Englisch Essay: Kann jemand bitte darüber schauen, würde mich sehr freuen?

Essay: Pet and Teenagers

Should teenagers be exposed to pets at their age?

Having a pet at a early age helps teenagers learn about responsibility and taking care of others. At the same time, it can help them learn to take care of themselves. Some teenagers though, should never have pets of their own if they can’t control themselves and have difficulty with empathy. Therefore: Should teenagers be exposed to pets at their age?

Teenagers mature at different rates. Some can handle the responsibility of caring for a pet already and others not. That’s why the age is for the parent to decide. If teenagers are animal-friendly, then cats make excellent pets. They can be playful and entertaining, especially if people adopt a kitten. They are also relatively easy to take care for: good quality food, clean water, a clean litter box, toys and interaction with their owners for affection.

As mentioned, owning a pet helps in the development of a teenager for example learning to take responsibility for another life and experience what it means if someone depends on them. A pet also helps teenagers learning to give attention even if they are not in the mood for it.

Despite of that, how can teenagers even cover the costs of keeping a pet? Well, pets are expensive but if teenagers have a pet, they can buy cheap food or cheap toys, if they want to cover their costs. Teenagers can also spend their pocket money more for their pet or can earn some money in holidays.

To conclude, I would say teenagers should keep a pet, if they are ready to take care of it. If they care for their pet, they return the love. A pet doesn't question what kind of job the kid’s parents have or how much money they make, etc. They would love their owners if they show affection to it.


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Habe ich diese wichtige Nachricht auf englisch richtig geschrieben?

Auf Social Media habe ich eine junge Frau entdeckt dessen Stiefvater ihre Mutter u jüngere Geschwister ermordet hat. Sie hat keine Familie mehr. Ihr Vater und ihre Großeltern leben ebenfalls nicht mehr. Und nun verkauft sie Nudes auf onlyfans um über die Runden zu kommen. Ich will ihr helfen und will ihr diese Nachricht schreiben.

hi, i saw your videos on tiktok and it made me incredibly sad. Your current situation also seems to be quite difficult. I know what it’s like to be alone and coming from difficult backgrounds. I was just lucky enough to end up in Europe. I saw your video with the health insurance and the bills. In Germany, a woman is helped a lot and visits to the doctor and insurance are free here.

Studying here is free and there are many Americans in the city where I live. If you want to make a fresh start and need help, feel free to contact me. I was also in a very difficult situation and I was helped.

I also had to leave home and had problems. The difference with America was that there are many programs for women. I wish you all the best from my heart and a lot of strength for the time to come.

Here you will find the regulations for coming to Germany. The text is in German, but you can translate it with Google Translate. You could apply to an international German university. as far as I know, that’s possible with an American high school diploma. If they take you, you would also get a student apartment. you could take your brother with you too. You are still very young, you could study here. I know people from countries at war who have even been admitted to German universities.

you could try learning the language with Babbel. this is an app with which you can also get certificates for B1 and B2. And you could study at an international university. they speak english there. If you study here, you will quickly find contacts. If you are interested, I will send you the links of some universities.

Your brother could go to school here and also have a chance to study.

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Englisch Hausaufgabe? Fictional story schreiben?Korrigieren?

Hallo Englisch Community,

*ich gar keine englische Profi,um alles richtig zu machen also bitte nur korrigieren und nicht schlecht kritieren. Danke im voraus

ich müsste eine Geschichte schreiben:

Aufgabe lautet: Write a short story about a holiday in Jamaica. Use these words and phrases in your story.

holiday in jamaica with family,go on a diving trip ,pick up at a hotel, take to harbour ,small boat mum be afraid, feel sorry to her, stay with mum, look around he harbour and have lunch, have a great time, feel sad later, dad see whale

____I was on a holiday in Jamaica with my family. First of all we picked up at a hotel then prepared ourselves and took to the harbour. On the harbour we looked around it and had lunch together. We had really a great time together.

After tow hours we went with other ouriston a small boat to see the whales along the coast and the harbour. Suddenly my mum screamed and said: " OMG! A whale wanted to bite my hand because I touch it ! HELP!" She was very afraid.I felt sorry to her. My dad saw the whale which must be the whale that wanted to bit my mum´ hand. But all the whales were very friendly and cute, that was so weird.

After all of this, we had to return to the harbour . My mum had a panic so i drived her back to the hotel and I stayed with her. when we arrived the hotel my mum said happilly:" That was a prank, the whale didnt want to bite me!" Then I said angrily:" What? Are you serious? This is not funny!"

She ruined our whale watching trip......Next I needed to relax so I went alone on a diving trip. Later I felt sad because I yelled at my mum.

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Host Family letter?

Hallo, ich habe meinen Host Family letter nochmal überarbeitet und würde mich freuen wenn jemand einmal rüber lesen könnte !

Dear Host Family,

My name is … and I am .. years old. I would like to introduce myself to let you know who I am.

I live with my parents and my little sister in … , a small town in the south of Hamburg. Although my sister and I have different interests, we enjoy spending time together. We live in a beautiful house with a big garden where my family and I like to play. My sister and I each have our own room.

 In my free time, I love to meet up with my friends or go out for a nice meal with my family. Because I like to do sports, I play tennis with friends, but also golf with my father. Furthermore, along with some others I take care of a horse. I prefer to go horseback riding with friends in the forest or the fields, but it's also a lot of fun to do dressage or jumping lessons. What I really like about the hobby is spending time with the horses and taking on responsibility. What I prefer about playing tennis is the discipline that you build (up). I also enjoy playing against other people. I love going on vacation with my family and sometimes with my friends.

A normal day in my school week starts at 6:00 am. After I wake up I get ready for the day and leave the house at 7:00 am and then I go to the train station and wait for my train. After this, I take the train to … , the next larger city to …. When I arrive at … I only need to walk for ten minutes or I take the bus. School starts at 8:00 amand usually ends at 1:20 pm. At school, I meet a lot of my friends and I learn a lot of new things, which is mostly very interesting. After school, I need to rush to the train to don’t miss it. When I come home I eat lunch and start to do my homework. After that, I have some free time that I use to go to the horses, for example. I usually go to bed at 9.30 a.m., before that I like to read or just relax a bit.

I would like to discover America because I want to get to know a new country with its interesting and beautiful sides. I am also interested in the traditions that differ from ours. I would also like to meet new people and make friends and try new things.

In general, I am a very humorous person and like to learn new things. I've always dreamed of traveling to America and I'm glad to have this chance now.

I really enjoy my life in Germany and I´m pretty sure that I will miss my family and my friends a lot. But I know that this experience of one-half year with you will be more than worth leaving my home. I am so excited about my half year abroad and would be glad to spend this time in America.

Yours ….

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