Englischen Text: Wie würdet ihr den bewerten?

Hallo ich habe einen essay geschrieben über compulsory first aid courses for fourteen year olds und das ist ein maturabeispiel gewesen und ich wollte fragen, ob jemand das durchlesen könnte und es bewerten könnte, welche note das wäre, vor allem mit den fehlern und so. Ich habe den Text komplett alleine geschrieben und das in 20 Minuten, weil bei der Matura haben wir sehr wenig Zeit für zwei Texte also nur eine Stunde. Ich würde mich echt freuen. :)

Nowadays young people has access to more goods like education. In our modernity, they can extend their knowledge pretty easily as technology, for instance, is spread all over the world and as they can attain school which offers a ton of diverse subjects. However, people still argue that many of these don’t teach valuable lessons about the real life. Instead, young people already want to accomplish experiences that educate them for certain situations, perhaps helping someone out in hazardous situations. In result of these arguably issues, people suggest signing 14-year olds up for compulsory first aid courses.

Compulsory first aid courses can be ideal and influential for young people collecting more real life based experiences. Moreover, they can even give them an insight on how a situation can alter in only one instant and how people can put themselves in danger, precisely fighting against death. Teaching sessions about helping someone, in terms of surviving, can reflect young people’s interests. Some students already complain on having deplorable teaching sessions at school, regardless of their subject area. Maths, science, biology,  physics might enforce their intellectual thoughts but what about focusing on their mind set. Are they even that mentally stable to handle emergency situations? Would they even risk themselves to help someone out after they crashed their car into a tree? Are they even willing to sacrifice themselves and is it even worth?

At this point, students would take school more seriously as compulsory first aid courses influence students mental mind set. In this case, the integration of first aid courses into school is essential for young people. 14 year olds must bear the importance of life teaching sessions. So, the government need to go after their obligations to pay these courses. After all, education should be free and accessible to everyone. School subjects should not only consist of languages or natural sciences, but the government also have to consider the fact that students have to train their cognitive skills as well.

Moreover, the government can also detect people’s reactions would shape in a deferential way if the education system would be more comprehensive and creative. I mean, how can someone not find it intriguing that the education system develops more on its way to be immaculate. It would pique everybody’s curiosity how young people desirably helps out to change the world into a better place. Knowledge has the power for it.

In conclusion, it can be said that if someone comes up with compulsory first aid courses, it should be already associated in the school’s education system. Fourteen year old should be, at this degree, handle emergency situations and activate their human instincts to sacrifice themselves. 

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Kann jemand das für mich korrigieren? Ich soll Stative und Dynamic verben einsetzen?


Have you read the newspaper article about Susi Shine? It says she IS EXPLOITING (exploit) Chinese labourers. Actually, that SOUND (sound) terrible.

HEATHER: | AM WORKING (work) on a class project and didn't have time to read go papers. I DOUBT (doubt) that a successful celebrity like her would do anything like that.

JOE: it is true. I PROMISE (promise). After she became famous as a singer started designing clothes and shoes. She IS MAKING (make) money with her fancy dresses and her shoes. And now she even OWN (own) a company that produces her clothes and shoes in China! Three activists investigated labour conditions at this factory that SEEM (seem) to produce shoes under terrible working conditions.

HEATHER: Oh, yes. Sure, I REMEMBER (remember) the news! The three activists ARE WORKING (work) for China Labor Watch, which is based in New York.

They ARE INVESTIGATING (investigate) this factory in China. How could I forget?


Exactly, the activists INDENT (intend) to publish a report showing that Susi Shine BELONG (belong) to the group of business people who ARE ACCEPTINV (accept) low pay, massive overtime, crude verbal

abuse and unacceptable misuse of labour in Chinese factories to increase their profit.

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Ist das ein guter Essay (Englisch)?

Heeeey, ich schriebe morgen ein Englischarbeit und wir sollen dann über einen Film einen Essay schreiben, ich habe heute mal geübt über den Film ,,die Eiskönigin" und och wollte mal nachfragen, ob das so okay ist, also ist das gut so?

