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gutefrage.net ist eine Ratgeber-Plattform und kein Hausaufgaben-Forum.

Wenn wir dir den Text hier schreiben, lernst du nichts.

Dein Motto sollte Learning by doing sein, dann klappt's auch in der Englischarbeit!

Wenn du schon einmal in Vorleistung gehst und deinen Text hier zur Korrektur einstellst, wird man dir sicher gerne weiterhelfen.

Dazu benutzt du am besten ein gutes (online-) Wörterbuch, wie z.B. pons.eu, dict.cc, leo.org usw.

In der Schulaufgabe hast du ja auch niemanden, der dir hilft.

;-( AstridDerPu

that's what friends are for... bedeutet ja: dafür hat man freunde bzw. dafür sind freunde da? und das weiß man ja wohl.. schreibste einfach auf... und danach übersetzt du es ins englische ^^

Kann jemand gut Englisch und diesen kurzen Text überlesen?

Hey, ich muss meiner Lehrerin einen Comment schreiben, per email. Hab da noch was dazu geschrieben. Wär nice wenn das jemand der gut englisch spricht das durchliest und mir sagt, ob es Fehler gibt/man was verbessern könnte und die Email angemessen für einen Lehrer ist.

Dear Mrs. , I was not sure if you wanted us to write the comment just about that text in the book (with a introduction and details about the text). So I just wrote my opinion down on that topic and included some of the arguments in the text.

Writing a comment – Young people in a multifaceted society

Many people think that our generation is anti-social, lazy and always on their phone. That might be true in some cases, but you can’t stereotype everyone just because of some people. Like every generation, there are lots of different kids and kind of people. There are extremes in every way. Teenagers steal, take drugs, don’t go to school and commit crimes, but also learn everyday more, get good grades, volunteer or work for charities, want to try new things and take part in demonstrations.

In every generation you can find similar people, but others describe and see us the way the mass acts. Most of us are insecure and don’t know how to deal with changes, their life in general and the expectations of their parents, families and friends. We are trying to grow up like every human before us, questioning our existence, purpose and matter of life.

The Internet, (social) media and the digitalisation in general make these questions particularly important. We have the opportunity to share our opinion with a great mass, but we also can influence them and in reverse, without us noticing it.

Such a conflict is new to humanity, there might be similarities to other problems in worlds history but we don’t know where to set limits or make rules for it. We are unsure about what is wrong and what is right, especially in this case, so many people don’t know what to think about a lot of important topics. Some try to make things legit, using the arguments (of different philosophies). They don’t think or even care about nature, animals or humans, their lives or rights. Since generations we are destroying the earth and taking all the resources, not caring about the people that will be born in the future and will have to deal with all the trouble and problems that we caused.

That sounds pretty pessimistic, but it’s the truth. In my opinion, the only main things improving with our generation and what we are changing right now are discrimination, sexism, racism and so on. Maybe we are far away from getting equality and the same (human) rights for everyone in the world, but at least we have the luck to be in the position to have a good(?) education and the access to a massive amount of information (Internet, library, school). (geht weiter in den Antworten)

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