englisch mündliche Prüfung klasse 7...Hilfe?

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 "I chose the topic ' the London Eye', because I was there and it was really cool, that's why I can say a lot about it. the London Eye is with 135 meters the biggest ferris wheel in Europe. That's as tall as 64 stacked red Telephone boxes, which you can find everywhere in London (jetzt nicht mehr;)). But the London eye goes very slowly, you can compare the speed with a turtel and it takes over an half an hour to wait in one of the 32 capsules. But did you know, that you can celebrate your birthday up there? You will get a chocolate cake and can have a party with an amazing view of the Big Ben, the Westminster Abbey, the Buckingham Palace and many other sights. It's also possible to get married in the London Eye, but you can have only 25 guests, because a capsule can't carry more people (oder sollte man 'persons' durch 'people' ersetzen ->Jo :)). In the afternoon and on Saturday and Sunday the queue for the London eye is very long and sometimes you must stay longer there as in the capsule, so it's better to go on Monday to Friday in the morning. In the evening it's probably the most beautifull view. You can visit the London eye since 2000 and today it's one of the most famous sightseeings and attractions in London. Around 15,000 people buy a ticket everyday.

All in all I would say that it's awesome to be in the London Eye, it's a view that I will never forget. " 

Hoffe ich konnte dir helfen und wünsche dir viel Glück;) Ist ein sehr guter Text.


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Vielen Dank für die Korrigierung! :3


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