(Bitte ignoriert einfach Rechtschreibfehler)


The Film “Frozen” is an animated Disney Film released in 2013. The story revolves around sisters Elsa and Anna and Elsa was born with magical ice powers. She runs away and Anna wants to find her. The film is a very good film for the whole family because it has a lot of emotions and it wouldn’t be boring.

The Film is about two sisters Anna and Elsa and Elsa was born with magical powers, but she cant control them. So she runs away to the mountains to live alone, because she turns Arendell to an very long winter. Anna go together with Olaf the Snowman, Kristoff and his reindeer Sven to bring back the Summer. Bacause of Elsa Annas hair turns white and Sven brings her back to the castel to Prince Hans, because only true love can save her life. Olaf cames and do a fire, but Anna leave the castel to seek Kristoff. At the same Time Hans wanted to kill Elsa,because he want the castle for himself. But then Anna turns Into Ice and Elsa was very sad, so she hugs her sister Anna and then Anna returns to normal and Elsa can Controll her ice Powers.

My favourite Character is Olaf the Snowman. I like him because he’s a bit funny and he tells jokes at a difficult Situation. And I like him because he’s friendly and ready to help.

My favourite Scene is the Scene with Olaf and Anna next to the Fire. The Scene when Olaf was very happy because he saw Kristoff and Sven coming back to the Castle. I like it, because Olaf try to help Anna and he say she has to stay next to the fire to keep warm. And I like it, because Olaf is very happy when he saw Kristoff and Sven come back to the Castle.

My favourite Quote is ‘‘some People are worth melting for‘‘ from Olaf. I like it, because it‘s from Olaf and it shows that you like someone very much, if you would do this for someone. So it shows that you are ready to do something like that for someone.

The first lesson you can learn from the film is, that you shouldn’t trust anyone you’ve only know for one day, because it can be very dangerouse and you really don’t know the person very well. The second lesson is, you don’t have to give up, when you try something. When you really want to do something, then you dont have to give up very early.

The Film Frozen is a very good disney film for everyonen. It is very adenturous and also a bit sad. The film is definitely a film you should watch.

Könnte ich das in der Englischarbeit ungefähr auch so machen?

Ich hoffe jemand kann mir helfen, danke schonmal


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"Did you ever catch yourself living in the past and losing focus on reality and presence? To some extent, it's totally normal to reflect upon great memories and experiences, but there are also some boundaries: If you are craving about the past rather than enjoying the here and now, this will lead to you always being unhappy with yourself and your surroundings. I am here to tell you that the past is there to remind you of all the great experiences you have had in your life, but you can't stick to them life-long . Even beautiful things have their ends, and you need to realize that. Just because your life goes on or some things have changed in your life, making that experience not relivable, it does not necessarily mean that your life will never be as great as it was. And remember: Maybe you are missing out on great people while crying over your best friend you lost and who was never good for you. All the changes you face are meant to occur. Despite all the shifts, there is someone who will always stay and never betray you: That's you and yourself! So don't stick to the past and other people if there are thousands of miles you need to discover before life really ends for you. Enjoy every minute and be grateful for having food, clean water, nice people, and a comfy place to live in!"

Wie kann ich den Text noch sprachlich verbessern?

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Ist dieser Text gut?

If you ever decide to travel to California, I promise you that you will have the adventure of a lifetime. From the iconic cities to the diverse landscape, everything I have recently witnessed firsthand was incredible.

I set off on my way to California, the Golden State, one week ago. On my last evening here, while enjoying the unique sunset on the deck of my host brother, I want to take the opportunity to report about my memorable experiences here.

My host family resides in San Francisco, consisting of two parents, my pen pal Max, and the little girl Francisca. Except for the strange little girl, the host family was very hospitable and gave me the chance to savor the beauty of California.

 My initial days in the Golden State were spent in San Francisco. My host family had a nice house with a big garden. The first few days we tried to get to know each other, they introduced me to the game of baseball, which proved to be quite enjoyable, and I have settled in very fast. 

