Welche Info von meiner Präsentation über Australien würdet ihr weg lassen von meinem Text oder verkürzen das ganze (English)?

Then it goes on with the Aboriginies, the original population of Australia, who settled Australia about 50,000 years ago across the land bridge from Malaysia and Indonesia. In the beginning they were hunters and gatherers and the descendants of the first inhabitants of

Australia are called the Aborigines.

Then the Europeans came to Australia in 1788

For a short time, the settlers lived peacefully with the

Aboriginal people. But soon, fighting broke out over who

owned the land. Many of the Aboriginals were killed.

Life in Australia for settlers became more dangerous in

the 1800s because of the Bushrangers. These were

bandits or criminals who hid in the bush and robbed people and mail coaches. Many were runaway convicts who had the skills necessary to hide and survive in the Australian bush.

The boys were trained as farm hands and the girls as household helpers, and as soon as they were of working age they were passed on to the surrounding farms or sold. This inhumanity went down in Australian human history with the term "stolen generation". Furthermore Aboriginies were discriminated for a long time, they had no unrestricted right to vote, civil rights such as marriage, they were not allowed to drink alcohol and they were not allowed to decide where their children should live, they were restricted for a long time until 1975 when the racial discrimination act was passed.

employment and health care in rural areas.

In the history of Australia, British settlers hunted Aborigines. There were more than 30 massacres. According to estimates, 20,000 Aboriginies died violently, many more through disease. It was not until 1838 that white settlers had to answer for this in court.

Aboriginals were not recognized as citizens until 1967, when they were granted full civil rights.

Today, many problems remain uncesolved. Compared to the total population of Australia, the indigenous people of Australia and those living in rural areas are among the poorest in Australian society. Their unemployment rate is 20%, almost three times higher than the average population. They are poorly educated, their life expectancy is on average about 10 years less than most of the population, infant mortality is twice as high, and they account for 20% of all prison inmates, less than 4% of the population. These differences are explained by the loss of functioning social structures due to assimilation policies and the general lack of

The Aboriginal language is threatened with extinction. The three most widespread indigenous languages each have just over 2,500 speakers.

The Aboriginies are not a unified people, individual tribes have very different customs and languages.

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