English opinion: "There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing say nothing and be nothing."?

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Vom Fragesteller als hilfreich ausgezeichnet

Klar, wer die Hände in den Schoß legt und einfach nichts tut und immer schön den Mund hält, wird von anderen wenig kritisiert werden. Die Frage ist nur, ob das das Richtige ist.
Manchmal muss man eben auch zur Tat schreiten und für seine Überzeugungen eintreten.

Vielleicht hilft dir das:


Dank dir hast  mich ordentlich weiter gebracht


Dankeschön. ☺



vielleicht wird der Satz besser verständlich, wenn die Zeichensetzung korrigiert wird,

... , do nothing, say nothing (,) and be nothing.

Auch fürs Englische gilt nämlich ... (siehe Fotos)

Für das Vokabular empfehle ich ein gutes (online) Wörterbuch, z.B. pons.com,

für die Grammatik ego4u.de und englisch-hilfen.de und Finger weg vom Google Übelsetzer und seinen tr.tteligen Kollegen!

Ansonsten kenne ich das – auch in der heutigen Zeit - so, dass man eine/n Klassenkameraden/in oder eine/n Schulfreund/in um Hilfe bittet und dann gleich mit ihr/ihm zusammen Hausaufgaben macht oder lernt. Das macht doch eh mehr Spaß als alleine!

Oder man bildet Lerngruppen, in denen man sich gegenseitig hilft und unterstützt; z.T. auch 'fachübergreifend', so dass z.B. 'Mathe-Asse', 'Englisch-Assen' in Mathe auf die Sprünge helfen und umgekehrt.


Satzzeichen - (deutsch, englisch, Sprache) Satzzeichen_2 - (deutsch, englisch, Sprache)

Der einzige Weg Kritik aus dem Weg zu gehen:mach nichts, sag nichts, sei nichts.

Also: Wenn du nichts machst, kannst du auch keinen Fehler machen, für den man dich kritisieren kann. 

Hierzu passend ein mittelalterliches Sprichwort: 
Höre, sieh und schweige, wenn du in Frieden leben willst.

Kann jemand meinen kurzen Englisch Text überfliegen und nach Fehlern suchen?

The main character of the short story „The swim team“ written by Miranda July in 2007, is named Maria, is 22 years old and lives alone in Belvedere, a small city, which is free from swimming pools. There is only a gas station and a market in Belvedere.
She would like to move, but she don’t have enough money (she don’t have a car or phone as well) and she don’t like to ask his parents, although she write every week to them. Her life is very boring (line 9-11), because she have nothing to do and no friends until she listens to a talk of three 80-years-old-persons, called Elizabeth, Kelda and Jack Jack, who can’t swim but they want to. So she suggests to teach them in swimming, because she learned in High School, and later she gives „swimming lessons“ to them twice a week in her living room with bowls of water and a kitchen floor. At the beginning of the story Maria is a little bit shy, she don’t like to speak with other people and starts tob e exited. (line 35-37) But at the end of the story Maria is a strong and purposeful coach, who dares to talk and to say what to do. (line 97-98) These swim lessons gives Maria something to do and she miss the lessons later.

...zur Frage

Why i would like to life in the USA / Englisch-Text: Ansehen bitte :)


ich hab einen english Text geschrieben, warum ich in den USA leben möchte.

Wäre toll wenn ihn jemand anschauen könnte :).

**Why I would like to live in the USA

Yes, I would like to live in the USA. I like the beautiful beaches in Florida, also known as “the sunshine state”. Every Evening I would be able to lie on the beach, assumed I have time. At any time of the year it is warm. In winter there is approximately 25 degree centigrade. The next reason why I would like to live in the USA is, because there are so many attractions. The education is there also not bad. There are many technical colleges to study. The United States leads the world in higher education and complementary advantages. In the first place a good business environment, way better than Europe or Canada and in the second place the largest single market in the world. If you do business in the United States of America, you can easily generate revenue to reinvest. Basically this means that doing business in America is preferable to doing business anywhere else in the world. America also leads in Art and Culture. They have Hollywood, Broadway, and Disney. They have vast natural resources, relatively underpopulated countrysides, and one of the highest educated work forces in the world. Finally, I can imaginable to live in the USA for a while, but my commands of English have to go better. But if I really live in the United States later, I have to inform more about the lifestyle in the USA. First of all I have got to take a vacation there and consider the important things there. Then I can only decide, if I live in the USA.**

Vielleicht könnt ihr noch Ideen ergänzen etc., weil ich irgendwie hatte ich zu wenig Informationen darüber.

