Hey leute,

ich lerne in englisch writing Aufgaben und mein Englisch ist wirklich sehr sehr schlecht ich habe schon alles versucht aber ist irgendwie nicht so meine Stärke. Ich habe jetzt ein Text geschrieben und wollte fragen ob der so sehr sehr schlecht ist oder ob er noch einigermaßen in Ordnung ist. Ich weiß selber das es Grotten schlecht ist aber ja😂

Hello Luca

How are you I miss you so much but I’m so happy that we writing about social media. I now that you love the technology and you ask me should robots replace teacher in schools?

So this is a very interesting question and I ask also my friends and family in Germany and all people have different arguments to this topic.

In my school we used a lot of modern technologies so we have iPads in some classrooms also we have a laptop in all classes but this is only for teachers and we have a projector in all rooms for a presentation or when we watch a film or something. 

But the big question ist what robots could or could not do compared to teachers?

I thing the robots can not answers all questions they ask the kids or when a kid have a problem or broke his leg or something the robot can not do anything but the robots can explain the lesson better because they are don’t do it alone so a teacher doing that alone and have maybe problems to explain that. So I think it’s not a good idea to replace the teacher with robots because I think it’s very important to speak with a real person and don’t with a Roboter.

Yeah I hope I could help you further and you understand everything.

I miss you and see you soon bye

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Englisch Präsentation korrigieren?

Hallo, könnt ihr meine Texte anschauen. Habt ihr Verbesserungsvorschläge? Wir müssen eine Präsentation zu Neuseeland machen und das hier sind meine Texte zum Präsentieren.

General Facts: Around 5 million people live in New Zealand. The capital is Wellington. New Zealand is located southwest of the Pacific Ocean. The official currency is the “New Zealand Dollar”. There are two time zones in New Zealand. No matter where you are, the nearest coast is a maximum of 128 kilometres away. New Zealand had the largest volcanic eruption in the world and the first women’s right to vote. In addition New Zealand has the steepest road.

Area: New Zealand is a country located southwest of the Pacific Ocean. New Zealand comprising of two islands, one is called “The north Islands” and the other “The south islands”. Both are shaped by many volcanoes and glaciers. 

Language: English is the most widely spoken language, it is also used in legislation but only Māori and New Zealand sign language are the official language. Here you can see it ( ich zeige ein Bild☺️)

Religion: Nearly half of the population in New Zealand have no religion. 37% are Christians and 0,1% are Jewry. There are other special religious communities, but these are only 1,3%.

Blue lake: the blue lake holds the record for the clearest lake in the world. It is located in Nelson Lake National Park. Only scientists with a special permit are allowed to dive and swim in the lake to take tests and pictures. For tourists access to shore is possible at any time.

Māori: the Māoris are the indigenous people of New Zealand, they make 10% of the population. They lived in tribes. In the past there was cannibalism. The Haka dance is a ritual dance. It was mostly performed by armed men’s.

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