9/11 Referat korrektur

Ich muss nächste Woche ein Referat über 9/11 halten, darum bitte ich um ein Korrekturlesen..

Terrorist attack on the World Trade Center It was a morning like any other in New York. On this 11 September had a few minutes changed the world The people who work every day to her in the WTC streamed , had no idea that would later erupt little chaos. And that had begun for many of them the last hours of her life. By 8 Clock 45 ( according to American time) the terrorist attack began. A Boeing 767 of American Airlines contributed about NY on the twin towers of the WTC 411 meters high to . The terrorist pilot corrected once its low altitude and then raced precisely in the north-facing skyscraper. The force of the impact was quite Südmanhhatten tremble . Tons of shattered glass and rubble facade collapsed in depth. Then exploded fifty thousand liters of jet fuel (kerosene ) in the interior of the tower , which was completely torn in the top third. Between the 80th and 110 Floor beat flames and smoke coming from the building . 50 000 people who were in the entire complex (all 2) recognized the panic . Also in the surrounding streets , people were running for their lives. A man in front of the burning tower shouted : " This is war ! " What happened inside the skyscraper , described the first rescued victims. A woman in the 88th Floor was staying , reported: "We were thrown down the stairs . Before the house was littered with rubble , people leaning out of the windows up and cried . Some jumped down , we were running for our lives ! " All U.S. radio and television stations 5 minutes later were live on the air. Nor was the speech of an ordinary plane crash . 48 by 8 clock were all 150 fire stations of New York City on high alert . While the north tower was in flames and firefighters desperately tried to evacuate the WTC , were three more deaths planes on the way .

A Boeing 767 which will fly from Boston to Los Angeles have now headed to NY There were 65 people on board. Again, there was no radio contact and the machine turned into a low-level flight . Only 18 minutes after the first crash broke the second machine into the South Tower of the WTC . Minutes after the double whammy disaster operations were already under way. At 9.17 clock closed the U.S. aviation authority all airports in the city, the giant John F. Kennedy Airport and La Guardia domestic airport . 9.21 to clock all the bridges and tunnels throughout New York City were closed. At 9.30 clock for the first time the President of the United States, George W. Bush announced the CNN channel from the Federal State of Florida . He tratt to an impromptu ( unprepared ) to speech: "The country was just a victim of a terrorist attack ."

Finally followed at 9.40 clock the total lock of the American air space , for the first time in the history of the country. At the southern tip of Manhattan , the drama began. Both towers were burning , the city responded to the disaster. All Avenues , which are the main

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