Könnte jemand bitte diesen Englischen Text Korrekturlesen?

Hallo, ich muss für ein Schulprojekt (Book in a Box) eine Zusammenfassung des Buches und ein Kommentar dazu schreiben. Wäre dankbar, wenn sich jemand den Text auf Fehler durchlesen könnte. Vielleicht interessierts ja auch jemand:) Danke schonmal!

13 reasons why


The novel “13 reasons why” by Jay Asher is about the high school student Hannah Baker, who recorded 13 reasons why she wants to end her life on 7 audiotapes, before she finally committed suicide. On each side of a tape she recorded one reason or to be precise one person, who contributed to Hannah’s suicide.

When Clay Jensen, a shy high school student, returns home from school one day, he finds a shoebox-sized package at his front door, which is addressed to him. As he opens the box he discovers 7 audiotapes.

Using the old stereo of his dad he starts listening the first tape and gets frightened by hearing Hannah’s voice saying “Hello boys and girls. Hannah Baker here. Live and in stereo”. On the first tape Hannah explains that she wants everyone on the tapes to listen them exactly in the right order and when they finished them, they should pass it on to the next person on the tapes. As soon as he has finished side A of cassette 1, confused and a bit scared he heads over to Tony, someone he has known from school, because he owns an old Walkman. And because he doesn’t know how to explain it to Tony, he just steals the Walkman as Tony doesn’t notices it.

Within 24 hours Clay listens to all of the 13 audiotapes about the 11 students and one teacher (Justin, the first one, is also on the 10th tape). The first one, Justin Foley, is according to Hannah the beginning of everything. Hannah and Justin kissed in the park once, after she developed a crush on him. Despite this, Justin betrayed her by telling his friends that more had happened in the park than a kiss, earning Hannah the reputation of slut at school. And all the persons on the tape contributed to distribute this bad reputation by either just making it worse or even raping her.

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Ist meine Zusammenfassung (Summary) richtig geschrieben?

Der Text:


 Over 100 years ago, the first sports shoes

 were called “plimsolls”. They were very simple – the left

 foot and the right foot were the same!

Sports shoes from Germany

In 1924, Adi and Rudolf Dassler, two German brothers, started a sports shoe

company in a small village in Germany. They called the company Adidas. Their

shoes were for athletes. They were the best sports shoes in the world and they

were soon famous.

Trainers and fashion

Then in the 1950s a famous, young American actor, James Dean, wore trainers,

jeans and a T-shirt in a film. Trainers were now “in” – and cheap. Soon, young

  • people everywhere wore trainers (and jeans) too.

Hi-tech trainers

In the 1960s and 70s, Nike, Adidas and other companies started making hi-tech

trainers. These shoes were very comfortable – but sometimes also very expensive.

Today, the price of a pair of trainers can be over $100.

Meine Zusammenfassung (Summary):

The article „the history of trainers“ is about the history of trainers.

The first sports shoes ever made were called plimsolls, the left and right foot were the same.

Two German brothers Adi and Rudolf Dassler, started a sports shoe company in Germany,

in 1924 and called it Adidas, they made shoes for athletes, and became very famous.

James Daen a young American actor wore trainers in a film,

the trainers became „in“ and cheap. Young people started to wear trainers.

Nike, Adidas and other companies made hi-tech trainers in the 1960 and 70s.

They were very comfortable, and very expansive, even today they cost over 100$.

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Summary + Characterisation, korrektur, dringend?

Summery's: The shortstory ‚Patricia’ written by Fraser Sutherland deals with two friends, where the boy has a crush on the girl, but never told it, until a spring dance in their school comes. He forces himself to ask her, to go with her to the dance and does it, but she declines his question and at the end, both go not to the dance and go different ways too.

oder ..

The shortstory ‘Patricia’ written by Fraser Sutherland deals with two friends, where the boy has a crush on the girl, but never told it. In their school there goes a spring dance and the boy forces himself to ask her, to go with her to the dance, does it, but she just diclines his question and at the end, both of them, go not to the dance and go different ways too

was wirkt besser und richtiger, zumindest einigermaßen?