On the third day, to bike it up across the bridge. The view was breathtaking, and the bridge was unimaginably long. I think it took us a good 45 minutes just to reach the middle, where we paused to capture the moment with some photos

However, after we finished, it was almost dusk, so we decided to visit the city center of San Francisco. The things I liked the most were these tall buildings and all the lights that came from everywhere, so I highly suggest you visit it in the evening. 

The following day we drove further afield to the Sequoia National Park, renowned due to its impressive giant sequoias, some of which are over 3,000 years old. It was fascinating, and I even saw a baby fox that seemed to  be was very scared of us. There we camped for two nights. Camping with my host family was an amazing experience! Each evening, we gathered around the campfire, sharing songs, stories, and laughter. The serene atmosphere was heightened by the gentle crackling of the flames and the occasional visit from curious animals. It was a truly magical and unforgettable time we spent in those relaxing nature retreats.  I would definitely make it to an obligation to visit this place for touristts.  

Subsequently, we made our way to Los Angeles, the glamorous Hollywood city. My host father was eager to share with me the real-life gaze of the Hollywood lettering, so on our way to there, we stopped at those letters and took a lot of photos. It wasn't any different from the photos I have seen before on the Internet, but it was still a nice experience. Our holiday flat was in the center of downtown, which was a big advantage because we were surrounded by countless sights and attractions. Not even 10 kilometers away was the famous Walk of Fame. It was quite interesting. People of all shapes and sizes were there, but regrettably no celebrities. Despite that, it was very beautiful there, and I enjoyed it. After a while, as we drove back, the family insisted on showing me the other side of California on my final days, while driving through the Skid Row. It was a neighborhood full of poverty and crime, with both drug addicts and dealers. It was wretched and sad to see how even minors have to live under such conditions. The next day we drove back to San Francisco

As I bid farewell to my host family and prepare to depart, I carry with me gratitude and the longing to return to this impressive land of sun, sights, and city streets, where every moment feels like an adventure. Until next time, your Maria!

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Heyy Leute wir sollten in English eine Diskussion (Comment ) schreiben meine war nicht so gut was könnte man dort verbessern ich weiß das mit den Zahlen ist schon mal falsch was aber noch Thema ist Future Work.

Welcome to the discussion, over the last two decades the world has changed

dramatically. Not only in the aspect of developing but also in the the future,

today I’m going to show you the positive and negative effects of the future

work. As you know today many people are buying on the Internet not only that

we also let KI Intelligence do some of our work. However many people and

Experts are arguing that this could be a big concern for us and it is indeed. Do

you think our kids will have a different work-life than us? Now let’s consider the

positive aspects, and let the ball rollin.

1. The first positive aspect is that Robots will do our work. They will do our

dangerous work, like working in a very cold environment or like lifting

heavier weights or in Industries where they are doing a lot of work today

but in the future they will do most of the work. And they will work

without taking any breaks so it would be more beneficial for Industries

and big Business owners.

2. For the more we can’t ignore the second big aspect that the future work

gave us Online ordering. That has the benefit we can order almost

everything online which is very beneficial we can look in different stores

around the globe and buy from everywhere. We also have many

discounts and after ordering we can give feedback on the products.

3. The last positive aspect is that today also can work from home. Which

changed our worklife during the Corona Virus. You don’t need to go to

office so then you can also spare your time and you can also work in

global companies from home.

While you have know heard the positive aspects now you will hear about

the negative and bad aspect

1. Starting with the downside the first negative aspect it is that we

will loose our jobs to Robots it is beneficial but it will also cause job

losses and very few jobs that people can do. For example Cashiers

and construction workers to name a few are those who will most

likely loose their jobs to the robots.

2. The second negative argument has to be addressed is, is that

because of work of future many people are now ordering online

this has the bad side, that their will be less social interaction

between people and this will cause a great harm to us and our

Society. There are also many online scams that will and are doing

harm to us and it will cause fraud and theft.

3. Moving to the third point that is concerning us is that many

Companies and Enterprises are allowing and making their workers

work from home, which can effect people in many ways for

example like feelings of Isolation and it can also cause lack of

productivity because you will be working from home and their will

be no social interaction with colleagues and this can be a very

important issue.

