Englisch writing an e-mail so ok?

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ja also das hört sich schon mal ziemlich gut an, aber ich wüde noch ein paar Kommas einfügen.

Außerdem solltest du dich noch verabschieden, bspw. mit "sincerely 'dein Name' "

Also ich würde das so machen, jedoch weiß ich nicht ob die Engländer vor 'aber' ein Komma geschrieben wird:


Yes, my time in Australia is great. My long list with the many
things I want to do is not yet complete. Last month I was in Sydney and
it was fantastic , but unfortunately I was only one week there. In
Melbourne I was not yet , but I want to go there. Last week I've learned
to surf , the lessons were great and funny. I also saw a koala , but only in
the zoo. Furthermore, I had a barbie on the beach almost every day. I
have not seen a sheep station in the outback, but maybe in the holidays
next month.

Sincerely 'dein Name'

Lg Niju

Danke für deine Hilfe


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