Hi, ich habe einen text in englisch geschrieben ohne Hilfe. Ich wollte von euch aus wissen ob ihr es versteht?

I work for ....... in ........, there works are 500 people in the manufactury company. The company produce plastics and production the bearing.

Max ..... is the founder company in since ...... in germany /willich, that is why “.......” in the company name. The headquarters is in France. We are producing bearings and tolerance rings for different application. The consumer can`t see the products, although we are use it every day. They are used facilitate various rotational, linear and high fregrency-oscillatory for different types of movement.

Sample: the cars no matter what movement, the window, the door, tires, wheel and the seat that is was are used and adjusted.

In the company starting from the production of block made PTFE to shipping. I work for the department that’s mechanical zinc, by internal finishing. The department is galvanic chemistry.

The prepared bearings, that come to us in internal finishing. Firstly, the products are get washed because the oil off them bearings. Secondly 10.000 parts come in to the OTEC-System, in the OTEC galvanized with 15 liters of porcelain polishing bodies (that is the white pens), water and chemical receipt (activator, promotor and zinc).

Finally, the corrosion production, to protect the metal which often comes into contact with water from rust.

P.S. ich dürfte nicht viel preis geben von der Firma aus.

wie würdet ihr das bewerten?

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Englisch Arbeit Text über Globale Erwärmung?


ich Bin in der 9. klasse und gehe auf eine real Schule

ich schreibe morgen eine englisch Arbeit, und muss wahrscheinlich auch ein Text über globale Erwärmung schreiben

wie ist dieser Text?

Was würdet ihr ändern? Ist er in Ordnung?

,,Global warming is the average temperature increasing all over the world over an extended period of time. But it doesn't mean it's happening equally all over the world.

The burning of fossil fuels, deforestation and animal husbandry are increasingly affecting the Earth's climate and temperature.

The amount of naturally occurring greenhouse gases in the atmosphere increases enormously, which intensifies the greenhouse effect and global warming.

You can also do something about global warming if you use bicycles and public transport instead of driving your own car or if you can choose to use electric cars because they have a better climate footprint.

You can also pay attention to which country your fruit and vegetables come from next time you go to the supermarket. It is best to try to buy fruit or vegetables that are locally sourced, as this way you can reduce the distance that the food needs to get to you.

Polar bears are also dying due to global warming as they have less and less habitat because the ice is melting.

Glaciers have been melting for more than 20 years. In addition, sea levels are rising, resulting in flooding.

In countries where it is very hot, forest fires occur, such as in Turkey.

Because of climate change, around 40% of all insects may become extinct.“

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Englisch Artikel bitte korrigieren oder umschreiben?

Hallo Leute, könnt ihr eventuell diesen Artikel lesen und wenn da Fehler sind, es zu korrigieren oder umzuschreiben? Wäre super nett von euch, meine Hausübung wird nämlich benotet und schreibt noch euren Feedback rein, ich danke euch :)

Los Angeles has seen the evil

A recent school shooting in Los Angeles has brought the issue of school safety in the bad light. So, people became aware of these happening. On 30th April 2023, two 17-year-old students have armed their high school with two guns which left 11 people dead and 5 injured. This incident has left people worried about the safety of students and staff at schools.

Gun violence, especially in schools, is still a national crisis in the United States and migrants are still allowed to carry a gun because of the “national firearms agreement”. Due to the licenses of weapons, such acts are occurring more and more frequently. In order to protect students and school staff, most schools have security guards. There are also usually controls at the entrances. As a way to prevent non-schoolers from entering the school, they have their own school cards, which clearly show the identifies of the students. In addition, the police have increased their presence at schools.

Students, who have witnessed such incident, are usually traumatised and can hardly cope without psychological help. Many students and parents report terrible feelings and perceptions. “I was so scared when I heard gunshots. I ran and hid under a desk until the police came. Now I’m afraid to come back to school,” says a victim who survived this cruelty. Parents were calling desperately for their children, they even got more scared when they didn’t respond. These are just a few. As a result, the police has to deal with such incidents more and more often. “It is nothing scary anymore, we are already used to it”, claims a policeman. “We are already best prepared for such acts”, adds another officer. They have certain educations and trainings for these hardships.

