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German schools are getting dirtier and nobody does anything against it. In America, students take this problem in their own hands, they volunteer to clean public buildings and restore parks. In this written discussion I want to discuss the question "Should german students do some volunteer work at their schools and public buildings".

The first argument for this idea is that students go out of their rooms. They don't watch TV the whole day or play some computer games, they do something for the community instead.

The next pro argument is that students learn to take responsibility. If they clean a place, they don't want (that weglassen) somebody to mess it up again. They take care of it.

Now, the first contra argument is that some students do their work sloppy and the other students and volunteer workers can't rely on them.

The next contra argument is that students don't want to do this because they earn no money so it is in their point of view a waste of time.

The written discussion shows that volunteer work at schools is okay. Students do something and learn important things. My conclusion is: We need volunteer work in Germany.

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