Könnte sich einer von euch fleißigen Äffchen einmal angucken, inwiefern die Einleitung für dieses Essay (Sekundarstufe 2) ausreichend ist?

Hallo ihr lieben 🫶

Auch in den Ferien bereite ich mich fleißig auf das kommende nächste Schuljahr vor. Heute bin ich dabei die Struktur eines Essays zu verstehen und bitte daher um eure Bewertung.
Welche Struktur gibt es bei der Einleitung, habe ich die korrekte Reihenfolge vollständig ausgefüllt? Solche Sachen sind wichtig. Die Struktur und die Art und Weise möchte ich gerne verbessern lernen.

Hier ein Überblick:

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Es ist bekannt, dass trotz häufiger Verbeamtung der Lehrkräfte, ein signifikanter Mangel an Lehrern besteht. Berlin hat zum aktuellen Stand 2023 etwa 1460 zu nicht-besetzte Vollzeitstellen, Tendenz steigend. Ein zentrales Thema, das in dem vorliegenden Text behandelt wird ist der technologische Fortschritt in der nahen und mittelfristigen Zukunft, der den Bedarf an Lehrkräften beeinflussen könnte.
Im folgenden Text wird beurteilt inwieweit das Antreten eines Lehramtsstudiums noch sinnvoll und demnach effektiv ist. Es wird darauf eingegangen, welche Faktoren einen Einfluss auf den Bedarf an Lehrkräften nehmen, wie viele Studenten tatsächlich ihr Studium absolvieren und wie hoch die Studentenanzahl sein müsste um den Bedarf an Lehrern zu decken.

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Könnte sich einer von euch fleißigen Äffchen einmal angucken, inwiefern die Einleitung für dieses Essay (Sekundarstufe 2) ausreichend ist?
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Hallo! In Englisch sollen wir einen Aufsatz über den Brexit schreiben. Kann jemand meinen durchlesen und mir vielleicht Tipps geben, was ich besser machen kann oder Beispiele hinzufügen?

Unthinkable. The UK no longer belongs to the EU. The exit was completed and after long negotiations England is outside the EU. Many Britons voted "Yes to Brexit" in the elections, despite the fact that only half of the population understood what they were voting for. After less than a year, the British noticed the enormous consequences and their ex-partner EU for help.


Firstly, the UK can regain its sovereignty, making it the controlling influence of having supreme authority.

Besides, the UK could follow Norway’s example and still trade with the EU even if they are not part of the EU.

Moreover, being free from restrictions would be beneficial. They could make their own laws and control immigration.                

On the other hand, there are many arguments against the Brexit.

Initially, many Britains could lose their jobs. If their job is linked to the EU and the job is no longer needed, then millions of them must look out for a new job.

Furthermore, Britain could lose its influence. As part of the European Union, member states have more power than being a middle-ranking country. If we glance back at history, we can see that the UK has lost a lot of his power, meaning that it would lose even more.

Besides, leaving the EU will make the UK politically and economically suffer. Britain used to be the EU’s main trading partner. Leaving would mean that they are not enabled to move goods, services and people like they did before. They will also become an outsider.


Considering the pros and cons, I think it is hard to make a decision. As with so many things, only time will tell whether the Brexit was right or wrong. It is also not certain that other states will not leave the UK. In my opinion, the member states primarily see the financial advantage of the EU, but if sovereignty is more important to the UK, I can totally understand that.

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Englisch Argumentative essay- homeschooling Verbesserung?

Hallo zusammen,

ich schreibe morgen eine Englisch Klassenarbeit über das Thema Argumentative Essay(9.te Klasse Gymnasium). Ich habe als eine Übung ein two-sided-comment über Homeschooling geschrieben. Vorweg schonmal, Ich bin nicht sehr gut in Englisch und ich weiß, dass dies kein guter Text ist. Ich würde mich über ein schnelles Feedback und möglicherweise über eine Grammatikalische oder auch Inhaltliche Verbesserung freuen.

