Kann mir jemand meinen englischen Text korrigieren?

Hallo :) Könnte jemand diesen Text für mich korrigieren? Ich habe ihn selbstgeschrieben und bin mir daher nicht über Korrektheit richtig. Stilistische Verbesserungen wären ebenfalls toll. Danke im Voraus ;)

Task Nr.2  =His statement isn´t completely true. True is that it isn´t okay, because he don´t want to live like this. He wants to be a “normal” child like going to school or playing with friends. Not true is that it never would be okay, because maybe times will change. Maybe his parents wouldn´t be so strict. Maybe the government will change this law. His feelings changed in Chapter 9 and 10. In Chapter 9 Luke was very surprised and confused, because he has recet an other 3rd child, but when Luke speaks with his mother he was hopeless, because he knows that his mother can´t convince his dad. He was also feel itchy and irritable when his mother stroking his hair.

Task Nr.3 =Dear Luke, I know that you want to meet the other 3rd child, but you should know that this is a high risk. I will give you a few tips for a right behaviour: Before you go outside to meet the other 3rd child, you should check as always that all 28 people leave their houses and make a clever plan. You should also be relaxed when you go outside, because you can make wrong decisions when you´re nervous.  It´s important that you know the consequences when someone see you, because this can change your life in a negative way. In case that your parents might see you, you should have a good argumentation, but I´m sure that they nevertheless  would be really angry. It also could be that the child doesn´t like you, so you shouldn´t expect to much. It may also be good to be preparted for a dialog. This mean practise! Examples are to write a possible dialog down, play a dialog with yourself or read about dialogs or friendships. Maybe this may help you.                                                                                                                             I hope that the tips are useful  best regards                                         

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