As you now have heard of the conclusion of the future work and

the many positive and negative aspects of it. We can say that we

can only hope that it will get better for us because as u now know

we really can’t make a real Summation. Because it can be

beneficial for us and dangerous for us. And Yes the life’s of our

Children will be very different than ours because they haven’t seen

and experienced what we have so they will be very delusional and

cannot really understand our life’s and how we went.

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Ich schreibe morgen Schularbeit und würde eine Korrektur sowie Tipps zu diesem Text benötigen? Angabe ist als Bild dabei!?

Dear Sir/Madam,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing with regard to your job offer which I saw online. In less than a month my school holiday are going to start and I am looking for a program to spend my time and to get new experiences. I have seen your online advertisement and now I have few questions about it.

At first I think volunteer work is very important for us because I think we should do more for each other for free. It is really frightening that some people do not do some jobs without money. I think we will get a better world when we do more volunteer work and help each other. I think when you help other people for free they also would help you back for free when you need help.

As already mentioned I have a thew questions about your volunteer work. You said that your projects lasts only one or two days but I would do longer ones are there any longer projects? Furthermore I would ask for more details about your wide range of projects and locations. Can you give me please some examples of locations? You also write about a break for lunch. I would ask if there is a lunch provided or if I should bring my own lunch? My last questions is about your last point. You said that there are no admin fees but are there any other costs what I should know about?

I would like to thank you in advance for this informations and I would also be very grateful if you could reply as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully,


Bild zu Frage
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Bedeutung eines Schüleraufsatzes (Mobbing)?

Guten Abend,

was muss in einem Sechstklässler vorgehen, der aus freien Stücken zuhause eine mehrseitige Kurzgeschichte schreibt, in der er sich über seine Lehrer lustig macht, zusammen mit seinen Freunden über sie "siegt" und die Geschichte damit endet, dass der Konrektor schreiend über ein Feld in den Sonnenuntergang rennt und nie mehr gesehen wird und dass die als böse wahrgenommene Klassenlehrerin nach übersteigert dargestellten Autounfällen (was absurd ist, aber mit zwölf Jahren sieht man das anders^^) ins Gefängnis kommt und öffentlich im Gefängniswagen in Zuchthauskleidung dorthin gebracht wird, worüber alle lachen, die Kinder am lautesten?

Gut kommt im Aufsatz die Polizei weg, ebenso ein real existierender Autohändler, der auf offene Rechnungen der "bösen Lehrerin" verzichtet, der Opa eines der Schüler, ein vermutlich frei erfundener Doktor und ein real existierender Pfarrer, der ankündigt, die Lehrerin im Gefängnis zu besuchen.

Was kann das zu bedeuten haben?

Der Junge wurde von allen Lehrern, die in dem Aufsatz vorkommen, gedemütigt und erniedrigt, zu Unrecht verschiedener Dinge beschuldigt und zugunsten anderer, die bevorzugt wurden, obwohl sie die ganze Klasse quälten (und deren Eltern mit Konrektor und Lehrerin gut bekannt bis befreundet waren), abgewertet wurde. Er begann, kurz nach dem Aufsatz (den er gemeinsam mit einem Freund schrieb) unter Schulangst zu leiden.

Danke & Grüße!

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Kann mir jemand hierbei helfen?

Use linking words to connect your sentences within each paragraph.

In the text below, linking words are missing. Fill in the blanks with appropriate linkers from the box.

all in all • but • first of all • for example • for one thing • perhaps • possibly

Young people today can hardly imagine how difficult life was before the invention of the mobile phone. …, every telephone was permanently attached to a wall socket. If someone rang the doorbell, …, you had to interrupt your conversation in order to go to the door. …, outside the house it was even worse. …, if you wanted to make a call you had to find a phone box. … there was already a queue of people standing outside the box, or you didn't have the exact change you needed to make the call. …, the telephone was out of order, and you had to search for another one. …, the landline telephone was an invention of limited usefulness, and I can't imagine many people regret that it has all but vanished.

