Kann jmd meine Englischhausaufgabe nach Fehlern kurz überprüfen.Schreibe ein Ende zur GEschichte "Locker 160"WICHTIG:Habe eine schlechte Note:/?

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“Do you know where she is” I whispered to Julie. “I have no idea” Julie answered. “She’s never been late for class before.” “Maybe she isn’t at school today?” “Yes, maybe..After (Wort) school was out (Komma) KAren and me (Pronomen) saw an ambulance standing in front of (Hier fehlt etwas.) school. Julie looks (Zeit) at me.We both hoped that the ambulance was here (Wort) because of Miriam. As we looked in (Präposition) one of the milk glasses (Wort) of the ambulance (Komma) a boy ask (Zeit) what we are (Zeit) doing there . We answered nothing and that we only want to sea (RS) what is (Zeit) in there. We both start (Wort) giggleing (RS). Julie asked the boy what happened.(Zeit)The boy explained (Hier fehlt eine Präposition.) us that one (Wort) girl try (Zeit) to kill herself in one of the Home Ec roms. I asked whats (Grammar) the name of the girl were (Grammar). The boy answered " I think her name is Miriam Laker". Now we cant (RS; Zeit) hold back (Hier fehlt etwas.) lauging (Wort; RS). It must be true (Zeit), Miriam try (Zeit) to kill herself in one of the Home Ec rooms. The boy looked confused "Why are you laughing ?" he asked .I said that he wouldnt (RS) understand, afterwards (Wort) we walked away. In the even (Wort) Jullie (RS) called me "Do you thinks hes dead?"she ask (Wort) "I hope so" I said " and if she survies (---)?"

"Then we have to bully her until she kill (Grammar) herself" I answered giggleing (RS; Punkt)

Bitte überprüfe die Zeichensetzung in der wörtlichen Rede.

Das Fettgedruckte muss korrigiert werden. Ich hoffe, ich habe nichts übersehen.

Für das Vokabular und die Rechtschreibung empfehle ich ein gutes (online) Wörterbuch, z.B. pons.com,

für die Grammatik ego4u.de und englisch-hilfen.de.





We answered that we only wanted to sea what is in there. We both start giggling. Julie asked the boy what happened."The boy explained us that one girl tried to kill herself in one of the Home Ec rooms. I asked him for the name of the girl . The boy answered " I think her name is Miriam Laker". Then we couldn't  hold back our laughing.It had to be true, Miriam tried to kill herself in one of the Home Ec rooms. In the evening Jullie called me "Do you think shes dead?"she asked."I hope so" I said "and what if she survives it?""Then we have to bully her until she kills herself" I answered giggling

Hier eine überarbeitete Version from myself. I hope u like it. ;-) Den Anfang habe ich weggelassen,

(..) After school was over Karen and I saw an ambulance standing in front of our school. Julie looked at me. We both hoped that the ambulance was here because of Miriam. As we looked in one of the milk glasses of the ambulance a boy asked us what we are doing there. We answered that we are doing nothing and only wanted to see who is in there. We both started giggleing. Julie asked the boy what happened. The boy explained us that one girl tried to kill herself in one of the Home Ec rooms. I asked "What's the name of the girl?" The boy answered "I think her name is Miriam Laker". Now we cant hold back laughing. "It must be true. Miriam tried to kill herself in one of the Home Ec rooms." The boy looked confused "Why are you laughing?" he asked. I said that he wouldn't understand. Then we walked away. In the evening Jullie called me "Do you think she is dead?" she asked. "I hope so" I answered "And if she survives it?" "Then we have to bully her until she succeeds in killing herself" I answered giggleing.

Ich hoffe in deiner Reinversion hast du nicht so viele Rechtschreibfehler wie hier. Vergleiche einfach deine mit meiner Version und bessere eventuelle Fehler bei dir aus.

Wie findet ihr meine halloween geschichte?

Wir hatten als englisch hausaufgabe auf, eine gruselige halloween geschichte zu schreiben. Wie findet ihr meine? ;) (ich weiß,sie ist nicht soo gruselig,aber ich wollte nicht das jmd. stirbt oder so xDD )

Can pumpkins be alive?

