Ist das ein Scam?

Hallo zusammen. Das ist die Nachricht, die ich dem Steam-Support geschickt habe. Sie beschreibt die Situation in der ich mich befinde gut. Ich hoffe hier kann mir jemand helfen :(

Dear Steam Support,

about 48 hours ago a Steam account (Mark Johnson) wrote me and said he was a Fraud Officer from Valve Corporation. He explained to me that I was involved in "Theft of gaming items". He had this suspicion because I traded with an account that is also involved in "Theft of gaming items". I traded with this account because I was active on a gambling website and wanted to transfer my skins from there to my Steam account. After I proved this to him, he told me that I had not broken any rules, but that my inventory still needed to be "legalized". To "legalize" it I had to transfer all my skins to my backup account. After I sent the trade offers to my backup account and confirmed them on my phone, the items (as Mark Johnson also explained to me) did not arrive at that account for the time being. Johnson told me that it would take about 6-48 hours. So far nothing has arrived. I was able to see where my items went via the trading history. There are 2 accounts. I find it especially strange that one of these accounts tried to give itself the same name as my backup account. With this report I just wanted to make sure that everything is correct, because it feels very dubious and strange to me. Also, I am very afraid to lose my items, because they were very expensive for me.

Falls ihr noch Fragen habt stellt sie gerne. Ich habe alles mit Screenshots dokumentiert.


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