Due to the school shooting on April 30th, this issue is more present than ever. Many students and parents are extremely frightened that they can also be victims. This clearly shows that much more could be done preventively.

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Darf ich denselben Aufsatz in zwei verschiedenen Fächern selbes Thema abgeben? Lehrer will dass ich 1094 Wörter in Stichpunkten neu schreibe, da „ChatGBT“?
  1. Hi, ich habe das jetzt so abgegeben und ich finde das okay. Ich habe ja nur etwas Zeit gespart aber mein Schweiß sind Blut steckte in diesem Aufsatz drinne. So kann ich meine Zeit für etwas anderes wie Prüfungsvorbereitung nutzen.

2. Was haltet ihr davon was soll ich tun?

Mein Physik-Lehrer hat mir bei meinem Aufsatz nicht geglaubt, dass ich ihn geschrieben habe. Am Ende sind alle Quellen aufgelistet, die kann er gerne durchlesen. Er hat mir gesagt ich könnte das ja auch mit „ChatGBT“ geschrieben haben, deshalb soll ich ALLES NOCHMAL NEU IN STICHPUNKTEN schreiben. Ich saß 4 1/2 Stunden daran!! Ich war mit meinem Nerven fertig und habe fast einen mental Breakdown bekommen. Der Aufsatz beinhaltet 1094 Wörter, vielleicht ist er auch nur zu faul sich das durchzulesen? Dieser Lehrer hat keinen guten Ruf an der Schule und stellt sich immer so blöde an und reißt unangebrachte Witze, deshalb halte ich auch das für möglich, da es zu ihm passt. (Nicht nur wegen den aufgelisteten Punkten.)

Meine Freundin sagt ich soll ihm klarmachen wie lange das gedauert hat und dass wenn er zu blöd ist (tut mir leid dafür)und mir nicht glaubt, er sich die Quellen durchlesen soll. Wenn er trotzdem meine Arbeit nicht schätzt, soll ich diese Stichpunkte Zusammenfassung für Herrn Extra nicht abgeben und zum Direktor. Da ich auch in der Abschlussklasse bin und der Lehrer meine Note verschlechtern würde.

P.S. Das ist das erste mal, dass ich mit einem Lehrer anlege. Auf meine Antwort ich habe das alleine ohne dieses Chat-Programm geschrieben, bekam ich keine Reaktion, nur Ignoranz.

Eure Meinung?? Bitte helft mir eine Antwort zu finden

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Schreibe eine Englisch Arbeit über Email/Letter of complaint und bräuchte Korrektur bzw. Notenvorschlag oder Tipps?


You recently ordered a computer game form the American company Game of Games but the delivered purcharse only includes a Spanish version of the game. Write a formal letter on oder to complain about this unfortunate mistake.


To: compony@gameofgame.com


subject: The wrong delivery

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing in order to complain about a purchase I have recently made. My name is Ben Geyer and I live in Austria.

One week ago I bought your new computer game “heart on heart” via Amazon. I had to wait very long for the package and so I was really hyped when I opened the game and put it into my play station. But when I started the game I realised that it is not my language. You probably sent me the Spanish version. I checked the language three times before I bought ordered the game. I did not to want anything get wrong, so I also called the support if the game is really my language. These assured me that it is in English. But no it is not.

I think you can image in which situation I am now. I looked forward to the game for days and now I do not understand everything. This is an unbearable situation for me and therefore my suggestion would be that you entitle me to some form of compensation.

I would be grateful if you could exchange my product, or refund my money. If you need my bank account or something other data you could write me when ever you want.

I hope we will find a way to solve the problem so I will not be forced to take further action because I did not have any struggles with your company since yet.

I would be grateful if you contact me at ben.sch@gmx.at as quickly as possible if you have a solution.

Yours faithfully,

Ben Geyer

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Writing a Leaflet?