Ich habe das so gemacht, aber bin mir da nicht so sicher:

Young people today can hardly imagine how difficult life was before the invention of the mobile phone.  First of all, every telephone was permanently attached to a wall socket. If someone rang the doorbell, possibly , you had to interrupt your conversation in order to go to the door.  But outside the house it was even worse. For example, if you wanted to make a call you had to find a phone box. Perhaps, there was already a queue of people standing outside the box, or you didn't have the exact change you needed to make the call. For one thing, the telephone was out of order, and you had to search for another one. All in all, the landline telephone was an invention of limited usefulness, and I can't imagine many people regret that it has all but vanished.

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Gibt es etwas zu Verbessern in meiner Erörterung, wie findet ihr es?

In der heutigen vernetzten Welt hat die Technologie einen immer größeren Einfluss auf unseren Alltag, das kann man durch die Häufung der Nutzung von solchen Geräten sehen. Ein herausragendes Beispiel hierfür sind sprachgesteuerte Assistente wie Alexa . Aufgund der davor genannten Fakten stellt sich die Frage ob der Besitz einer Alexa oder das nicht besitzen solch eines Gerätes besser ist. Um diese Frage aufzuklären werde ich im Folgenden Text beide konträren Positionen des Themas beleuchten.

Durch das technische Gerät Alexa ergeben sich einige Vorteile.

Ein Besonders schwerwiegendes Argument ist, dass die Alexa den Nutzern viel Zeitersparnis, eine aktische Nutzung und jede Menge Erleichterungen im Alltag bietet, weil es mit einer Sprachsteuerung funktionniert.

Man kann beispielsweise während des Kochens, ohne ständig zwischendurch die Hände zu waschen, Alexa kontaktlos bedienen und so viel Zeit sparen.

Ein weiterer Gesichtspunkt ist, dass Alexa zur Steigerung des Wohnkomforts beiträgt, indem sie die Bedienung verschiedener Geräte kompakt vereinfacht, weil der Besitz von mehreren verschiedenen Geräten irgendwann zu einem Chaos führt. Als Beispiel kann ich hinzufügen, dass das Anpassen von Raumtemperaturen, das Finden von Informationen und die Einschaltung des Wohnlichtes von einem Gerät besser und übersichtlicher zu betätigen sind als von mehreren . 

Zudem sollte beachtet werden, dass Alexa einen schnellen und einfachen Zugriff auf eine Vielzahl von Informationen ermöglicht. Wetterberichte, Nachrichten, Rezepte oder Fragen können sofort beantwortet werden, da durch das technisch fortgeschrittene Gerät diese Funktionen schnell zu ergreifen sind. Ich kann berichten, dass die Sprachliche Vermittlung von Informationen, z.b. von Nachrichten, besser verständlich sind als sie nachzulesen; ebenso hält diese Funktion die Nutzer auf dem neuesten Stand.

Trotz vieler Vorteile gibt es auch einige Nachteile, diese Schattenseiten werde ich im folgendem Textabschnitt näher beschreiben bzw./respektive beleuchten.

Ferner  ist zu bedenken, dass die zunehmende Abhängigkeit von sprachgesteuerten Assistenten auf die Abnahme der grundlegenden Fähigkeiten, bzw. zur Faulheit führen könnte, weil alles nur mit Worten erledigt wird ohne eine eigenständige Tätigkeit. Beispielsweise wurde früher beim Kochen Kochbücher/Rezepte in Blattform benutzt, bei der Alexa werden diese entweder durch Sprachliche Vermittlung oder durch eines PDF-Rezeptes in Nutzung gestellt, was auch zur abnehmenden Nutzung von traditionellen Büchern führt.

Nicht zu vergessen ist, dass bei der Alexa eine permanente Aufnahme von Sprachdaten für die Erstellung eines Nutzerprofils erfolgt und dadurch die Privatsfähre nicht berücksichtigt wird, da Alexa dadurch individuell auf die Bedürfnisse des Nutzers eingehen möchte. Meiner Erfahrung nach besteht die Sorge, dass private Informationen in die falschen Hände geraten könnten, dadurch wird das Vertrauen in solche Systeme beeinträchtigt .

