlfriend and drifted left of the center and crashed into a refrigerated box truck.

At this moment his life changed!

Hanf wanted to be a trauma surgeon, but because of his accident it‘s not that easy anymore.

But the boy believes in his dream and is ambitious and continues to try to achieve his goal.

I think he is a real role model, despite his accident just to continue as if it had not been happen, is incredible.

So the question is, is it important to have a role model?

The answer is yes, for example Zach Hanf is a strong and confident boy, who lost his leg, but did not change his plans.

Teenager should do the same, if something bad happens, they should still try to reach their goals.

A role model in your life is always a good idea to inspire yourself 

and you get to learn from their mistakes.

All together you will be the best of yourself!

Is it important to have a role model (Blog)?
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Ist dieser englische Text so korrekt?

Abend meine Lieben.

Ich schreibe gerade an einer Profilbeschreibung für ein Spaß-Profil auf Steam, weswegen das ganze ja auch korrekt sein soll. Gerade bei den Kommas bin ich mir oft nicht sicher und einige Formulierungen könnten durchaus besser sein. Ich bitte euch darum, alles zu verbessern, was euch nicht gefällt.

Wer errät, um wen es sich handelt? ;)

Born in the 1930s or 1940s
I'm from a family with a long military tradition. I've served as a platoon leader in the Vietnam War where me and nearly my entire platoon were saved by one of my privates. That day, I've lost both of my legs. That was a giant disappointment for me since I've seen it as my destiny to die in combat just like all my male ancestors before me. After several years of living in depression and alcoholism I've met said private again. By now, he has gotten into shrimp business. Something he wanted to do with another member of my platoon but sadly wasn't able to save him the day my platoon was saved by him. I've promised him to be his first mate once he managed to be the captain of a shrimp boat. A joke of course.... But some day I've received a letter from him saying that he has become the captain of a shrimp boat that he named after his girlfriend. I of course immediatly travelled to him and became his first mate. After a rough start, we were steering right into Hurricane Carmen which brought as a whole lot of shrimps meaning a lot of income for us. That allowed us to buy more boats and hire people. In April 1975, when we were eating on our boat, we got a radio call from our radio operator Margo. She told us that the mother of my private was sick and he immediatly jumped off the boat to get to her. After that, he ha retired from the shrimp business and left his proceeds to me. I've invested some money into a new tech company and shared the profits with him which made us extremely wealthy. 
It was about 1981 that my private and his girlfriend got reunited and decided to marry. When I showed up to the wedding, he was really surprised to see my with legs. I've explained him that those were prosthetic legs made from titanium alloy. Yes, it's the same stuff they use for the space shuttles.
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Habt ihr Verbesserungsvorschläge für mich?

Hey, ich würde mich echt freuen, wenn ihr irgendwelche Verbesserungs-/Änderungsvorschläge für mich hättet :-) .

On Tuesday, this topic was the subject of a talk show. It was invited the father (Hamid), the mother (Mary) the son (Farid) and his British girlfriend (Julie). In the conversation, Mary and Farid wanted to convince the father of a "love marriage". The father was very stubborn, because he wants his son to have an arranged marriage. Farid, however, confessed to his parents that he would like to marry a British girl, Julie, whom he met some time ago and not a girl whom he neither knows nor loves. The mother saw this situation as a terrible problem and urgently needed the advice of the therapist. The last days were terrible for them. The big problem they have is that Hamid is totally against "love marriages". He has taken the liberty of arranging a meeting with another Pakistani family and their daughter in hopes of arranging a marriage and breaking this engagement.

Mary loves her son and cannot bear the thought of seeing him marry a girl he barely knows or loves. She loves him too much and wants him to be happy, to marry out of love and compassion, not coercion....

Mary said she loves Hamid but he is too conservative and strict with the kids and that needs to change.

From word to word, the conversation began to escalate. The therapist didn't get to say much, because the son and the father had the biggest share of the conversation. There was a lot of trying to change the father's mind, but the talk show ended without success. "You disappoint me," Farid kept saying towards the end of the show. The father did not mind. He believed that the "arrangen marrige" is a tradition and that tradition is a very important piece of culture. They tend to structure the foundation of our families and our society. These traditions remind people of history, that they are part of what made us who we are today. 

Julie also tried to help out a bit and explain to the father that a "love marraige" is the best thing for the partner. Within a "love marriage" the woman and the man understand each other better and have more beautiful experiences together. 

However, since the father clearly showed that he will not change his mind and has a stubborn head, everyone gave up and the talk show ended without success.


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Eure Meinung über mein Text?