Wie findet ihr diesen Leaflet? Folgende Punkte müssen beantwortet werden:

  • give information about the centre
  • discuss why being there is beneficial for the refugees
  • suggest events to bring the community closer together


Use your time! – Everybody is welcome! (Hauptüberschrift)
Have you ever thought about joining the local youth centre Yolo? Wouldn’t you like to make new friends and have fun while learning new skills? If yes, then we have an exciting opportunity for you.
What is the Yolo local youth centre?
Yolo is a place where young people come together to learn and build a sense of community. We provide various activities that can help you improve your German and social skills, as well as your computer skills. This can ultimately increase your chances of finding a job.
Why Yolo is the best!
Learning German is an essential skill for refugees and migrants living in Germany. Not only in your job, also when you ask for advice. Yolo provides a supportive environment for young refugees to learn and practice German, while also meeting and interacting with other young people in their community.
But guess what: That is not all. The world also gets more and more modern. You learn everything you need to know about computers nowadays at this centre.
Events to bring the community closer together!
At Yolo, we organize several social events every week to bring our community closer together. These events include cultural festivals, sports tournaments, and even swimming trips. One of our most popular events is the weekly football match on Saturdays. It's a great way to get active and have fun with other teenagers.
So what are you waiting for? Join us today by writing to youthcentreyolo@gmail.com .
And if you are feeling overwhelmed, do not hesitate to contact our support.
See you soon!
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Englisch Text ausbessern?

Hallo liebe Community,

ich wollte euch fragen, ob ihr eventuell wieder meinen Englisch Text korrigieren und wenn der Satz generell nicht stimmen sollte, umschreiben könnt? Ich habe versuch in ein leichtes Englisch zu schreiben, weil meine Lehrerin das auch besser bewertet also ein kompliziertes Englisch. Ich würde mich echt freuen wenn ihr mir helfen könnt! :)


I came across your blog post, in which your talking about criminals. You asked us if we knew other criminals. Well, I would like to tell you about the story of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, two criminals, who are not unknown in today’s society.

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were a famous criminal couple who met in Texas. At this time, Bonnie was 19 years old and Clyde was 21. Soon after, Clyde was arrested for a burglary and was sent to jail. He then escaped, using a gun, which Bonnie had smuggled to him but he was recaptured again and was sent back to prison. After Clyde was released, he and Bonnie soon became partners in crime. They started to travel the United States with their gang during the Great Depression, committing robbery, murder and kidnapping for two years straight. They were known for their ruthless and violent behaviour and caught the attention of the public. Unfortunately, the two of them were killed in a police ambush. The police set up a trap by pretending that their car had broken down on the side of the road. When the couple approached, the police opened fire and killed them both.

Now that you know the story of Bonnie and Clyde, you’re probably wondering how they were perceived by the general public. In my opinion, their relationship is portrayed as being extremely romantic. The American people were fascinated by their relationship, especially by their criminal journey together. They were bank robbers and during the Great Depression, banks were widely hated, which meant that bank robbers were often seen as heroic and romantic figures.

Despite their lawlessness and brutal ending, I do think that they both had talents, some good qualities and also a capacity to love. Their story has been made into movies, books and songs and they also remain an important part of the American history.

Let me know what you think about them. I would appreciate your opinion on this topic. 

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Englisch Text korrigieren oder umschreiben?

Hallo liebe Community,

ich wollte euch fragen, ob ihr eventuell meinen Englisch Text korrigieren und wenn der Satz generell nicht stimmen sollte, umschreiben könnt? Ich habe versuch in ein leichtes Englisch zu schreiben, weil meine Lehrerin das auch besser bewertet also ein kompliziertes Englisch. Ich würde mich echt freuen wenn ihr mir helfen könnt! :)

Hi Leah,

I came across your blog post about your opinion about Shakespeare's poems. You claim that they are all boring and have strange illusions. Well, I really don't agree with you, but I want to introduce you one of my favourite poems by William Shakespear "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?"

Let me summarize this masterpiece for you: The Sonnet starts with a flattering question "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?". William Shakespeare explains that his love is as beautiful as the most beautiful things in the world, such as a summer’s day. In the next line, he rejects this idea immediately. He says that the beauty of summer is fleeting and that it will eventually be replaced by the harshness of winter. However, the speaker also claims that the person’s beauty will be immortalized in the poem, since her beauty will supposedly never fade or die. This special thing about her is what gives her life and it’s a tribute to how couples see their partner as the only one for them.

