Auf welcher Straße erkennt Ihr the London eye und The Buckingham Palace auf dem Bild?

Hier1 - (Schule, Arbeit, Kinder) Hier2 - (Schule, Arbeit, Kinder)

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Kann es sein, dass du statt Straßen evtl Ubahn Linien, bzw Stationen meinst? Die gezeigte Karte ist so schematisch, dass die genauen Straßen da gar nicht drauf sind. 

Wenn es also um Ubahn Linien und Stationen geht, dann sind dienachsten Linien furBuckingham Palace Green Park (liegt an der Piccadilly Line - dunkelblaue Linie, an der Victoria Line - hellblaue Linie und an der Jubilee Line - graue Linie), bzw Hyde Park Corner (auch Piccadilly Line)

Für s London Eye wäre die nächste Station Waterloo (liegt an der Waterloo & City Line - Türkise Linie, an derJubilee Line - graue Linie, an der Bakerloo Line - braune Linie und an der Northern Line - schwarze Linie)

Alternativ ginge auch noch Westminster als Station, das liegt zwar auf der anderen Seite der Themse, aber man muss nur über die Bruecke laufen. Westminster Station liegt an der Circle Line (gelbe Linie), an der District Line (grüne Linie) und an der Jubilee Line (graue Linie) 

Hoffe das hilft weiter? Wenn nicht,  vielleicht genauer erklären, was Du eigentlich wissen willst 

Hier die Adressen:

London Eye, Riverside Building County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road London SE1 7PB

Buckingham Palace Road, SW1A 1AA London

Danke nur die werden auf der Abbildung von uns garnicht gezeigt.. Ist das Problem


Ok, ich verstehe die Fragestellung nicht. Zum Eye steigt man auf jeden Fall Waterloo aus. Hilft dir das weiter?


Das ist doch aus nem Green Line Buch oder?

Red line ist aber das selbe ;)


Englisch Text über London verbessern

Hey ich muss bald ein Referat über London machen in Englisch... habe mir einen Text zusammen gestellt wäre nett wenn mit jemand sagt ob ich was falsch gemacht habe (Rechtschreibung, Grammatik usw)


Today I want to tell you something about London.

London is the capital of Great Britain and England. The city has 7 million inhabitants and an area of 1596 square kilometres.

London is one of the famous cities in the world and the biggest city of Europe. The language is English. The colours of the flag are red, blue and white. Over two million people visit London every year. London has 33 parts. The famous part is Greenwich.

London´s climate is mild and damp. The weather is generally cloudy and foggy. London has warmer summers than most of the island.

The Queen of England lives in London. Her name is Queen Elizabeth II. She doesn`t live in a house, she lives in a palace call Buckingham Palace. Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the British monarch since 1837. Built by John Sheffield. The palace has 660 rooms, a park, a swimming-pool and even a cinema.

Now I tell you about the most famous sights there.

In London is a big bell. The name of this is Big Ben. The clock tower has a high of 97 metres. Every hour you can hear it. The sound is deep. You can hear the sound in the BBC radio.

The London Eye is the biggest wheel of Great Britain and you can sit in it and see London of another version. It´s 135 metres high but before you are allowed to enter you have to do a safety check

In London are a lot of bridges. The most famous bridge is the Tower Bridge. On a walk on the bridge you have a very beautiful view. The bridge was built in 1894 and it is 30 metres long.

Another famous sight is the Madam Tussaud The Madame Tussaud`s is a famous wax museum . It is one of the most popular museums in London. There are figures made out wax look like realpersons. It has over 300 wax Figures.

If you want to go from here to London, there are 880 km

Thank you for your attention. I hope I could tell you some about London

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Englisch Referat - London Eye

Hi leute.. :) Ich muss nächste Woche ein Referat über das London Eye halte. Ich hab bis jetzt alles zusammen geschrieben, nur das Problem,

Es muss auf Englisch sein und sollte 5 Minuten dauern. Da ich sehr schnell Rede wenn ich aufgeregt bin, dauert mein Referat bis jezt um die 3 Minuten.

