The passive - Hilfe?


Ich habe zur Zeit in Englisch das neue Thema „passive sentences: simple present“ Ich habe dazu Aufgaben bekommen, die ich auch schon gelöst habe. Jedoch lädt die Lehrerin die Lösung nicht hoch & es gibt keine Konferenzen, wo man diese vergleichen kann, wie in anderen Fächern, es kommt immer mehr Stoff dazu. Und da ich mir bei dem Thema noch ziemlich unsicher bin, wollte ich fragen, ob meine Lösungen richtig sind (Aufgabe siehe unten).

Meine Lösung:

  1. First, a good place is choosen, usually on land that is owned by the family.
  2. Then the land is clear to make room for the building.
  3. After that the building materials are collected.
  4. Different materials are needed: mud, wood and grass.
  5. The mud is usually made with clay and water, but sometimes sand is added too.
  6. The floors and walls are built with the mud.
  7. Sometimes wood is used with the mud to make the walls stronger.
  8. The finished walls are painted with special designs.
  9. The roof is covered with grass.
  10. Heavier work is done by men. Easier jobs are done by women.

Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass sehr viel falsch sein wird. Englisch war noch nie meine Stärke, dennoch möchte ich dieses Thema ein wenig besser verstehen, grade weil ich so schlecht darin bin. Ihr könnt mir auch Tipps etc. geben, ich würde mich darüber freuen!

Liebe Grüße :-)

The passive - Hilfe?
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Ist das eine gute persuasive essay (Englisch Ersatzleistung Klasse 7 )?

Why you should play tennis 🎾


Tennis is a wonderful sport and I think more people should  play it. There are many reasons why people should play tennis. The first reason is that tennis is a great way to make new friends. You can easily go to the park or a tennis court and just ask someone if she or he would like to play some tennis with you and become friends with her or him. Another important thing is that tennis is a lifetime sport. I’ve seen 65 year old people still playing pretty well. Think about it this way, when you are old would you rather spend your hole life in front of a small window in a retirement home ? Or would you rather enjoy your life, by playing tennis and having fun? You’re probably still thinking that tennis is like any other sport and and that it’s nothing special. But do you know that tennis reduces stress. People who play tennis can deal with physical, mental and emotional challenges, which also helps to deal with stress. Soccer players can also deal with physical problems but they can’t deal with mental and emotional challenges. Because as a soccer player you are in a team and sharing the pain with the others. Tennis players are on their own and if they lose it's their fault.  Not the fault of the others, only their own fault.  It's like when a soccer player gets the blame from the hole team for losing the match. I also play tennis. I love this sport because after you have lost you work even harder than before and whether your next match is a loss or a victory you will feel the hard work you put into it. Tennis not only strengthens your mentality, it also makes your body stronger and you can live longer, get fitter and improve your hand eye coordination through this sport.  An hour of singles play can burn 580-870 calories and if you have 3 hours of training every week, you will even live longer! The fifth reason to play tennis is that tennis improves your brain power. it has been proven that the more you repeat an activity, the  stronger the neural connections in your brain will become. So when you play tennis, for which you need critical thinking and quick movements, you are improving your planning, tactical, agility, and coordination skills. Finally, the most important reason is that tennis teaches you a lot of lessons. Every tennis match is a small life lesson. It teaches you about hard work and how to believe in yourself. Through independence , endurance, confidence and determination, tennis teaches you how to be successful. I hope my text persuaded you! And hopefully I’ll see you on the tennis court one day!

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Wie findet ihr mein Blog comment?

Ich habe bald Schularbeit in English und wir müssen einen blog entry oder blog comment zu etwas schreiben. Das Thema ist Internet.

Ich hab jetzt irgendein Thema mit Internet genommen, was ich im Kopf hatte.

Hier ist mein blog comment:

ps. ich habe es sehr schnell geschrieben weil ich bei der SA auch sehr schnell schreiben muss. Hab mein bestes gegeben.

Is the Internet good for us?

Here are some disadvantages, why the Internet is not good.

By KB / 21. April. 2021 / 22:44

Hello guys, welcome back on my website. Today I would like to consider the Topic “Is the Internet good for us?”. I had taken this Topic because many People are involved with it. Frist, I want to explain what Issues you can become, when you are using the internet to much.

Many people are surfing every day on the Internet for many hours. But is it good to surf many hours on the Internet? I would say no! Why? Here are some disadvantages why the internet is not good for us. When a person is using the Internet for many hours, he will become many Problems. And which Problems? You can destroy your eyes when you are using the internet every day, or you can become depressed. And when you are depressed, you will become more Problems. I only say that because, I had a friend who was depressed, because of the internet and he died because of that. But there are even more Problems!

