Blog comment korrigieren: bitte helft mir, die hausübung wird sogar benotet?

Hallo, das war die Angabe (Nummer 11):

Könnt ihr bitte meinen Blog comment korrigieren, umschreiben, alles was geht, damit es ein guter text wird? ich würde mich echt freuen, es wird sogar benotet, bitte hilft mir dabei:

Hi Artsy Tiger,

there is a difference between spray painting and vandalism. If your friend use to paint an wall, which is not someone’s property, then it is not viewed as vandalism. However, if he painted for example a school or a market wall, can be considered as a crime and it may also carry consequences because of damaging the property belonging to others without permission. It is important to respect other people’s property and seek permission before making any changes on it, like spray painting. 

So, as already mentioned and also according to the law, spray painters painting on public property without permission is considered illegal and can result in serious consequences for the artist. I guess, your friend was not properly informed about this and didn’t do it on purpose, maybe for fun. I mean, spray painting is also a form of art, just not the typical type of art. I can imagine that they are doing it from their heart, let their voices hear and from the experience of something that really impacts them like your friend, who painted his “world” on the wall.

By the way, there are many crimes in general considered worse than spray painting, such as violent offenses like assault or murder, which can cause physical harm or death to others.

I don’t know if it was fair though but I hope that your friend gets released as soon as possible!

Blog comment korrigieren: bitte helft mir, die hausübung wird sogar benotet?
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Englisch Präsentation korrigieren?

Hallo, könnt ihr meine Texte anschauen. Habt ihr Verbesserungsvorschläge? Wir müssen eine Präsentation zu Neuseeland machen und das hier sind meine Texte zum Präsentieren.

General Facts: Around 5 million people live in New Zealand. The capital is Wellington. New Zealand is located southwest of the Pacific Ocean. The official currency is the “New Zealand Dollar”. There are two time zones in New Zealand. No matter where you are, the nearest coast is a maximum of 128 kilometres away. New Zealand had the largest volcanic eruption in the world and the first women’s right to vote. In addition New Zealand has the steepest road.

Area: New Zealand is a country located southwest of the Pacific Ocean. New Zealand comprising of two islands, one is called “The north Islands” and the other “The south islands”. Both are shaped by many volcanoes and glaciers. 

Language: English is the most widely spoken language, it is also used in legislation but only Māori and New Zealand sign language are the official language. Here you can see it ( ich zeige ein Bild☺️)

Religion: Nearly half of the population in New Zealand have no religion. 37% are Christians and 0,1% are Jewry. There are other special religious communities, but these are only 1,3%.

Blue lake: the blue lake holds the record for the clearest lake in the world. It is located in Nelson Lake National Park. Only scientists with a special permit are allowed to dive and swim in the lake to take tests and pictures. For tourists access to shore is possible at any time.

Māori: the Māoris are the indigenous people of New Zealand, they make 10% of the population. They lived in tribes. In the past there was cannibalism. The Haka dance is a ritual dance. It was mostly performed by armed men’s.

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A summary of the history of New Zealand?

Hallo, Ich möchte gerne fragen ob mein summary Text gut geworden ist? Ihr könnt mir gerne bzw. Ich bitte drum mir paar Tipps zu geben um sie zu verbessern oder auch wenn ihr möchtet mein Text ganz zu verbessern (Wäre sehr dankbar dafür) Ich mache solche Aufgabe das erste mal also bitte ich euch nicht so gemein zu sein.


The Text „History of New Zealand“ Deals With important and intersesting informations and facts about the History of New Zealand.

The First Text is about the Arrival of Maori. The informations are about that the first inhabitants in New Zealand were Maori, and that New Zealand is Valley Aotearora. Next informations are about the First Explorer to reach New Zealand and that he travelled in his waka Hourua (big canoe) from his Polynesian homeland, Hawaiki. In the third part they write about where is Hawaiki? They Write that hawaiki cannot be found on map. In the next part the writer writes about what maori eat? It says that maori eat Fish, hunted native birds, vegetables and also native food like berries.

The writer writes in the next Text about that In 1840 the treaty of waitangi was signed by maori and British reprensentatives and that in 1872 the wars over land had ended, moreover he also write in the next topic about maori culture it says that most maori lived in rural communities ,  in the 1970s the maori language became more important and that  the first Officially bilingual school opened in 1978. All in all is the history of New Zealand very fascinating.

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Englisch Essay: Kann bitte jemand mein Text verbessern bzw umschreiben :)?

Hallo, ich frage mal lieb ob jemand mein Text verbessern könnte, wäre super, ich danke euch!! :)

Lifestyle choice as a student in a boarding school

Attending a boarding school is a lifestyle choice that means living on campus while studying at the same time. Boarding schools provide a safe atmosphere where students are encouraged to explore their studying interests, develop new skills and form new friendships. Though, as a boarder’s point of view, how is it to choose this kind of lifestyle?

Basically, boarding school is equal as a classical school, only in addition that students stay away from home. They still focus on their education, enjoy a lot of activities and build strong social relationships with their classmates. There are many opportunities to travel or even more to practice a foreign language. It is also a great way for students to grow as a person: they can become more responsible, independent and mature. That’s why it helps them, as already mentioned, develop important skills as communication which can benefit them later in life.

