Far Cry 5 Zitat auf deutsch?

Ich suche die richtige deutsche Übersetzung von diesem Zitat. Man hört es manchmal über Lautsprecher an Außenposten. Ich finde es zum Teil sehr inspirierend und schön und hätte deshalb gerne die richtige deutsche Version. Danke schon mal im Vorraus.

"Something is coming. You can feel it, can't you? The world is reaching its tipping point. We are hooked. We are blind to our obsessions and our obsession is consumption. Relentless consumption. You see, we need to have the next best phone, and then to go with that phone we need a new watch, or we need best glasses, and then we need a new bag to put all of our stuff in, and then, of course, we need streaming music, and we need streaming TV, and streaming movies and streaming news and then streaming opinion, and streaming truth and streaming lies and lies and lies, swimming in our heads. And we consume without purpose, and we consume without reason, and we consume without regard for one another. We consume all, and that is our sin. Greed. And we drift down the corridors of consumerism. We've got our phones and our pads pressed up against our faces. Not stopping, never taking notice of the pain and suffering of those around us. Because we need to erase or upload photos of our pets or, or our meals or our bodies. Mmm, look at me. See what I have done? See what I am in this moment? I am special, I am smart, I am funny, I am pretty.
That is the travesty, cause we are all special, we are all smart. But yet we seem to, to, to need the desperate approval of some 'digital friends' that we hardly even know, when your family and your loved ones are right here, sitting beside you.
Our family does not live up in the digital cloud. Our family does not send status updates. Our family does not care what you are wearing. We only care if you are clothed. Our family does not care where or what you eat. We only care that you are fed. Our family knows the truth, and the truth is that you are all special. You are all engaging, that you are all fantastic and capable and wonderful. And all you have to do is believe it, you see we live in a world without Confidence. All of us desperately, searching for some approval from a light above and why? Where is our confidence? Where is our faith? I have confidence. I have faith. Let me be the well that you drink from to fill yourself up. I am your father, and you are my children, and together we will march to Eden's Gate."
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