Hallo! In Englisch sollen wir einen Aufsatz über den Brexit schreiben. Kann jemand meinen durchlesen und mir vielleicht Tipps geben, was ich besser machen kann oder Beispiele hinzufügen?

Unthinkable. The UK no longer belongs to the EU. The exit was completed and after long negotiations England is outside the EU. Many Britons voted "Yes to Brexit" in the elections, despite the fact that only half of the population understood what they were voting for. After less than a year, the British noticed the enormous consequences and their ex-partner EU for help.


Firstly, the UK can regain its sovereignty, making it the controlling influence of having supreme authority.

Besides, the UK could follow Norway’s example and still trade with the EU even if they are not part of the EU.

Moreover, being free from restrictions would be beneficial. They could make their own laws and control immigration.                

On the other hand, there are many arguments against the Brexit.

Initially, many Britains could lose their jobs. If their job is linked to the EU and the job is no longer needed, then millions of them must look out for a new job.

Furthermore, Britain could lose its influence. As part of the European Union, member states have more power than being a middle-ranking country. If we glance back at history, we can see that the UK has lost a lot of his power, meaning that it would lose even more.

Besides, leaving the EU will make the UK politically and economically suffer. Britain used to be the EU’s main trading partner. Leaving would mean that they are not enabled to move goods, services and people like they did before. They will also become an outsider.


Considering the pros and cons, I think it is hard to make a decision. As with so many things, only time will tell whether the Brexit was right or wrong. It is also not certain that other states will not leave the UK. In my opinion, the member states primarily see the financial advantage of the EU, but if sovereignty is more important to the UK, I can totally understand that.

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