It was Halloween. Anne's room was dark,only a little light in the back of the room shone. Anne took her little knife a last time and made a final cut into her pumpkin wich was standing on her desk. She took out the piece of pumpkin wich had came off. Now the pumpkin had a face. Two eyes and a mouth with 5 teeth. The pumpkin looked angry. Anne opened the top of the pumpkin, wich she had scooped out. She took a little battery light in her hand, pressed the on button and put it into the pumpkin. She closed the pumpkin again. The eyes and mouth of the pumpkin glowed and suddenly the pumpkin moved. Anne was shocked. "Did I only imagine this?" She thought scared and closed her eyes. Anne opened her eyes and looked at the pumpkin again. It was standing still. "Phew" she was relieved. She turned away and looked out of the opened window next to her. A cold breeze came in. Outside it was already a bit dark. She saw something white passing. The person was wearing a ghost costume. "That looks pretty real!" She said to herself quietly. Then she heard a noise from nearby. "Oops?" she wondered. She looked at the pumpkin again. The pumpkin hovered a few centimeters above her desk. The remains of the pumpkin were still on the desk. "Am I dreaming?" She thought and took a step back,afraid. The pumpkin flew higher and came towards her. The girl walked backwards frightened. The pumpkin turned and flew through the window and out in the cold night. Anne was scared but she was curious too. So she ran out of the room and then out of the house door. "Where did my pumpkin go?" She wondered and walked along the street near her house. Then she heard screams far away. Anne ran towards the noises wich were getting louder. When she was there,she saw people in costumes running into their houses very scared. Then she saw her pumpkin a few meters away from her. She wanted to run away but she was unable to move. The pumpkin turned and came towards her slowly. Anne was shocked. She wished that she never had carved that pumpkin. The pumpkin was only a few footsteps away from her now. Suddenly she noticed that the light of the eyes and mouth of the pumpkin started to get weaker. Then there was darkness in the pumpkin. Anne was sure that the battery in the little lamp was empty so the eyes couldn't shine anymore.

Suddenly she woke up. It was the morning after Halloween. She was still scared. It took some time for her to realize that it only had been a nightmare. "Or maybe not" the girl thought. "What,if the pumpkin is still out there?"

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Wie heißt dieses Zitat auf Deutsch?

"For those who believe in God, most of the big questions are answered. But for those of us who can't readily accept the God formula, the big answers don't remain stone-written. We adjust to new conditions and discoveries. We are pliable. Love need not be a command nor faith a dictum. I am my own god. We are here to unlearn the teachings of the church, state, and our educational system. We are here to drink beer. We are here to kill war. We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take"

Wäre sehr nett, Danke schon mal im Voraus.

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English Poem Analyse

Hi liebe community. Ich habe hier den größten Teil meiner Gedichtsanalyse. Habt ihr vielleicht Verbesserungsvorschläge ? Was könnte ich besser machen? Wo habe ich denn Fehler gemacht ? :) Vielen dank

the poem " Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan" by Monisa Alvi is about a young girl of mixed race. She fells English, but she is attracted to Pakistan. The young girl describes the gifts from her aunts in Pakistan. The girl finds the presents beautiful , but she doesn´t feel comfotable while she wears them. The text is written in a neutral English. The style is simple and clear. Moreover, the test consits mainly of short sentences. The poem is written in the first person. The girl is remembering her memories thats why it is written in the past. The fisr stanza starts very positive because the girl is happy of getting presents , but then she realizes that the clothing are unsually for her. She says ......, which means that she is pleases about the presents because the peacock stands for beauty. Furthermore, she uses the colour orange, which stand for optimism. I get from my homeland al lot of presents, which are beautiful. In verse six and seven there is written..... , which shows that she fells uncomfortable with these clothing. In additin, ......... depicts that she feels like she doesn't fit in the culture of her family. As i mentioned before, I get from my homeland a lot of presents, but I do not wear them because i can not identify myself withe clothes. The verse ............. showas zjaz sje jas a lack of freedom and maturity. The metaphor....... is meaningful and depicts how she does notz belong in these clothes. She feels like an outcast. She is not accustomed of wearing these clothing because she wears only British. The schoolfriend of the girl prefers to see her weekend clothes because her sakwar kameez did not impress her. This is a proof for the girl that the clothing from Pakistan don't impress people with other cultures. I have strangeful orbitals frommmy homeland, which are not so beautiful in the eyes of others. She admires the miniature glasswork quite often. She takes photios in the tiny mirrors, seeing broken images of herself evocative her identity crises, and mirrorinh the lack of her personality. She uses the word " costume" in oder to describe her feelings while she wears the clothes.v The girl was taken away from her native country a a very young age. She has no a lot of contact with her Pakastani bakcground. For example my brother was born in .... but after one year he and my cousin came to Germany.