Characterisation The following text is a characterisation of the boy, one of the two main characters in the story ‘Patricia’.

The boy is a student around 16 or 17 years, how it could be assumed, because he is close to his final exams (l. 55) and his voice breaks and so ‘He [is] changing’(fg.l. 19). Furthermore the character seems to be very sporty and active, just look at the scene, where he stands in front of the mirror and ‘[looks] at himself’ and his muscles (fg.l.5) - what means, that he must be ambious too, because he worked hard, to get them. The boy could be characterized as really attentive, how the behavior shows it, related to Patricia (fg. l.7-19). ‘He [spend] an hour talking with her’ and ‘[think] a lot about asking her to go [with him]’, but he have not the guts to say directly, that he wants to go with her to the spring dance, what makes him not self-confident.

To sum it up, the boy is ambious as related to Particia, but calm, without selfconfidence, but (Mir fällt nicht ein, wie es genau zusammenfassen könnte :x)

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Also ich schreibe in einigen Tagen eine wichtige Englischklausur, wo wir sowohl Summary als auch Charakterisierung schreiben müssen und natürlich haben wir zuvor auch Hausaufgaben bekommen, wo wir Charakterisierungen und Summarys schreiben mussten .. nur mein Problem ist irgendwie die Ttsache, dass ich automatisch, ohne es selber zu merken, die deutsche Grammatik für Englische Texte verwende und zu kompliziert schreibe, sodass ich dann im nachhinein nur mehr Fehler habe ..

Summary The short story ‘Locker 160’ written by Lee Busselman deals with two girls called Karen and Julie, who bully their classmate Miriam by play tricks on her. Karen gets the Idea to put a hate note in someone’s Locker and she and Julie choose the Locker from Miriam, their classmate, who is not hated by them, but they think, that she is different. At first Karen takes the hate note, put it in the Locker and walks away with the feeling of relief, but then it happens, that the two girls get fun to play nasty tricks on Miriam. They do it everytime, put some things like mean letters or an open plastic bag of marbles in her Locker, for a couple of days, until Miriam takes a option to try to commit suicide, (but instead of beeing guilty or take this as a warning) Karen and Julie laugh at the end.

Characterization In the shortstory ‘Locker 160’, written by Lee Busselman, an important character called Miriam takes place. She is a victim of Mobbing and gives the story a thread to be, how it belongs, even if this character wants to fade away in the end.

Miriam Laker is a student, seems to be around sixteen or seventeen - according to the text, her behavior seems to be x: She writes poetrys (l.10) what gives the impression, that Miriam is very creative and even if others maybe do not understand her, might not like her, because her hobby/ she seems weird for her classmates (l. 47) and would not be popular (l.9), she is still by herself and does her things, like study hard for school, be ambious, because of the fact, that she has never beeing late for a class (l.53-54) and keeps everthing tidy, not just in her locker (l. 14). It could be actually said, that she is clever in her way, but that she writes poetrys, instead of go out with friends, or something, it could be thought that she is lonley and very thoughtful at once.

Hat jemnd eine Idee, oder Vorschläge, damit ich die Klausur nicht völlig verhaue? :/

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Ist dieser englische Text richtig/gut geschrieben?

The non fictional text “The science of climate change” by Terrence Wood is about the greenhouse effect and the human activities which produce greenhouse gases. It is divided in two sections. The first section explains, what the greenhouse effect is and its formation. It sais, that the greenhouse effect isn’t bad and that it is a natural phenomenon which existed a long time before humans existed. Furthermore it describes that humans emit nearly all of the gases that lead to the effect, moreover it mentions that it doesn’t only depend on the amount of the specific greenhouse gas but on the extinct to which the gas can absorb radiation und the period of time that it’s molecules stay in the atmosphere. The second part tells us, that carbon dioxide is the most emitted gas (of all greenhouse gases) and the most important source of it, is burning fossil fuels or deforestation.

