muss das auf englisch übersetzen (zusammenfassung von twilight biss zum morgengrauen

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Vom Fragesteller als hilfreich ausgezeichnet

Bella moved to her father in Forks and there she met Edward in highschool. At first he didn't talk to her but then they get friends. Through Jacob, Bella finds out that edward is a vampire. Edward tells her it's true and shows Bella what he looks like in the sun. They get together. As Edward, his family and Bella play Baseball outside, three other vampires come and smell Bellas blood. Edward saves her before the vampires can bite her. When there's no trace left of the vampires, everything seemed okay. Bella gets a call from james. He tells her that he kidnapped her mother renee. Bella leaves without saying something to anyone to her old balldream because she thinks to find her mother there. as she notices that its a trap, it's already too late. James broke her leg and bit her. Edward came immediatly and saved her. He had to suck all the poison out of her, through biting her aswell- James got killed. Bella and endward go to the schoolball together then Bella also wants that edward bites her, so she can become a vampire. Will edward bite her? Read the book and find out!



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