Kann sich jemand mal diesen Rap-Text ansehen und mir vielleicht noch Tipps geben?

Ich weiß, sowohl der Beat als auch der damit einhergehende Flow fehlt, aber mir geht es gerade eher um den Text und den Stil. Erbittere Verbesserungsvorschläge.

Green Cat-Sung Lullabies

Two young people on a three-tier wedding cake

Whose smiles shine brighter than a child soldier’s flash grenade

And while the couple’s laughing at their first dance

Some people hop around to get at least the chance

To survive in the blood and mud mixed rain drops

Gettin’ raped by some self-appointed rogue cops

21st century, still acting like wild dogs

Wanta bone? Here you go, we got enough corpses...

Let’em grow old, it’s gonna end up in a blast

And if the world goes bright, they’re actually blowin' it up, no chance

Plant a new cherry tree - Again, they cut it down like trash

They’re never gonna learn, don’t even try to recompense (for it)

Next step they’re sure, it’ll work out all right

Backwards, hey good job! Straight onto your landmine

Poisoned vultures lyin’ right beside’em

Hard luck, congrats, if you make it over next time!

    [Chorus (oder so)]

And soldier daddy’s chewin’ on a gun

Then the bullet’s tearing up his tongue

And his daughter’s home, having fun, drunk mum,

Unaware that he will never (ever) come (BACK!)

Let us build another state of mind

With green cat-sung lullabies

And if the red manticore’s still terrified

We won’t get him back his pride – nevermind...

[Nicht mehr Chorus]


Jump into a half-empty glass of water

What did you expect? It’s spilling over

And everybody’s looking back and jumping after

No water left, just dead bodies and canned laughter

And you lift your kids on cherry trees

Write critical profound poetries

Lay down there a list of what you need

Just before your dog devours it, oops? Bon appétit!


Re-engage, grab an axe and chop’em into pieces

(Wha)t’ about we send them back our mighty god – greetings

Huh, you don’t need it? Can’t even breath with

The undisputed truth upon your belly button-piercing?

Nailed it, why would you even try to kill another man

Firmly convinced that his faith is worth a perma-ban

‘K, go ahead but take it to the playground over there

And fight around about who has the best imaginary friend.

Embarrassing how they try to argue with the whole world

Blinding out the fact that they’re already outnumbered

So now since I cheeky implicated common evilness

I won’t separate myself and stone you in my house of glass:

Introverted, complicated, unconfident tuna head

Egocentric laziness, melodramatic smart aleck

Gaming freak, anime weeb – well, generally visionary,

Ordinary, actually unnecessary everyman.

Note: Tunahead steht für ‘nen Spitznamen aus der Schulzeit, nicht wundern

Ist noch nicht zuende.

PS: Es werden hier leider keine Absätze übernommen. Sorry für die Unübersichtlichkeit.

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