Kann mir jmd bitte Helfen was ich noch dazu schreiben könnte? Ich schreib hier mal kurz den Text rein.. Wär sehr nett :D

Einleitung: Hello Class and Hello Mrs. Frommeld. I tell you now some interest information about the London Eye.

×- The first thing I will tell you a few facts and visions from the London Eye

The London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel, which stands on the River Thames in London. It has the height of 135 meters and is the largest Ferris wheel in Europe and Worldwide, it is the third largest Ferris wheel. Construction of the Ferris wheel was in 1998. And it was opened on March 9, 2000 The inventors had their idea submitted to a competition for the Millennium celebrations where they had lost. The London Eye should only be operated for five years, but because of the great success it is still operating for 15 years

The operator is the Merlin Entertainment Group, and it is since 2015 sponsored by Coca Cola. Bevor It was sponsored by EDF Energy, Tussauds Group, British Airways and the family of architects Marks Barfield.

The architect of the popular attraction is David Marks, and it was designed by Julia Barfield, but the Gondolas are designed by Nick Bailey.

(Here you can see the Gondolas from the London Eye, Inside and outside)

The London Eye has 32 Gondolas, but for superstitious reasons, the number 13 has been omitted. In a gondola there is space for 25 visitors. The speed is 1 km/h and per second, the Ferris wheel moved 26 centimeters, it is twice as fast as a turtle . 1 turn of this popular Sight takes 30 minutes. The wheel almost never stops by the way: In its low rotational speed, passengers can easily stay connected and during operation. It weighs 2,100 tons and is as heavy as 1,272 London taxis and one gondola weighs as 1,052,631 coins. All in All the London Eye transports up to 800 passengers per turn.

On sunny days you can see up to 40 km far from London. You can for example, the Westminister Palace, Buckingham Palace, The Big Ben and see the Shard from here.

(Such is the view from the top of)

(Da wo was in der Klammer steht, leg ich ein paar Bilder auf)..

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englisch mündliche Prüfung klasse 7...Hilfe?

Hallo, ich bin in der 7. Klasse und habe Morgen eine mündliche Prüfung in Englisch. Wir sollen ein Vortrag über ein bestimmtes Thema halten (ungefähr 5 Minuten, wir dürfen Notizen/Stichpunkte mitnehmen) und danach sollen wir mit einem Partner ein Dialog führen. Ich habe für den Vortrag das London Eye als Thema und habe einen Text darüber geschrieben, den ich dann stichpunktartig nochmal schreibe um freier zu sprechen. Das hier ist der Text, ist der grammatikalisch und so richtig oder müsste ich noch was verändern?

,, I choose the topic ' the London Eye', because I was there and it was really cool and I can say pretty much about it. the London Eye is with 135 meters the biggest ferris wheel in Europe. That's so tall, like 64 stacked of those red Telephone box, which you can find everywhere in London (Bei dem Satz bin ich mir unsicher). But the London eye goes very slowly, you can compare the speed with a turtel and it takes over a half hour to wait in of the 32 capsules. But did you know, that you can celebrate your birthday up there? You will get a chocolate cake and can have a party with an amazing view of the Big Ben, the Westminster Abbey, the Buckingham Palace and many sightseeings more. It's also possible to marry there, but you can have only 25 guests, because a capsule can't carry more persons (oder sollte man 'persons' durch 'people' ersetzen). In the afternoon and on Saturday and Sunday the queue for the London eye is very long and sometimes you must stay longer there as in the capsule, so it's better to go in the morning on Monday to Friday. In the evening it's probably the most beautifull view. You can visit the London eye since 2000 and today it's one of the most famous sightseeings and attractions in London. Everyday around 15,000 people buy a ticket.

All in all I would say that it's awesome to be in the London Eye, it's a view that I will never forget. "

Danke für Hilfe

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