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You have forgotten the violence of the police and government forces over the coloured.Many of them spent years in prison and many were just killed . And the massacre in Soweto during the peaceful demonstrations of black children, that only wanted to learn in their own language and not in afrikaans Try to get the book about Steve Bike, written by Donad Woods, in English of course. There you will find a lot of examples, that you are trying to find.

During the South African apartheid system different ethnic groups had different rights. The white population had many advantages : Only whites could be elected in the government. White children went to seperate schools. Schools for the black population didn't have as much equipment as school for whites. Sport is a good example of apartheid, too. Each ethnic group had it's own football association. Today there is only one football association and children go to the same schools and have the same education.

Ich würde gegen Ende bringen, was sich in den letzten 20 Jahren verändert hat und ob es heute immer noch Rassendiskriminierung in RSA gibt. Abschließen würde ich mit deiner einen Beurteilung und Stellungnahme zum Thema. Als Einleitung könntest du bingen, waum du dich für dieses Thema interessierst.

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