Sind da viele Fehler drin? Und wie kann man das kursiv Geschriebene anders formulieren? (das soll ein summary sein und der Teil steht genau so im Text, aber ich weiß nicht, wie ich ihn umformulieren soll) Falls jemand den Text kennt, aus context starter 21 (der Titel steht ja oben^^) Wenn den jemand kennt und schon mal ein summary dazu geschrieben hat, würde ich mich freuen, wenn er es mit mir teilen würde ;) Ich hoffe, der Text geht so einigermaßen. hatte diesmal nicht sonderlich viel Zeit :/

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Englisch - Summary: Laura, written by Robert O'Neill, Tipps?

Ich musste eine Summary zu der Kurzgeschichte 'Laura', geschrieben von Robert O'Neill schreiben und ich bin mir nichts ganz sicher, ob das was da jetzt rausgekommen ist, auch richtig ist. Ich merke mit der Zeit (Weil es ja eine Summary sein soll) könnte tatschlich etwas falsch sein, aber ich wüsste nicht, wie ich es sonst schreiben könnte. Es wäre schön, wenn sich das jemand durchlesen und einaar Tipps geben könnte.

Everybody in the crowded restaurant stared when the young woman suddenly threw a glass of wine in the face of the older man sitting opposite her at a table near the window. The young woman was attractive and well dressed. The man was at least twenty years older than she was. He looked shocked. The young woman suddenly stood up and ran towards the door. ”Laura, come back, please,” the older man shouted. But she had already reached the door. The man ran after her. It had started to rain outside. She ran out into the middle of the street. ”For God's sake, give me a chance to explain,” the man shouted. She turned around and stared at him. A car had just turned the corner and was coming towards her very fast. The driver had not turned his windscreen wipers on, and he was talking to someone on his 10 mobile. Then - suddenly - he saw her -directly in front of him, so close that he could see her eyes when she turned her head and looked at him.

Meine Summary dazu: The short story 'Laura', written by Robert O'Neill tells us the conflict between a couple. They're sitting in a café but the woman, well dressed, stood up and ran away - Away from the man, who wanted to explain the situation. He was left alone and the woman ran into the middle of the street The driver in a car, which turned into this street was talking to someone, was distracted so he could'nt see her directly additional of the rainy wheater - And so she standed so close and turned her head to him.

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Was könnte ich bei diesen summary über den text "paranoid park" im green line besser machen?

Es wäre nett, wenn ihr mal drüber schauen könntet und mich auf Fehler hinweist und mir vielleicht Verbesserungstipps zur gebt.

The book 'Paranoid Park' was written by Blake Nelson, which was published in year 2006 in Portland, Oregon. The text deals with a young skater names Alex, who is doing illegal things, and who kills a security guard in self defense.

The young skater is the main character of the story. He is 16 years old. And is at his uncle Tommy's beach house.

One evening he decides to go there with his best friend Jared, but Jared wants to see his girlfriend and so he doesn't go with Alex to Paranoid Park.

Alex decides to go alone to Paranoid Park and when he is there, he sits on his skateboard and watches the skaters and girls there.

A streeter called Scratch comes along with his friends and after a short talk Scratch asks Alex whether he wants to hop a train.

Fascinated by the idea of hopping train Alex agrees and they leave Paranoid Park.

While riding the train, they are seen by a security guard who immediately chases them and starts to hit Scratch with his nightstick.

After Alex sees that he hits the security guard with his skateboard.

The man stumbles and falls forward on the gravel beside the train.

The coming train pulls him along and he is twisted into an awkward position under the train.

After the train has passed, the security guard has been cut in half.

After this horrible accident Alex is totally in panic and he doesn't know what he should do in a situation like that.

He is totally confused, because he wants to tell the police but he is too afraid of the consequences and he decides to keep first that accident to himself.

Totally confused the main character starts to run....

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