Kann jemadn meine Bewerbung auf Englisch bewerten?

Guten Abend,

Ich suche nach jemanden der so nett wäre meine Englischbewerbung zu kontrollieren. Ich habe sie als Übung für eine Klassenarbeit in Englisch geschrieben.(Natürlich alles augedacht)

Webb-Miller Hospital                                                                                             16-18 Rutland Way Peterborough PE1 UK

                                                                                                                                                                     Beethovenstraße                                                                                                                       22767 Hamburg                                                                                                                                    Germany


                                                                                                                                                                    29 March 2020


Application for a work experience placement in an hospital in Summer 2020


Dear Ms Webb,

I am writing to apply a work experience in your hospital this summer. Your name was given to me by friends who are studying medicine.

When I leave school I plan to study medicine. However, before I study I would like to gain some experience in an hospital. I can speak German, English and French fluently. In addition I have extensive basic knowledge of Latin and Spanish. But I want to improve my English in the UK. I have no fear of contact and I am reliable. At the moment I am involved at Malteser, in the sanitary service. Later I would like to work as an cardiologist and participate in organs like Doctors without Borders.

Thank you for reading this application. I hope to get some positive answer.

Your sincerlely

Sara Mentese

Sara Mentese

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Englisch Bewerbungsschreiben?

Hey Leute, ich schreibe morgen eine Arbeit in Englisch und wollte mal wissen was ihr von der Bewerbung haltet, was ich verbessern sollte,usw.

Das ist frei erfunden was die Adressen usw angeht.

                                                       March 5, 2014

Max Muster Musterstraße 44 12345 Musterhausen Tel.: 01234/56789 Email: musterMax@abc.co.uk

Jennifer O`Rourke Automotive Services Ltd 103 Selsdown Drive London E14 9LA UK(United Kingdom)

Dear Ms Jennifer O´Rourke,

Application for a bilingual assistant

I saw your advertisement for a bilingual assistant on the website of www.unitedKINGdom.co.uk and I should like to apply for this position.

From 2004 to 2009 I attended Mustergesamtschule in Musterhausen comparable to comprehensive school, where I obtained my A-Levels. I successfully did a traineeship for a secretary with the company MusterBoat GmbH, which is a small and modern company that produce boats and export them.

Since 2009 I have been working with MusterBoat GmbH as the secretary. During my traineeship with MusterBoat GmbH I gained experience in talking English or German with customers and running a busy office. This traineeship gave me considerable skills which I want to use and improve for the position advertised.

I have a good command of English. I had nearly 8 years of English at school and I have also done a special examination for commercial professions. After completing my traineeship I was able to improve my command of English by speaking directly to the customers. I also have had French for 5 years in school, that gives me the opportunity that I´m able to speak the three languages, needed for the bilingual assistant.

I enclose my CV and certified translations of my certificates. I should be pleased to provide names of the referees if required.

I should be grateful if you would consider my application. I would very much enjoy the challenge of working for a company in London.

Yours sincerely

Max Muster


Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir ein paar konstruktive Antworten liefern.

MfG Cataracs

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