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Ich habe einen Artikel von einer englischen Seite als Vorbereitung auf eine Arbeit zusammengefasst ;bitte guckt euch den Text kurz an und gebt mir Feedback (Verbesserungs-Vorschläge ) ;THX (: Text: http://www.teenink.com/nonfiction/heroes/article/94323/Teen--Rachel-Joy-S/

Summary „Teen – Rachel Joy S.“

The Article „Teen – Rachel Joy S.“ by Jessica H. From 2009 ,published by „TeenInk Online Magazine“ is about the definition of a hero and the personal hero from the auhor: „Rachel Joy S“ ;she fight against harassment and for more righteousness in the world until she dies and now we can fight for her wish of a better world.

What is a „real-hero“? Is a hero a person with super powers? No ,the author think that the real defintion of a hero is a person who fight for justice. Everyone can be a hero ;but „Jessicas“ personal hero is „Rachel Joy Scott“ a normal person like you and me. She is a young women who help people with handicaps or a hard life. She fight against Suicide and harassment ,she was full of ambition. On one day Rachel was in a massacre in Columbine. She die in this tragedy with 11other students ,but not her legacy for the world die on this day. She alway wanted a chain reaction for peaces and righteousness and we have the „Job“ to dont forget her and to fight for her legacy. She touches the heart from the author with her life-style and her story and nowadays she is forever a „real-hero“!

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