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Hallo 2celi,

ich habe mal durch deinen Text geschaut und meine Anmerkungen markiert.

I think students need more daily exercises because they sit at their
chairs for hours. (And - keinen Satz mit "and" beginnen, das ist nicht so schön) At home they make their homework and sit again on
their chairs. Students have to be careful with their freetime/spare time. They have to plan their daily routine (so) in order to get enough spare time and to do their exercises. (they have enough freetime and time for exercises - wenn du den Satz umstellst, kannst du das hier rauslassen). I
think students need hobbies like swimming, football or (an - Plural, also nur "other") other physical sports. When you do sports you feel fit and healthy. If you do more sports in your freetime/spare time you will feel/experience how you get better in PE and you are more energetic. If you don't do sports in your freetime or on a daily basis (only daily and) you eat a lot of fast food you will get unhealthy, unfit and fat.
In my life sports do play a big role (in my life - steht schon am Anfang). At least I do it up to 2 or 3 times a week and I am fit and healthy.Sometimes I don't want to do any sports because sometimes I am a couch potato.

To sum up I think students have to do more exercises on a daily basis or get a hobby.

Ich hoffe, dass Dir das ein bisschen hilft!

Viele Grüße,


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