Könnt ihr mir bitte in ENglisch helfen bitte?

Könnt ihr mein ganzen Text korrigieren bitte..?

Mein Text:

Expectations about their future employees

The expectations about future employees are very high from many new employees.

Kind and polite: The interview is the greatest challenge for many applicants.

Employers want candidates who have many good qualities such as technical and professional competence, the ability to work in a team, independence, willingness to learn and determination. The candidate especially should be able to communicate and be customer-oriented because should be able to convince customers of products.

The perfect presentation: You don't need stress before your job interview. Once you have confirmed the invitation to the interview, you should start planning. The presentation is very important in the world of work. It is important that you stand upright and look people in the eye. Furthermore, you should also speak in a structured and slow manner. You should prepare for the interview at home by practicing the interview with your parents. Further, you should wear an appropriate outfit and pay attention to the manners. Use your body research correctly, speak clearly and take notes.

Good online presence on social media: Nowadays everyone uses social media. A proper stay is therefore very important. You have to pay attention to who you are friends with, which profile picture you use and which pictures and videos you like. Most of the time, many bosses look for applicants on the Internet and seek information about them.


Summing up, you should prepare yourself well for the interview and be careful how you present yourself on the Internet.

Bitte hilft mir dringenddd bitte, bitte korrigiertt dringenddd.??

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