As a second example I will take computer-games. Why computer-games? I have take this example because you can be addicted. If you are not addicted and you are play games on the computer to have fun, is it not a Problem. But when you are addicted to games, you will become many problems. Because it’s very heavy to stop that Addiction.

I could give many other examples, but it would be too long.Please do not take may comment personally, it is only my opinion.When you liked my comment, please follow me on this website. I hope you enjoyed my comment! See you again!

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Kann mir jemand meinen englischen Artikel auf Grammatik und Rechtschreibung korrigieren?

Es wäre grandios, wenn mir irgendjemand bei der Korrektur helfen könnte. Insbesondere eine Korrektur der Grammatikfehler würde mich erfreuen.

The American Dream – an outdated concept or still up to date?

The American Dream refers to the belief of achieving greater things by working hard. At first glance, it seems to be a very promising idea, however, there are increasingly more voices claiming that the American Dream belongs to history books. But is this concept really outdated or is it still totally up to date?

First and foremost, it has to be mentioned that there have always been people who did not believe in the American Dream and therefore wanted to ban this idea from society. Thus, it becomes apparent that it is nothing entirely new to face this certain idea with rejection.

Nevertheless, the questions arises why particularly this concept is so controversial. The answer seems to be easy: On the one hand, believing in the American Dream gives many people hope when facing their daily challenges, since they always have a vision in mind, empowering them to succeed in dealing with their dares. On the other hand, several people are deeply disappointed because they’ve already figured out that it is not as easy as it sounds. For them, the American Dream is an unfunctional concept, dashing people’s expectations and hopes. That’s why they firmly disbelieve in the concept, making use of every appropriate situation in which they are able to leave out their entire frustration. In other words, there are two hardened fronts, facing each other with hostility.

However, the concept of achieving greater things by working hard is not just a myth. Taking into account that multiple people truly live the American Dream, we become capable of comprehending that the American Dream is not only an optimistic belief, but also a tangible, as well as attainable, concept. For instance, the well-known TV host Oprah Winfrey made it from rags to riches. Born to underaged parents as an illegitimate child, she was surrounded by one challenge after another. Ultimately, she became a popular and respected person since she grew stronger with every challenge.

All in all, it remains to be seen whether the concept of the American Dream will prove as up to date or as outdated. Right now, it cannot be said how the long-lasting debate will end. Having dealt with the concept, only one thing can be considered safe: Being and optimist, as well as believing in something, has never hurt anyone.

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Kann jemand meinen Essay in Englisch auf Grammatik/Rechtschreibung prüfen?

Es wäre super, wenn mir jemand diesen Text auf Grammatik- und Rechtschreibfehler prüfen würden. Vielen Dank schon mal im Vorhinein :)

Should Shakespeare be taught in school?

William Shakespeare and his plays: On the one hand, there are people who love his works, while, on the other hand, there are several people disliking his plays. Regardless of this circumstance, Shakespeare plays a big role in English literature and therefore the questions arises if Shakespeare should be taught in school.

First and foremost, it can be argued that Shakespeare’s works are not easy to understand due to an old and complex English language and therefore should not be taught in school. However, dealing with Shakespeare has to be considered a great challenge for pupils, a challenge that pupils are capable of coping. Since understanding Shakespeare, as well as his works, is not rocket science, every pupil attending High School should deal with Shakespeare at least once.

Furthermore, dealing with Shakespeare contributes to expanding the own horizon because Shakespeare immensely influenced our modern English language. By adding new words and idioms he shaped our present English, and therefore it is worth to have a closer look at how he affected the language spoken by us almost every day. In this context, we do not speak about a language spoken by minorities, instead, we talk about our today’s world language.

Besides, Shakespeare ought to be taught in school because his plays serve as a mirror of the time back in the days. For instance, “Richard III” is set during the War of the Roses and even though it is not totally realistic, it gives us a rough overview on the happenings during this period of time. Since there are just a few literary works from that time, we should deal with the remaining works in order to get a deeper insight into past cultures.

Last but not least, Shakespeare’s plays contain remarkable storytelling, entertaining the reader with the help of well-developed characters and elaborated concepts regarding the plot. Hence, dealing with these should not be regarded as time-wasting.

Taking everything into account, I come to the assumption that Shakespeare belongs to classrooms. Particularly the argument that Shakespeare strongly influenced our modern English convinces me to think so. For the future it remains to be seen, whether Shakespeare’s works will be implemented into the core curriculums or not. Bear in mind not to judge a book by its cover. This perfectly fits Shakespeare’s plays since they often seem weird at first glance, but become comprehensible, as well as instructive, when having a closer look at them.

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