Englisch Bildbeschreibung wie kann ich es verbessern?


momentan haben wir gerade das Thema Bildbeschreibung in Englisch und wir schreiben in naher Zukunft auch eine Klassenarbeit.

Was kann ich besser machen?

Hier die Kriterien bzw. der Aufbau (momentan beziehen wir uns mehr auf die Analyse und den Kommentar anstatt auf die Beschreibung)

Hier mein Bild das ich beschrieben habe:

Quelle: https://www.wired.com/story/stay-in-the-moment-take-a-picture/

und zuletzt meine Beschreibung:

This photo was taken in the mountains. It shows a man sitting on a rock and doing some pictures.

In the middle of the picture, you can see the man sitting on a rock. He must be between 30 and 40, and he is also wearing clothes you wear when you hike. In the background, there are mountains with trees and snow on it. Next to the man, you can also see a part of a tree. The man seems like that he really enjoys this view and also wants to share this beautiful place, maybe with a friend or a family member. This picture is a panorama and the most of the background is out of focus. The light of the sun which comes from the right side makes is more realistic and brighter. The photographer wanted to show how pretty and impressive this world is. We often forget this because we are just living in our bubble, hanging on our phone or studying for school. This leads to that we often forget what we are able to see, and we just ignore it. This all became a routine, but when we think about that only 20 years ago a part of the two main parts of our lives was not existing. That makes it more impressive to see how fast the lifestyle of people can change. In my opinion, it shows perfect the things in this world we often ignore or things we even forget something. It would work well in an article about reasons why you should go more outside or in a hotel or apartment where you can see this place or similar places when you just walk outside.

Vielen Dank 🤩

Englisch Bildbeschreibung wie kann ich es verbessern?
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