Hey Leute, ich würde mich echt freuen, wenn ihr mir sagen würdet, wie mein Text ist und ob ihr Änderungs-/Verbesserungsvorschläge hatte. :-)

I came here to talk to you about my terrible problem. In the last few days I have not been well. The mood at home is not the best either. My oldest son Farid told me that he met a British girl and wants to marry her. However, my husband is literally against a love marriage. He arranged a meeting with another Pakistani girl and her parents to fix the engagement. But I cannot take away my beloved son's great love and force him to marry a girl he neither knows nor loves. Although I love my husband but in my opinion he is too strict with the children, this needs to be changed urgently. This can only escalate the situation but I don't want them to fight. My husband also pays for Farid's education and may be that if they fight he will stop paying for it. Which of course would be terrible. To be honest I don't agree with my husband at all at the moment. It is important to me that my son marries the girl he loves and knows well. Even if I don't know anything about Julie, you can sit down, get closer and get to know each other better. This is not a problem for me at all. I also don't mind if she is from a different culture and speaks a different language, if my son thinks she is the one, I am fine with that. But the arranged marriage is a problem for me. 

First of all arranged marriage is very old-fashioned. It's an old tradition that was practiced almost everywhere, especially for enhancing the wealth and power of two families or due to political reasons or to maintain the blood in a specific social status or even in a specific race. However, all this does not matter anymore in the modern western society.  

Secondly, arranged marriages put a lot of unnecessary pressure on the girls and boys as the alternative to the marriage would be that they are ostracized by their community and even by their own families so that they would lose their major social environment. Regarding these severe mental compulsions I see arranged marriages as extremely harmful for the mind.

And last but not least, love is the main factor in a marriage. Love and trust to each other build the foundation for a happy and long lasting marriage. Whereas an arranged marriage lacks of both as it starts with two people who are almost complete strangers to each other and do not know if they will fit together.      

Now I need your help. Please tell me what to do. 


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Was ist an der Summary falsch ( Englisch)?

Wo und inwiefern wurde bei der summary gegen die Regeln von summarys schreiben vertoßen?

Dr Hyde tells the students: 'Karl Marx famously called religion the "opiate of the masses". This statement makes Miles think about the question of a possible afterlife and of where Alaska might be now. After class he goes to McDonald's with Takumi where they admit to one another how much they miss Alaska. Clever as he is, Chip has come up with yet another ingenious plan. He wants to get drunk to find out how drunk Alaska was when she hit the police car. To be able to do so, Chip and Miles steal Mr Starnes's breathalyser, which turns out to be quite difficult. Takumi is annoyed that he is not allowed to take part in this plan. The two boys stay up in their room where chip drinks as much as he can while Miles uses the breathalyser to measure the amount of alcohol in his blood. Miles urges Chip on, saying he can surely outdrink a girl. In the middle of their experiment Mr Starnes knocks on their door. Luckily, they manage to fool him, but Miles has to appear before the jury for smoking in his room. In the end they come to the conclusion that Alaska was definitely too drunk to drive, which possibly helps them overcome their feelings of guilt. Because of their investigations, Miles has neglected his studies, but he doesn't really care. Chip decides that they have to call Jake now, because he is the only one who might help them find out more. They finally let Takumi in on what happened the night Alaska left, whereupon Takumi tells them that they shouldn't have set off the fireworks.

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Habe ich es gut auf Englisch beschrieben?

Hey Leute, wie findet ihr meine Beschreibnug, habt ihr Verbesserungs/Änderungsvorschläge?

Which food is typically German? No - pork knuckle is not a typical German food (even if Americans and Japanese think so)Which food is typically German? This question is not easy to answer. Why? There is no such thing as typical German food. Germany consists of many different regions. In each region there are different specialties. In this video I will talk specialized about the traditional Berlin cuisine. Currywurst and Döner - that's probably the first thing most people associate with Berlin cuisine. Or think of the diverse street food scene with dishes from all over the world. But there is also the very traditional Berlin cuisine with rustic and hearty dishes that fill you up well and taste delicious. 

The main meal in Germany is taken between 12 and 4PM. It consists of one, at most 2 courses: Main course and possibly dessert. A pre-soup is eaten only at particularly important and festive meals (family feast, Christmas). The main course usually has three components:  

1. meat, rarely fish

2. potatoes (very rarely noodles) with sauce

Potatoes are prepared in various forms, the most popular are (boiled) potatoes and fried potatoes. There are also mashed potatoes, potato dumplings and cold potato salad. French fries, which are especially popular with children, have only been around for about 50 years. Meat comes mostly from pork, less often from beef. Today, people eat a lot of poultry, but that is not part of traditional German cuisine. Pork is available as roast pork, cotlett , schnitzel, frikadelle, Kassler or in one of the many types of sausage.

3. vegetables, boiled

3. beef is mainly used to make roulades and goulash: the most popular vegetables are peas and carrots. Cabbage comes in the form of cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, red cabbage or sauerkraut: Kale is eaten mainly in winter in northern Germany.

4 Traditional "fast food" eaten "on the street" are bratwurst and currywurst. Currywurst has only been around since about 1950. A specialty from Germany is stew. Potatoes, meat and vegetables are cooked together in a pot, hence the name stew. Very typical for Germany are the hundreds of types of bread. In no country in the world is there a wider choice of bread.Some complete dishes:Mettwurst with kale and potatoes, Kassler with sauerkraut and potatoes, Schnitzel with fries Bratwurst with sauerkraut , Roulade with red cabbage and dumplings, Roulade with mixed vegetablesand boiled potatoes.


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