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Wie findet ihr meine selbstgeschriebene Characterization? (englisch)

Hallo wir schreiben morgen eine Klausur und dafür habe ich mir schon mal eine characterization geschrieben ....wie findet ihr sie und habt ihr evtl. noch Verbesserungsvorschläge? Also :
In the text „XXX „ , written by XXX, it says that Gracey, who is an aboriginal poor girl is sentenced wrongly only because of her poorly appearance and her different culture.This shows us that many people have unworroted prejudices against people, who are from different cultures or financial backrounds. I think the manager (one of the characters in the text) is very confident and strictly because of her experience is described in l. 40 , where she has “swept black hair and a confident stance”. The fact that the is so strictly is reveiled, when she wants Gracey to leave the exclusive jewellery store. She reacts like this because she thinks that Gracey wants to steel something from the exclusive jewellerys. In fact I think the girl Gracey, who is trated unfairly by the manager is also very confident because of her behavior is described in l. 36, where she answers to the manager :”No,Im not going to move !”. And when her best girlfriend Angela, a rich white girl helps her, she is very disappointed of her protective reaction, wich is reveiled in l.52, where Graceyy says :” I don’t need you!”. So I think Angela is really protective and she wants only to help her, because she had already suspected something like this. The fact that she is so protective and nice is reveiled in l. 46 , where she says : “ She is with me “. All in all we can say that people with problems sometimes don’t want to have help from the others .

Freue mich über Antworten ;)

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Interpretation auf Englisch... Ist die hier ok? Könntet ihr die für mich korrigieren? :) Tipps?


The text „My best friend dumped me“ is written by Haylie. She is a girl from California. The text is telling about the end of the friendship between Samantha and Haylie. One day Samantha – Haylies best freind - had written a text message to Haylie, while Haylie was sitting at home, reading a magazine. Some time later, as Haylie read the message she was really shocked, because Samantha had written: „We can´t be friends anymore!“ At first Haylie didn´t know why she wanted to dump their friendship. She culdn´t understand it and was really confused and sad. She thought that she was a good friend to her and couldn´t understand why. She wrote back immediately and asked Samantha why she didn´t want to be her friend anymore... And then Samantha wrote a list to her with many reasons why. At first she was really mad, but after she calmed down, she could understand it. She had been very clingy and stuck like a glue on her... And she wished she could turn it back. She thought about why she was so clingy. She was so clingy, because she was scared to loose Samantha as her best friend. She was very popular at school since she was there as the new girl. Haylie had liked her right from the start, because she was friendly and down-to-earth. Haylie wished she hadn´t been as clingy as she was. But now it was really over. It was too late to change it. The next days she apologized and tried to tell Samantha why she was acting like this. But Samantha didn´t want to talk to her. She just ignored her. A few days later she talked tot her again. But now there was a wall between them. They were friends again. But no best freinds anymore. And she swore to be a better friend next time. She had learned from it and hopes, that other people also can learn from her mistakes. Her last sentece was: „Believe in my words, because it´s no fun being dumped by your best friend.“

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Gibt es im folgenden Englisch-Text Fehler?

Ashley Qualls is a computer geek from Detroit. She is known as „AshBo“ to her friends. She is 17 and a sucsessfull buisnesswomen with her own company. Her website, whaterlife.com, offers free designes that teenagers can use for their myspace.com pages. Ashley, in comparison with other designers several advantages: Most websites for teenager are designed by adults. These websites aren´t clearly. Because she is a teenager, she understands what Tennager want. So she can structure her website better. Of course, luck is one of them, she had the idea at the right time. But it also needs ambition and destermination too. Ashley worked hard. While other children were watching Tv or having fun, she was teaching herself HTML. She nerver wanted to set up a buisness. She just wanted a website to show her layouts to her friends. (...)

Habt ihr noch eventuell Verbesserungsvorschläge ?

(...) More and more people started to visit her site and download the designes. Advertisers started to get intrested in advertising on her site. When the first money arrived they couldn´t believe it. But Ashley had to decide. Althoug she was an excellent student, it was difficult for her to go to school and run a company. So she left school. But Ahley is not only her own boss but she is the boss of her family and friends too. Because her mother and her friends work for her. Sometimes it is a problem for her. But now she has strict rules. Somethimes Ashley misses her normal life. But later Ashley want to go to college, and she is thinking of going to a design school in New York.

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