Ist mein essay über die Globalisierung gut?

Hey, könnte jemand eventuell mir Verbesserungsvorschläge oder Tipps zu mein essay geben? Ich will halt nicht, dass es zu „denglish“ klingt. Danke im Voraus!

Ich sollte schreiben, wie Globalisierung mein Leben betrifft/beeinflusst.

Hier mein Text:

Globalisation affects my life in many different ways. First, through the globalisation i got the chance to connect virtually with people everywhere through social networks. The modern technology allows me to call people, chat and even facetime with them. That’s how i made friends in the few past years. the best thing about it is that i actually can contact people all over the world so that means i have to speak in a world language , wish is the english language. this may also help me to advance my english skills. 

However in a globalised world news is spread instantaneously and simultaneously so whatever happen all over the world i have the chance to be informed about all of it in a very short period of time. 

But the globalisation also has a negative affect to my life. Because the world is facing a lot of problems that has a deep impact on the planet. A few problems are for example the global warming, deforestation, water pollution and deletion of the ozone layer. Since the world is facing these problems i have to live in sustainable way so i can save the environment. for example i try to reduce buying paper or plastic products or eat more fruits and vegetables and less meat and fish. 

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