Ein weiterer Kritikpunkt ist die begrenzte Kontrolle über die von Alexa erbrachten Dienstleistungen. Fehler in der Spracherkennung oder ungewollte Aktivierungen könnten zu Missverständnissen führen. Als Beispiel kann ich folgendes Fallbeispiel aufzeigen: Ein Mädchen bat Alexa ihr ein Puppenhaus zu kaufen, die Alexa, befolgte die Anweisung und bestellte ihr ein Puppenhaus im Wert von 170 Dollar.

Wenn ich nun Pro und Kontra gegeneinander abwäge, komme ich zu dem Schluss, dass die Alexa trotz einer Erleichterung im Alltag, nicht nötig ist. Die Vor- und Nachteile sind vielfälltig und hängen stark von den individuellen Bedürfnissen der Nutzer ab, jedoch ist ein weiterer Punk, nämlich der Datenschutz zu beachten. Meiner Meinung nach ist es nicht nötig, da es den Menschen seine eigentlichen Fähigkeiten weg nimmt. Es ist entscheidend, die Vorteile, wie z.b. das Zeitersparniss von Alexa zu nutzen, während gleichzeitig auf den Schutz der Privatsfähre, welche heutzutage sehr wichtig ist, geachtet wird.

Die Produktion von solchen Geräten sollte nicht ganz abgeschaffen werden, jedoch könnten Änderungen, u. a. bei der Datensicherheit der Nutzer, vorgenommen werden.

Wir sind Menschen, sollten deshalb unsere fähigkeiten beibehalten und uns nicht auf die Technik verlassen, denn wer weiß, welche Ausirkungen diese Technologie auf die Menschheit haben wird.

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Ist dieser englische Text soweit richtig?

Ich bin wirklich grauenhaft in englisch. Könnte jemand da nochmal überschauen und ggf. korrigieren. Ich bekomme hier die Krise.

Die Aufgabe war einen 4 tägigen trip zu erstellen.

Danke :)

Day one: 

The trip begins at the south entrance of the New York central park. 

There are many Squirrels you can try too feed. 

In the middle of the park is a sea with ducks that you are not allowed to feed.

The next target is the Central Park Zoo, you can find the right route by looking at the sings.

A tour through the zoo without attraction lasts approximately one hour.

You can see your next destination from the Park.

Next we go to the Empire state building. 

This is the highes building of America with 381m. 

The entry kost 55 Dollar. 

After that you go to the times square. 

It’s the most beautiful in the evening, because the lights are very bright then. 

The times square is the fullest at new years eve. 

There is the beautifulest firework you will ever seen. 

Day two:

The day begins at the „Rockefeller Center“.

There you can iceskating in the cold month or rollerskating in the warm month. 

The next stop is the Edge. 

On the roof of this building, you have a beautiful view above the whole city. 

If you like Museum, you can visit the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum.

There you can see some aircraft and submarine. 

At next you visit the Riverside Park. You can find there the Hamilton Fountain and the Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial. 

If you walk across the park you come to the George Washington bridge. 

Day three:

Your third day starts at the coney island park.

There is a big aquarium with a tunnel where the fish swim above you.

Last but noch least, you go in the Mermaid spa to relax well. 

Day four: 

Your last day begins in the Whole Foods marked in Brooklyn.

There you can see lots of food culture of America. 

After that much food, you go to the Brooklyn bridge park for the perfect view of the Brooklyn bride. 

Your last highlight of this trip is the Manhattan mall. 

This is the perfect spot to go shopping. 

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Ist der Krimi gut (7. Klasse)?

Tödliche Schokolade

Wie gewöhnlich ging der 65-jährige Ludwig Scott ins Kaffeehaus Amadé am Samstag um 11:00 Uhr. Kellner: „Was darf es sein?“ 

„Eine heiße Schokolade, bitte.“ sagte der alte Herr.

