Gerade seltsame E-Mail bekommen brauche dringend hilfe?

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Vom Fragesteller als hilfreich ausgezeichnet


es ist vermutlich eine Spam-Email der man keine Beachtung schenken sollte. Solche E-Mails würde ich nie öffnen und auf keinen fall mögliche Links die in ihr enthalten sind öffnen. Lass dein Virenprogramm einmal alles checken und wenn er keinen Virus o.ä zeigt, sollte alles in Ordnung sein.

Die Mail am besten sofort löschen und mache niemals Emails auf die Du nicht kennst das ist sehr Gewährlich das habe ich einmal gemacht, dann hat der mir denn PC lam gelegt und ich konnte alles neu machen. Das wird mir niemals wieder passieren das war mir eine Lehre.

Es ist kein Virus. Da sucht nur jemand, der sich für clever hält, einen Dummen, der ihm Geld übersendet. Einfach nur ignorieren und löschen. Du bist nicht der einzige, der solche Mails bekommt.

Weiß einer, wie das Lied heißt. Glaube dass, das es Passion heißt?

Walking in the moonlight See a face that I'm dreaming of Caught him on a good day He's my passion Like to think he's faithful Need to show how I feel for him Hope he feels the same way He's my passion Passion

Refrain: Call me after midnight We're heading for the bright lights Won't give up till I'm satisfied Cos your my Passion Passion Walkin on the broadway We're cruising on the highway Take you there where you never been Cos your my passion Passion Cos your my passion Passion

Treat you like a good friend Like to know what your thinking of Looking for a good time It's my passion Like the way you tease me I can tell what you really want Don't you wait for bedtime It's my passion Passion

Can you see the sunrise Cos that's where we're heading for We gotta make it this time It's my passion Passion

Come on hit the road jack Never know if she's coming back She's loaded like a freight train She's your passion That's the way she like's it Don't you know when you have to quit Just burning like a fire She's your passion

Danke schonmal im voraus.

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Habe eine Email von einen Fremden bekommen der mir Geld überweisen will, es klingt sehr ernst könnt ihr mir helfen und den eventuellen fake identifizieren?

Dear Friend,

It has been very difficult sending this mail across to you for some time now. However,I have an important business deal I would like to involve you and I would be glad if you shall be interested to be part of this wonderful opportunity.

I have a business man that is bearing the same name with you who came into my place of work and made deposits of some huge amount of funds and died without any contact of his relations.

Because you share the same surname with this person. I would like both of us to work together to move the funds to your account.

Let me know if you are interested so that I can give you more details on how we shall move forward. Es wäre echt schön wenn ihr mir helfen könnt denn ich weiß nicht ob ich darauf eingehen soll:(

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Kann mir jemand diese Mail ins deutsche übersetzen?

Hi,dear friend, Sorry my delay reply due to the National Day of our country. Thanks for your kindness and time writing to us to inform us the problem you're facing. As to this case,a refund is acceptable.Let me know the amount you want me to process for you please. Hearing from you. Sorry for the trouble. Best regards.

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Ja das eine Spam Email kann die mir wer erklären?

Unpaid Funds...


David Atkinson <>

Sa 26.05.2018 20:54

Gelöschte Elemente







I would like to officially inform you that after the overall verification claims of unpaid funds submitted to The United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC) for endorsement, your name was endorsed for onward payment of your long awaited funds. We also apologize for the inconvenience you passed through in the quest to get your funds across to you without any success.


The payment is being made in accordance with the Governing Council's decision 227, which extended the temporary payment mechanism set out by the Governing Council in its decision 197, under which up to USD200 million from the Compensation Fund will be made available for the payment of claims every quarter.


Since The United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC) do not deal directly with customers in respect of remittance of any sort of funds, I was contracted as one of their Accredited Attorneys to assist and direct the remittance of your funds to you. The sum of USD1,170,000.00 [One Million, One Hundred and Seventy Thousand US Dollars] has been endorsed for immediate remittance in your favor.



A Certified Bank Draft will be endorsed in your name with the total sum. As soon as I confirm receipt of your response, I will reconfirm and submit your details to the Financial Institution that has been endorsed to remit your Certified Bank Draft to the nominated address you will provide to me.


I await your swift response.


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