In my opinion, it is a poem of admiration and adoration, almost certainly the best known piece of Shakespeare’s work. The simplicity and loveliness of this poem is outstanding and one of the main reasons for the poem’s success. The major themes in Sonnet 18 are the timelessness, nature, love, beauty and the death and immortality. I think the main theme is timeless and I specifically like it because it is a deeper theme of immortalization. Lack of time is a theme that has and will affect humans forever and therefore the wish for eternity reflects a universal experience.

Let me know what you think now about this poem. Don't worry, I am not mad if you still defend your opinion but let me know if you have changed your mind! :)

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Ist der englische Text gut geschrieben und verständlich?

Hey, ich schreibe bald eine Klassenarbeit in Englisch und dadurch, dass ich nicht allzu gut in Englisch bin, ist halt meine Frage, ob der Text so gut geschrieben ist bzw. verständlich und so gut eingeteilt ist.

Er soll: Modalverben, Adjektive, Zeitformen, Adverbs, linking words, relative clauses und einen topic sentence enthalten. Außerdem soll er im Simple Past geschrieben sein und eine Einleitung (Introduction), einen Hauptteil (Body) und einen Schluss (Conclusion) haben.

Hier ist der Text:


At the end of the 6th class, we went to the swimming pool because we wanted it.


We were all so excited, so then it started, first we all met, and then we went to the swimming pool together.

When we arrived, we were allowed to jump into the water first, but we should to put up the tents later.

There were two fast slides and one slowly slide, but it was longer than the others.

Next, we all played Volleyball together and listened to music, which was really nice.

Before dinner, 4 of us girls had a water fight with the boys, which was very funny.

We had burgers for dinner and they were so delicious.

When it was 10 p.m., 8 of us played hide and seek in the dark, which was really cool but also scary and at 3 a.m. we went to sleep/ bed.

The next morning, we all got up early and we girls must had to cleaned all the dirty plates and cups (dishes) from last dinner, but we didn't like it.

After breakfast, we were to be able to jumped into the water again, even though we were tired and the water was so cold.


Later we packed our things and were picked up.

Those were two great days and two of my best days.

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Englisch-Block Entry?


Wie findet ihr diesen Block Entry? Ich musste diese Bullet Points einbinden:

  • Die Wichtigkeit des Themas erklären.
  • Die negativen Dinge über Autofahren.
  • Die positiven Dinge über Fahrradfahren, Öffentliche Transportmittel, Zufußgehen.

Have you ever considered what you can do to effectively protect the environment? Every individual can take steps to reduce their carbon emissions on a daily basis.


As a
student, I learn about climate change every day at school, and it's evident
that our planet is at risk. While some people may feel powerless to make a
difference, everyone can do their part. Personally, I start my day by using
public transportation instead of driving to school.
Do not get
me wrong, I understand that many people prefer driving for its comfort and
convenience. However, it's important to remember the environmental impact of
burning fossil fuels and emitting car exhaust. In addition, opting for a bike
or bus ticket can be much more cheaper than owning and driving a car. Furthermore,
driving a car is not only harmful to the environment but also to our physical
health due to the negative effects of inhaling car exhaust.
the fact that there are alternatives, such as cycling, public
transportation, or walking, it simply doesn't make sense to rely on cars as our
primary means of transportation. On the one hand all of these alternatives are
better for the environment. On the other hand, there are much more positive
aspects about them. When you use public transport, you can talk to other
people. When cycling, you can see much more of the surroundings. Personally, I
find walking to be the most relaxing and enjoyable way to travel.
your opinion on this issue, and how do you usually travel?
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Englisch-Block Entry?


Wie findet ihr diesen Block Entry? Was kann ich verbessern?