„Klar, wird gleich da sein!“

Nach fünf Minuten war seine Schokolade da. Der Herr Scott nahm seine Zeitung und fing an sie zu lesen, währenddem er seine Schokolade genoss. Plötzlich betrete eine hübsche junge Dame mit einem grünen Hut, die professionelle Auftragsmörderin die Ludwigs junge Ehefrau vom Darknet besorgte, das Kaffeehaus. „Darf ich mich zu ihnen setzen?“ fragte die Frau dem alten Mann. „Ja, klar!“ erwiderte er freundlich. Sie lächelte ihn an, setzte sich hin und bestellte sich ebenfalls eine heiße Schokolade. Als der Kellner ihr ihre Schokolade brachte, nutzte sie die Chance aus und lies ihren Lippenstift beabsichtigt auf den Boden fallen. Der freundliche Mann bückte sich, um ihren Lippenstift für sie aufzuheben und genau in diesem Moment, streute der mit der Auftragsmörderin vereinbarte Kellner den Arsen in die Tasse des Herrn Ludwigs ein. Sie bedankte sich beim Herrn Ludwig, trank ihre Tasse schnell aus und bezahlte ihre Rechnung. Sie verabschiedete sich vom alten Ludwig und machte sich auf dem Weg zur Flucht, während der Kellner schnell ihre Tasse abholte und abwusch. Paar Minütchen später wurde es dem Herrn schlecht und legte sich mit dem Kopf auf dem Tisch. Die Gäste bemerkten, dass der Herr sich seit einer nicht mehr bewegte und versuchten ihn aufzuwecken, bis sie feststellten, dass er nicht mehr atmet und bereits tot ist. Sie reifen die Rettung und die Polizei an. Die Polizei versperrte den Ort und die Rettung brachte seinen seelenlosen Körper ins Leichenhaus. Dort wurde seine Leiche anatomiert und die Ärzte stellten fest, dass er mit Arsen vergiftet wurde. Die Polizei suchte alles ab, aber es gab keinerlei Beweise dafür, wer ihn vergiftete. Es gab in der Gegend leider auch keine Überwachungskameras und die Frau mit dem grünen Hut wurde auch nirgendwo erblickt.

Die Auftragsmörderin und der Kellner bekamen beide ihr Geld und die Witwe lebt seitdem glücklich in der riesigen Villa von dem verstorbenen Herr Scott. 

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Ist diese englisch outline gut?

hallo wollte fragen ob diese outline gut ist.

The excerpt of an article "I Know What You Did Last Math Class," written by Jan Hoffman and published in "The New York Times" on 4. May 2008, Deals with school programs for parents to check their children's grades and behavior. In the following paragraphs, we will outline the information related to the benefits of these programs, as presented in the text.

The main body of the text highlights that many parents utilize these programs to exert greater control over their children's lives, especially during a phase when teenagers seek more independence. Parents argue that the intensely competitive college admissions process compels them to frequently check their children's online grades. Interestingly, many parents who engage in regular online grade checks fondly reminisce about their own adolescence, where deception was common. The advent of programs like Edline eliminates the covert satisfaction associated with such deception. Nevertheless, parents like Mrs. Tarantino, a supporter of Power School, contend that the stakes have drastically changed, citing today's all-encompassing academic pressure compared to previous generations.

Quantifying the precise impact of these programs on academic performance proves challenging due to numerous variables. However, principals anecdotal report that these programs have succeeded in motivating parents and students who were previously challenging to engage. They have notably assisted middle school boys in improving their organizational skills.

According to Ron Jones, the principal of Huth Middle School, situated in Matteson, IIlinois, a middle-class suburb of Chicago with a 90-percent minority student population, "Edline opens up communication between parents and teachers. It helps keep the children focused on their academics." These software solutions also prove beneficial for working parents, allowing divorced parents to access information without the need for direct contact.

In Noblesville, Indiana, after a survey indicated that parents felt adequately informed through PowerSchool and subsequent email exchanges with teachers, the middle-school principal decided to forego parent-teacher conferences and allocate the time back to classroom instruction.

In conclusion, these programs have both advantages and disadvantages. They enhance communication between parents and teachers, motivate parents and students, and cater to the needs of working parents. However, accurately quantifying their impact on academic performance remains challenging, and concerns regarding student privacy persist.

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Denkt ihr diese short story ist mir gelungen?

