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The koala has a grey-brown fur that is dense and a large head compared to the body. Because he is so cute, he attracts a lot of tourists to Australia. Its dark nose and large ears are very noticeable. It has sharp claws. The two thumbs and three opposite fingers are ideal for gripping branches and climbing. The toes are without claws and the second and third toes are fused together. Koalas grow up to 85cm, but the size also depends on the habitat. Koalas are actually not divided into different races, although depending on the climate and the corresponding food supply, the animals in wetter areas are larger and heavier than in dry areas. The coat colour can also vary between light and dark grey, which, however, seems to be more due to the tree bark and the corresponding camouflage. Koalas from cooler regions are usually larger than those from warmer regions and the males are up to 50% larger than the females. After two years these animals are sexually mature and thus begin to reproduce. After 35 days, a single young animal is born and goes into the pouch that only the switches have. The young animal leaves the pouch after six to seven months, but is still suckled until it is one year old. Male koalas live to be around 10 years old and females 15 years old. The originally widespread marsupials are now extinct in many parts of Australia. Their total population is estimated at 50,000 to 80,000. The suitable habitat is of course eucalyptus forests.

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