Despite of that, the disadvantages of sending students to boarding school are quite numerous. For example the day in a boarding school is strictly structed: Students have planned mealtimes and also “study times”. In the other hand, it can also be difficult for parents to stay connected with their children while they’re away at school, this could lead to feelings of loneliness or homesickness on both sides.

Those students, who choose to attend a boarding school have usually the same reason: Their classical school was too far away from their home or potentially they just wanted to study abroad. Another reason could also be that some of them just want to get away from home because they don’t get along with their parents.

In conclusion, parents should carefully weigh their options but if they decide for it, they can be sure that their child will have the opportunity to receive an excellent education and numerous abilities. 

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Englisch Essay: Kann jemand bitte darüber schauen, würde mich sehr freuen?

Essay: Pet and Teenagers

Should teenagers be exposed to pets at their age?

Having a pet at a early age helps teenagers learn about responsibility and taking care of others. At the same time, it can help them learn to take care of themselves. Some teenagers though, should never have pets of their own if they can’t control themselves and have difficulty with empathy. Therefore: Should teenagers be exposed to pets at their age?

Teenagers mature at different rates. Some can handle the responsibility of caring for a pet already and others not. That’s why the age is for the parent to decide. If teenagers are animal-friendly, then cats make excellent pets. They can be playful and entertaining, especially if people adopt a kitten. They are also relatively easy to take care for: good quality food, clean water, a clean litter box, toys and interaction with their owners for affection.

As mentioned, owning a pet helps in the development of a teenager for example learning to take responsibility for another life and experience what it means if someone depends on them. A pet also helps teenagers learning to give attention even if they are not in the mood for it.

Despite of that, how can teenagers even cover the costs of keeping a pet? Well, pets are expensive but if teenagers have a pet, they can buy cheap food or cheap toys, if they want to cover their costs. Teenagers can also spend their pocket money more for their pet or can earn some money in holidays.

To conclude, I would say teenagers should keep a pet, if they are ready to take care of it. If they care for their pet, they return the love. A pet doesn't question what kind of job the kid’s parents have or how much money they make, etc. They would love their owners if they show affection to it.


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Würdet ihr für mein comment eine eins geben?

Ich bin mir halt nicht sicher, ob mein comment in Fach Englisch mir gelungen ist, daher wäre ein Feedback nett :)

Many people argue whether or not the British monarchy should be abolished.

In the following, I present arguments for and against a monarchy so that you can form your own pinion.

On the one hand, the British monarchy should be abolished because a monarch only rules but has no real political power or function. this means that a queen or king is unnecessary and unimportant to the state.

Also, the UK is not a democracy, as is claimed, because in a democracy people can elect the head of state, but since the royal family is still alive, they will continue to be the head of state.

This is very unfair and unequal to the rest of the population.

Also, people can never be 100% sure if the next monarch is good for the state and does not have bad intentions.

This could make people very worried.

Another important aspect is that the royal family spends a lot of money on the palace when they could use the money for more important things.

On the other hand, the British monarchy should not be abolished, because a monarch is very important even if he or she has no real political power.  

His or her importance is reflected in national stability.

Since a monarch embodies the British history, values and tradition, this leads to stronger national identification, which brings people closer together so that there is national stability.

In addition, members of the royal family are very important to charities, because since the royal family has a good image and is important, charities can be heard better, so they continue with their charities.

Some people may think that a monarch spends a lot of money, but that doesn't mean a president doesn't.

there are many presidents with many

There are also many presidents with many offices, even more than the British monarch.

The fact that the royal family has always been at the head of the state means that people trust it because they know its good intentions.

This means that the monarchy is in safe hands, so to speak.

Another important point is that the royal family has shown that it can modernize and adapt to the times.  

This is very important because many people claim that they are unmodern and have different thoughts than today.

But the Queen, for example, has allowed her son Charles to marry a divorced woman, whereas in the past this was a very dangerous issue. 

that means she was able to “modernise”. 

Weighing the pros and cons of the British monarchy, one can say that it should not be abolished because the British monarchy has been very successful, mainly because it has adapted to the times and modernized.

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Kann mir wer den Text verbessern :)?

Danke ☺️

"It's a competition, just a competition," Jona kept telling himself...But he can't lose, not this time...He has to win! Most people wouldn't care, but for him it had a strong meaning, the prize money meant his future. 

It was cold, very cold. It was long past bedtime, but Jona couldn’t sleep. He was sitting on his bed when a light breeze came through his window. How would he win? Every thought was worth it to him... 50 thousand dollars was worth it to anyone, wasn't it?

But behind it all, it was all about the plant that finally had to grow, the biggest wins. He measured for...well great, 40 cm high, thought Jona. It wasn't going to work out that way, and he knew it. 

So he set to work, despite the late hour. It became later and later. He visited a variety of Internet sites that supposedly had "nice tricks" in store as the plant should apparently grow faster. When the fingers were already sore because of typing, he gave it up... So on the fast would give nothing, he has no more time. 

