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Hallo suche eine (sprachliche, wer lust hat inhaltliche) Verbesserung von dieser Abiturklausur, an der ich mich versucht habe. Habe Aufgabe 1 und 2 gemacht. Aufgabe 3 noch nicht

Hier der Artikel zur Klausur: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/mar/07/global-warming-misleading-term-climate-change

Der Erwartungshorizont:

Mein Text: 1. Comphreneison The text at hand, "Global Warming Sounds quite nice" written by Fiona Harvey and published on the 7th March 2014, critizizes the abstractness of scientific language for the general public in the political field of global warming. Along with that, the author demonstrates the broader implications global warming will raise in foreseeable future. The headline already indicates the authors critical attitude towards climate change, as it says "Global climate is a misleading term". In general, the texti s written in a very simple style, thus adressing the majority of the general public. One can divide the text into several parts of varying length. The first part (l1-17) consists of criticism directed against the language that is used in the centre of the heated debates around climate change. The author contrasts most scientific issues to climate change, as the former is, at least partially familiar to ordinary people, whereas the theme of climate change seems to be inaccessible for the public because of its accompanying abstruse terms and the miscommunication which does not suit the publics' intelectuallity. The next passage, puts focus on the term "global warming". According to the author, the term contributes to the failed communication, as its tone sounds dangerously harmless in relation to its adverse health effects on a global scale. Beyond, the author clarifies the gravity of global warmings´ consequences in the UK by drawing on forecasts, comparable to historical occurrences like the ice age.He adds, that there will be more extremes that amplify the current weather conditions across the globe. The following passage projects the global changes that will emerge from climate change, such as the global export of instability in form of migration, on grounds of uninhabitable weather conditions in Africa and Australia in the immediate future. The ending passage appeals to the readerships rationality. Harvey solidarizes himself with the audience by saying that global change is the one question mankind must answer correctly in order to prevent the planet from collapsing.

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