Danke schonmal im Vorraus!

Last week a friend from Austria visited me and told me he is learning from home. So i asked myself , if homeschooling is better than presence school.

First, I will talk about the disadvantages and later about the advantages of homeschooling. To conclude I will summarize my arguments and share my personal opinion.

My first, strongest con Argument is about the contact with the other class mates you do not have, If you learn from home. Making social contact and finding friends is really important in the early development. Interchange about clothes, hair styles, hobbys, food, movies and so one is part of it. In addition most of the time you do homeschooling alone so you can feel lonely. To sum up, the social contact should be never neglected.

My second contra Argument is about the expensivity from homeschooling. Homeschooning can be really expensive because you have a private teacher who only teaches you. Private teachers have to create a learning plan, often personalized exercises and do conferences with you which are some factors for the expensivity. All in all the expensivity is a factor which speek against homeschooling.

Nevertheless, there are some important pro Arguments for home schooling.

My strongest pro Argument is the own learning speed. In presence school you are with many other studenst in the same class and the teacher follows the average speed, which can be really frustating, when the Teacher keeps going but you do not understand the topic. In homeschooling you have the advantage that the teacher goes with your own learning speed and can always explain specificaly for you. To sum up, If you have a fast or slow learning speed, homeschooling could be the solution for you.

My second pro Argument is that in home schooling can be no bullying. You are alone with your teacher and not with other students who can bully you. Safety is really important so you can fully focus on education without beeing scared. To sum up, this is a really important aspect because bullying is bad and need to be stopped.

To conclude the con points were that you have no contact with other students and homeschooling can be really expensive because the teacher only teaches you. My pro arguments were that you can learn with your own learning speed and finish topics when you finally understood them. My pro Argument was that in home schooling there is no bullying and bullying is bad and need to be stopped. I think that homeschooling should be individual allowed, for example for people with slow or fast learning speed.

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Ist das eine gute persuasive essay (Englisch Ersatzleistung Klasse 7 )?

Why you should play tennis 🎾


Tennis is a wonderful sport and I think more people should  play it. There are many reasons why people should play tennis. The first reason is that tennis is a great way to make new friends. You can easily go to the park or a tennis court and just ask someone if she or he would like to play some tennis with you and become friends with her or him. Another important thing is that tennis is a lifetime sport. I’ve seen 65 year old people still playing pretty well. Think about it this way, when you are old would you rather spend your hole life in front of a small window in a retirement home ? Or would you rather enjoy your life, by playing tennis and having fun? You’re probably still thinking that tennis is like any other sport and and that it’s nothing special. But do you know that tennis reduces stress. People who play tennis can deal with physical, mental and emotional challenges, which also helps to deal with stress. Soccer players can also deal with physical problems but they can’t deal with mental and emotional challenges. Because as a soccer player you are in a team and sharing the pain with the others. Tennis players are on their own and if they lose it's their fault.  Not the fault of the others, only their own fault.  It's like when a soccer player gets the blame from the hole team for losing the match. I also play tennis. I love this sport because after you have lost you work even harder than before and whether your next match is a loss or a victory you will feel the hard work you put into it. Tennis not only strengthens your mentality, it also makes your body stronger and you can live longer, get fitter and improve your hand eye coordination through this sport.  An hour of singles play can burn 580-870 calories and if you have 3 hours of training every week, you will even live longer! The fifth reason to play tennis is that tennis improves your brain power. it has been proven that the more you repeat an activity, the  stronger the neural connections in your brain will become. So when you play tennis, for which you need critical thinking and quick movements, you are improving your planning, tactical, agility, and coordination skills. Finally, the most important reason is that tennis teaches you a lot of lessons. Every tennis match is a small life lesson. It teaches you about hard work and how to believe in yourself. Through independence , endurance, confidence and determination, tennis teaches you how to be successful. I hope my text persuaded you! And hopefully I’ll see you on the tennis court one day!

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