Ich musst diese Bullet Points einbinden:

  • Die Wichtigkeit des Themas erklären.
  • Die negativen Dinge über Autofahren.
  • Die positiven Dinge über Fahrradfahren, Öffentliche Transportmittel, Zufußgehen.
Have you ever thought about, what you can do to effectively protect the environment? Everybody can reduce his/her carbon emissions every day.
As a student, I study about climate change every day at school. It is obvious that our planet is in danger. Many people think there is nothing they can do on their own to protect the environment. But that's not true! Everybody can do his/her part. For me everything starts early in the morning. Instead of driving to school in my car, I use public transport.
Do not get me wrong, but many people prefer going by car not without reason. Of course, it is more comfortable than, for example, riding a bike. However, many people forget about the environmental consequences. Also, a bike or bus ticket is much cheaper than a car. Moreover, driving a car is not healthy for the body.
Considering the fact that there alternatives, like cycling, public transport or walking, it doesn’t make sense to drive with a car anymore. On the one hand all of these alternatives are better for the environment, on the other hand there are much more positive aspects about those. When you use public transport, you can talk to other people. When cycling, you can see much more of the surroundings. Actually, my favorite way to travel is on foot because you can relax right away.
What is you opinion on that? How do you travel?
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Warum wird man, umso älter man wird, umso schlechter?

Also als ich im Deutschunterricht in der 2. Klasse einen Diktat diktiert bekam, waren die Resultate meistens sehr gut. Also ich schaffte alles fehlerfrei zu schreiben. Als ich in der 9. Klasse Hauptschule einen Aufsatz schreiben musste, war das Ergebnis, also die Note, immer noch, zumindest, befriedigend. Als ich in der Realschule war, wurde bei den Aufsätzen, Erörterung, meistens erstmal mit einer 3 bewertet und später bekam ich nur noch 4er. Ich frage mich woran das liegt. Ich bin in Deutschland aufgewachsen, meine Eltern stammen aber beide nicht aus Deutschland. Meine Mutter ist mit 18 nach Deutschland alleine gekommen, weil die Arbeitskräfte damals gesucht haben. Irgendwie hat sie, sie war beruflich viel unterwegs im Außendienst, meinen Vater kennengelernt. Das Problem in der Schulzeit, vor allem später in der Realschule, war, dass ich meine Fehler nicht erkannt hatte. Ich habe immer vor der Abgabe der Erörterung "Korrekturlesen" gemacht, habe selber meine Fehler gesucht und hielt mein Aufsatz als perfekt und fehlerfrei, was allerdings nicht so war, was man schließlich an den Noten sah. 😑

Naja kann man nichts mehr ändern, ist schon lange her. Was noch dazu kam, was vielleicht ausschlaggebend war, ist, dass ich bis zur 4. Klasse Nachhilfe hatte und vielleicht auch daher die besseren Noten im Fach Deutsch. Und ja von meinen Eltern konnte ich leider nichts lernen.

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Text korrigieren?

Hallo alle zusammen,

könnte mir jemand bitte diesen Text vor allem bezüglich der Zeitformen

vielen Dank im Voraus

Salut à tous!

Aujourd’hui, je partage avec vous quelques informations sur l’histoire de Euro Disneyland et à la fin je raconte de ma propre magnifique expérience à Disneyland Paris. 

Après le succès des parcs en Californie, en Floride et au Japon, la Walt Disney Company a ciblé1 un nouveau endroit en Europe. L’annonce du projet conduit à la colère de certaines Français qui n´ étaient pas pour l´arrivée de la pop culture américaine. Des manifestations ont eu lieu pour protester contre l’arrivée du parc avec la culture américaine. Néanmoins, le 12 avril 1992, le parc euro Disneyland lequel propose des attractions révolutionnaires a ouvrert ses portes. L’ouverture du plus grand parc en Europe a été suivi par six millions de personnes. Les français sont culturellement très différent que les Américaines et aussi plus exigeant. C’est pourquoi le parc avait quelques difficultés financières en 1993.

Au mois de juillet, mes parents et moi sommes allés quatre jours à Paris pour visiter Disneyland. Nous sommes restés à l’hôtel «Santa Fee». Pour passer plus vite à travers le parc, nous avions les FastPass VIP qui ne donnent l’avantage et la priorité de ne pas attendre durant2 quelques attractions. C´était vraiment pratique! Nous sommes allés au parc tous les matins en bus et y avons passé toute la journée. L´une des meilleures attractions était «Phantom Manor». On y plonge dans une ambiance sombre et drôle. Les décors avec plein de détails à l’intérieur comme à l’extérieur m’étonnais vraiment. Il y avait beaucoup des attractions, donc il était impossible de tout explorer seulement dans une journée.

1 ins Visier genommen 

2 lange

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