He sighed, he made himself a coffee, he had to think. The prize money means everything to him, the prize money means the way to the university, he would finally be able to study! Wouldn't that be wonderful? The why was already clear, but the how was a mystery. If only there were a remedy... He set out on his way, the way to the city. There he would certainly find, there would be a variety of stores with products that would certainly help. 

After a long train ride, he finally arrived. Towards the center, he hoped to finally find a plant store.

Along much people and dark alleys he always passed through, through the crowd. 

Crossing the road, he discovered his destination. He walked, he ran, he almost scrambled! 

But on the way there he was stopped. An old man called him, he did not know his first name...A stranger...He was standing in what felt like the darkest alley. He promised to have a miracle cure, a miracle cure that Jona needed! Desperate for solutions, he listened to him. The latter told that his home-brewed serum, he showed him, has the ability to make plants grow faster than anything else!

Once home, he tests the serum with the color green, suspect…

He pours it out over his plant. He waited and waited. Nothing happened...But all of a sudden, the core sprouted so fast, you couldn't have seen it even in slomotion. It grew and grew. Through his house, through his roof, the garden fence flooded, the Straßenverkeht blocked by a plant. Soon the whole city was taken and numerous platforms and news portals reported that he reigned pure chaos. Jonah had not even wanted that, but it was too late. The plant did not stop, it killed one person after another, they died from lack of oxygen, because the plant really suffocated them. Jona indirectly became a murderer. He was ashamed. He heard the BBC News podcats in his ears. It continued to grow, according to the update, according to the news. The doom of the world is near…

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Würde ich eine eins für mein comment bekommen?

Hey, würde mich gerne freuen wenn ihr mir eventuell Verbesserungsvorschläge gibt :) Vor allem bin ich mir bei meiner conclusion nicht sicher


Should the British monarchy be abolished? 

Lots of people argue about whether the British monarchy should be abolished or not since the Queen recently died. 

Therefore, I will list arguments for and against the monarch so that you can form your own opinion. 

On one hand, a monarch is seen as a representative of the country.

That is, he or she embodies traditional national values, unity and history.

This leads to stronger national identification and brings people closer together. 

That is why many people say that a monarchy brings stability.

In addition, members of the royal family have important roles at the head of all kinds of charities, and because of their image and popularity, they help charities continue their good work. 

Another positive aspect is that the British monarchy has shown that it is able to reform and adapt to modern times. An example of this would be that Prince Charles was allowed to marry a divorced women. 

It can also be said that the queen or king is perhaps the most expensive monarch in Europe, but that does not mean that a president would be cheaper.

On the other hand, the monarch has no real political power, which means that his or her functions are mainly formal and could easily be taken away by other political bodies or an elected president. 

Although many members of the Royal Family head charities they do not really engage in political work for those charities but rather serve as a kind of figurehead. 

But it is precisely a monarchy that harms democracy, because the people cannot elect the head of state. 

Also, a monarch has no consequences to face when making mistakes and since Britain is a hereditary monarchy, nobody knows whether the next monarch will have good or bad intentions. 

Therefore, it can be said that the royal family is a symbol of an unjust and unequal society. 


Weighing the pros and cons one come to the conclusion that the monarchy has many positive sides, for example, it brings stability or embodies history, but the negative sides mask this.

because since the country is a democracy, the monarchy should be abolished so that people can choose for themselves who should be the next monarch so that there is equality. 

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(Korrekturlesen bitte) Summary von einer Textausschnitt?

alsoo..ich habe hier ein summary geschrieben zu einem kleinen textausschnitt des buches slam (zu finden im green line 6). da mein englisch (wie manche vllt schon in meiner frage von gestern gelesen haben) nicht das beste ist, würde ich gerne mal über mein summary drüberlesen lassen, ob grammatikalisch alles stimmt und ob es vllt noch ein paar verbesserungsvorschläge für die formulierung gibt:)

The extract from „Slam“ by Nick Hornby is about teenage pregnancy and shows us a 16-year-old boy who is scared of becoming a father. The action takes place at the time of the narrator’s 16th birthday. His name is Sam. In the morning he gets some cards, presents and doughnuts which his mum bought him before and he already plans his birthday-afternoon and –evening. After the breakfast Sam gets a message from Alicia. She writes that she has to see him very urgent. Locked in the bathroom, Sam answers her and gets nervous. Some time ago he and Alicia petted and he didn’t prevent. Now he’s scared that her urgent message could be that she’s pregnant. He has already that strange feeling in his guts. He writes her that he has no time, but she answers that he has to come. So they arrange a meeting at the Starbucks at 11 am. Sam gets very nervous and wants to sit on his mother’s lap, like a child. And he also wishes he would still be one and not to have such problems. He is also scared, that his mother wouldn’t love him anymore if she knew what he did. While going to the coffee shop he tries to deal with god. He wants Alicia not to be pregnant and promises God that he will neither skate, nor go to McDonald’s, nor watch TV anymore. He also thinks that he won’t ever have sex after this experience. At the Starbucks he buys a drink, trying to lengthen the time he doesn’t know the result yet. Suddenly he sits next to Alicia with his Frappuccino. She wishes him a happy birthday and tells him that her period is late.

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