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How do you feel about this song?

When I listened to Beyonce´s song "Proud to be an American” for the first time, I recognized that the melody and the rhythm are very catchy. You can distinctly hear the hymn-character the performer has given her song and the idea to combine lyrics and melody to convince the listener of her opinion. I do not like this kind of being forced into a specific opinion. I prefer artists who animate the listeners/me to form their/my own point of view or at least make them/me think about the topic in general. Moreover, the strong opinionated message of pride and patriotism is repulsive to me. In my experience pride, as long as it is use to feel self-confident and motivated, can be a good character trait, but too much of it can block one‘s view. No one could deny that this has frequently been proven not only in history, this thought is also often covered by literature, movies etc. In relation to (umformulieren) evt. The topic of Beyonce´s song means that you should not just praise America to the skies. There are also less commendable sides of the “country of liberty”. Instead of this homage to the bright sides of America, the singer should more directly mention that this country is too beautiful and stands for too much to let it be destroyed by political and societal (social???) problems. On the other hand, I am impressed by the directness of her opinion about America. Such a passionate patriotic message is not very often seen in Europe, especially in Germany. Patriotism can be good for a nation kein Komma because it supports the cohesion and the mood in kein Artikel society. Maybe Germany should finally, ages after World War Two, start to build up a healthy patriotism and pride of its country. Summary “Proud to be an American” is a cover of the famous patriotic American song “God bless the USA” by the R&B singer Beyonce released in 2008. In her patriotic song, Beyonce expresses that you should count your blessings, in this case the unimpeachable freedom America has given to her, even if everything else were taken away from you. With this and by reminding the listeners of all the people who died in past acts for the liberty, she can thankfully enjoy nowadays, she praises the whole American attitude of life: The priority of being more or less free to do whatever you want and act independently. Especially in the refrain and the second stanza Beyonce shows the pride for their (wessen???) whole country and its symbols deeply rooted in (kein Artikel) American history.

Just like the all-American moral concept is even God asked for his blessing and peace for the nation. (Den Satz verstehe ich nicht, da stimmt etwas nicht mit der Satzstellung.)

In this song all listeners are called up to be proud of America and to express their patriotism passionately, as well as to try to keep the country worth for this (umformulieren, da unverständlich) and protect it as well as you can.

Da der Text sehr umfangreich ist, habe ich nur korrigiert, was mir beim flüchtigen Durchlesen auf den ersten Blick aufgefallen ist. Ich mag nicht ausschließen, dass noch mehr zu ändern wäre.

:-) AstridDerPu

Super-Arbeit von AstridDerPu! Noch ein paar Ergänzungen/Vorschläge: "I noticed" statt "I recognized" - hymn-like character - Nicht "animate", sondern "encourage" - proved - patriotism und pride klein schreiben - Statt "refrain": chorus - Am Schluss: According to the ...concept, even God is called on to...


Da ist alles richtig.

das soll dein lehrer korrigieren.

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