Und sagt vielleichct eure Meinung über den Text wenn ihr wollt^^.

Aber hauptsächlich: Bitte den Text ansehen und auf auftretende Fehler durchsuchen, ob der Zusammenhang etc. passt.

Danke im voraus :)



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Englisch Text korriegieren

Hallo kann jemand folgenden Text korrigieren? Dankeschön Dear Ben Russell, I read your article “Credit cards to ration individuals' carbon use“, which is published in newspaper The Independent in July19,2006. First of all I want to say that I think it's very good that there are people like you who think about the environment and of course about the problems which are exist. The suggestion is that every body has a credit-card with Carbon Dioxide points and if someone travels, use electricity, gas or petrol with carbon rations they have to pay. There is a special amount of this points and if you need more than your personal cap you have to buy credits on the open market. On the other side if there are people who cut the pollution of the carbon they produce, they could sell their surplus. Mr Miliband also suggests that banning products like light bulbs or electrical appliances which waste power while on standby, have to forbid. Everyone have to make automatic payments of offset pollution. I think this credit cards are not a good idea, because there would be a discrimination, because on the one hand rich people wouldn't cut their consume because they have the money to buy this credits. The most of them wouldn't take care about the environment. On the other hand the poor people have to take care about their carbon use. They haven't got the money to buy new credits. The result would be that the poor people take care and the richer people don't take care. Now you can say that it's maybe not a completely good result but now there are a few people who take care. Better than no one. But what is if the poorer people have to use the car everyday because they have to drive to work. They have to pay that they are working. This wouldn't make work more attractive. The poorer people are disadvantaged. Another cause why this credit cards are not a good idea is that you can't control it. There would be a lot of situations where are disagreements. For example if people drive together to work. Now who have to pay with carbon for that? The driver or the other ones? Another fact is that you can't handle everything with money. Everyone has to pay that the environment become better. But money doesn't help. You can't stop the global warming with money. My idea is that there have to be recompenses for those people who do something against the environment problems. There have to be individual things, which make environment protection very attractive and also necessary. It's very important that everybody knows about the problems and the results if we go on like this. All in all I think it's very good that there are people who think about a solution and things that can be do to stop the global warming. Nevertheless I think the credit-cards and money wouldn't be a good solution

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Was heißt dieser Songtext auf Deutsch? (Englisch)

Unexpected phenomenon, seems like you turned into an invisible man Catch on to all these years Not this, not that, tell us your speculation on the cause Just one memory was bad already, wasn't it? And nothing can be done, nothing can be done, the defence instinct is too strong Leave behind your awkward morals Those things, these things are evil deep-rooted delusions in a vivid shape

I didn't want to hear all that gossip Or have that kiss scene etched into my mind Reset brings another conversation Ah, my head hurts so much!

All the hate, the hate, the hate is on me Do you see? Runpappa That indifference you feign with this face Leaning on a tilted surface is only wished for Optimistic, optimistic, pessimistic, optimistic, pessimistic, optimistic view But I'm still invisible Not being seen by eyes is wrong Leave behind the doubtful words With no meaning at all

Disorder and contact, conductor, show me the way Selkirk barrier's sophisticated situation Not this, not that, this thing, that thing, that's too much Complaining is exclusive to emotions Seems like my one-way traffic friend is at point-blank Extremely dangerous nightlife Of the world's best harmlessness, and yet in arrogant rubbish is where he got used to live

Here I don't even exist Nobody seems to notice me at all From the start the unexistant way Was at least reasonable!

All the hate, the hate, the hate is on me Do you remember? Runpappa That indifference you feign with this face You won't give up your pleasant life, right? Optimistic, optimistic, pessimistic, optimistic, pessimistic, optimistic view But I'm still invisible Biting nails is wrong Now stop it before It's too late

Before the peaceful death Hoarse old father smiled Is that, is that the truth? Because the lonely don't smile

All the hate, the hate, the hate is on me Break it all, runpappa The ungettable joke Secretly insulting thank you

All the hate, the hate, the hate is on me Please don't forget me I'm sorry, and yet it's fine to let me sit on the edge At the intersection in the centre of the crowd rushes the salaryman He is about to pass me right now He certainly wanted to avoid me Right now I'm here

Bitte kein Google Übersetzer! Bein dem habe ich schon geschaut! Auch bei vielen anderen Übersetzer-Seiten, aber i-wie kommt nie was anständiges raus... :(

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