Hallo ich schreibe am Donnerstag eine Englisch Klausur und habe deshalb diese short story über das Bild oben geschrieben zur Übung. Hätte jemand Lust sie durchzulesen und mir zu sagen was ich besser machen könnte? ( ich habe jetzt nicht auf Rechtschreibfehler geachtet aber wenn sie jemandem auffallen wäre das nett sie mir zu sagen)

I knew it was a dumb idea to play spin the bottle with them, but how could i know i would end up alone in the forest. In tears, i walked through the shadowy forest. I could`nt get the voices of my schoolmates out of my head. The forest was such noiceless that all i could hear was the laugh of my schoolmates in my head. „Oh poor baby, you wanted to kiss him,am i right?“ the voice in my head said. „Shut up!“ I screamed and run disoriented through the liveless forest. „I regretted going to this halloween party. I got such an ugly little red hood costum and my hair is such a mess, meanwhile every other girl at the party looked perfect. Why am i so dumb that i thought he would even notice me.“ i yelled at myself. I was`nt paying attention were i was going and all of sudden i fell over a rock and rolled down a hill. My head started hurting and my knee started bleeding. I was sitting shocked on the bottom of the hill and feeling dizzy. I couldnt hold it any longer, i started to cry and yelled things at myself with a trembling voice:

„I didnt expected to get lost alone in a forest after i run away from the party just because Jeremy had to kiss a girl while playing spin the bottle. Now im sitting in the middle of nowhere and got injured. Nobody is going to search for me. Im so pathetic.“

After a while i heard somebody calling my name: „Jade! Jade! Where are you?.“ I answered: „Here!“ The person was coming closer and even in the dark forest i could see it was Jeremy. He run towards to me and hugged me closely. While he was huggin me he said with a trembling voice: „I was searching you for hours. I saw you were running in the forest alone and i was worried about you.“ My heart started beating very fast. I asked him: „Why didnt you stay there with all the other girls?“

He answered in an angry voice: „Did you thought i would stay there because of them? They are talking badly about me behind my back. I wanted to go there because my friend said you would be there.“ He leaned over me and kissed me. „I know i should have asked you this before, but do you want to go on a date with me?“ he said. I was too stunned to speak. With wide open eyes i stuttered: „Y-yes“ As i wanted to stand up, he noticed my bleeding knee and said: „You are injured very bad! Why have`nt you told me? We need to stop the bleeding immidiatly! Lean on my shoulder we should walk back.“ After we reached the house Jeremy shouted: „Jade is bleeding badly we need help!“ Jeremy laid me on the sofa and all of sudden i fell asleep.

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Englisch Argumentative Essay?

Wie findet ihr diesen Argumentative Essay, ich hab heute die Klassenarbeit zurückbekommen und hab eine 4 bekommen. (9.Klasse)

Die Aufgabe war folgende: Schreibe einen Argumentative Essay über das Thema: "Doing an exchange year in Australia is a great idea". Wir mussten mindestens 3 Argumente dafür, und 3 dagegen finden.

Australia, the continent where the most dangerous animals are living, is very interesting for students who want to do an exchange year in a country where people speak English. The following essay will show argument sfor, and against doing an exchange year in Australia.

At the beginning, we will look at the arguments against the exchange year.

First, in Australia there are lots of dangerous animals, for example snakes, spiders, and others, they can kill you with just a bite, and it could be hard to get the medicin for that.

Furthermore, you could argue you cant visit your family very often, the distance between Australia and Germany is really big, and the tickets for planes are really expensive.

The last argument against the exchange year, is that it might be hard for you to understand the Australian people talking, because of their hard accent.

Lets move on to the arguments for doing an exchange year in Australia.

Firstly, Australia offers a lot when it comes to nature, on the one day you could see a shark swimming in the sea, and on the other, you could be in the desert.

Another argument for doing the exchange year is, that you can learn a lot about other cultures, for example the Aboriginals. You could learn how they lived in the Outback, or about the stolen generations.

Last but not least, you could argue that you would learn the language, if you are doing an exchange year in Australia, because you would speak English all day long.

In my opinion, an exchange year to Australia is a great way to learn English, and a lot about the aboriginals and how the lived there

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