Ist die Summary zu "How India Became America" so ok?

Summary 1 - (Schule, englisch, lernen) Summary 2 - (Schule, englisch, lernen)

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Damit man deine Summary bewerten und ggf. korrigieren kann, wirst du sie hier wohl abtippen müssen. Auf den Bildern kann man jedenfalls nichts lesen und selbst wenn, wäre eine Korrektur zu umständlichn.

Auf den ersten Blick und ohne etwas entziffern zu können, erscheint mir deine Summary zu lang.

Für Summaries gilt:

Sie werden in der Regel im Present geschrieben. Handlungen aus der Vergangenheit können aber durchaus auch im Past Simple und Present Perfect stehen.

- The summary is usually written in the present tense.
- But past events may be reported in the past, future events may be reported in the future.
- Statements or questions which were made in the past may be reported in the past tense or the past perfect.
- Statements and questions which were made in the past but concern the future may be reported in the conditional.


Für die Anwendung der anderen Zeiten im Summary gelten dieselben Regeln und Signalwörter wie in anderen Texten.

Die Zusammenfassung eines Sachtextes, der sich mit Geschichte befasst, steht im Simple Past, denn es handelt sich um in der Vergangenheit abgeschlossene Handlungen.

In eine Summary gehören nicht:

- Progressive / Continuous Tense
- Wörtliche Rede
- Zitate aus dem Originaltext
- Eigene Meinung, Gedanken und Kommentare
- Stellungnahme
- Schlusssatz
- Erzählerische Elemente, z.B. suddenly, unfortunately, at long last …

Zur Länge gibt es keine Vorgaben, man sagt über den Daumen gepeilt 1/5 des Originaltextes.

Tipps und Wendungen zu englischen Summaries findest du unter folgendem

Beispiele und Übungen findest du, wenn du bei Google - sample summaries oder exercises English summary eingibst.


Ich hätte mal ne Frage , müsste in der Einleitung nicht stehen -published on ,,Quelle'' in ,,Datum '' ?


Leider ist der Text, so klein wie er herüberkommt, extrem schwer zu lesaen.

Aufgefallen sind mir aber  Fehler, die wie folgt korrigiert werden müssten: its conseqences; positive.

Meine persönlcihe Meinung zu Sätzen wie "Then the author goes on y saying..." usw. und "then the author mentions..." ist, dass sie NICHT in "summaries" gehören, weil solche Sätze eher zur Beschreibung udn Analyse des AUFBAUS eines Textes sind. Durch solche Formulierungen wird eine summary unnötig lang(was dem Sinn einer summary widerpsricht). Doch kann es sein, dass Dein Lehrer, Deine Schuel, Dein Budneland die summary von Sachtexten so haben will - weiß ich natürlich nicht.

Zudem meine ich, dass die summary eines Sachtexts nicht unbedingt der Reihenfolge der Ausgangstexts folgen sollte - im Gegenteil: Wichtiger udn kalrer, wäre es, den Inhalt systematisch und logisch-konsequent  darzustellen.

"Furthermore does the author mention" ist auf jeden Fall völlig falsch, da hier weder Verneinung, noch Einschränkung,  noch Frage vorliegt.

Insgesamt scheint mir Deine summary aber in Ordnung zu sein, "klasse" aber scheint mir übertrieben.

P.S.: Zur Korrektur von Tippfehlern fehlte mir bei meinem Beitrag leider die Zeit.


Klasse :-)

Ist meine Song analyse gut?

Unsere Analyse für die mündliche Prüfung muss so aussehen: 1. Describe the cartoon/picture, present the song, poem, story etc. and give information about its author/artist. 2. Analyse the item with regard to its meaning and message. (No item which has already been discussed in class). 3. Explain why it is generally regarded as being a symbol for America and whether it represents your opinion or not, include background knowledge about America/American Dream/etc.

Hier ist mein Versuch(Bitte nicht auf rechtschreibung achten nur vllt auf grammatik. Am besten den Inhalt korrigieren)

I'd like to present The patriotic song „God Bless the USA“ is written by Lee Greenwood and was released on May the 21th, 1984. The song has a length of 3 minutes and 9 seconds and deals with an unnamed man who sings about what he would do if he loseses everything he has and has to start again from scratch.

would start over in the USA because his freedom is guaranteed in the USA. remembers how others died to secure this freedom declares that if he is ever called upon to defend the USA today, he will gladly stand up and fight because he loves the country.

Lee Greenwood is a country music artist. Wrote in response to his feelings about the shooting down of Korean Air Lines Flight 007 wanted to write a song about America because he wanted America become more united. song is reflection of his pride to be American. He mentions four cities that are for him the corners of the USA

america is a land of freedom and boundless possubilities You have be (unreflective) patriotic and defend your country. American dream god bless the USA (god choosen and by the grace of god can reach anything)

America land of freedom. With lines like …. The song wants to reinforce unreflective patriotism. With lines like … he makes an allusion to american dream and that the dream tepeats god bless the usa. Which means that americans are choosen from god.

I think that this song can be generally regarded as a symbol for America because the message of the song is very identical with the ideals of america.
representation of the emotions of MAJORITY OF AMERICANS . America wants to be an land of freedom, with a freedom of speech, where you can pursue a dream regardless of your circumstanzas.

the song raised its popularity after terrorist attacks =>patriot act(Bereitstellung geeigneter Instrumente um Terrorismus aufzuhalten und zu blockieren) Widerspruch

unreflective patriotism to which Greenwood refers. We need the reflective type of patriotism that directs us to challenge the reckless military adventures to which our elected leaders send our young men and women

The song also contributes to the fetishizing of military service which exacerbates the divide between soldiers and civilians. Criticism of the military adventure attaches to a criticism of the citizen-soldier. War becomes a fact of life

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Summary "Caribbean London" feedback

Ich bitte  um Feedback meiner zusammenfassung des Green line Transition 6 Textes "Caribbean London". Danke im vorraus :) hier meine Zusammenfassung : 
The Text "Caribbean London" by Green line is about the Integration and influence of caribbeans in london. (das jetzige) london is  a lot by them, (like in arts or food for exemple ) they have contributed greatly to the prosperity of Britain today. When they first arrived in london in the late 1940's for helping rebuild the postwar nation Great-Britain, they encounters many difficulties. For low wages, caribbeans had to do inferior jobs, that no one else wanted to do. They also had to pay exaggerate high rents for bad housing conditions and many of them experienced racial abuse. The answer to that was the development of  self-help organizations for caribbeans and the launch of "The Voice", one of the first newspapers, aimed at a black audience in Britain. But times changed, nowadays, the most of them are well-established in London. Many caribbeans had become business people running their own shops, and some of them also achieved high positions in big business and public life. They provide as well role models for future. So their situation has changed a lot .

So ich bin mir sicher, dass ich leider ein paar Sätze einfach vom deutschen ins englische übersetzt habe :/  naja ich würde gerne Tips von euch bekommen was ich besser machen könnte, was total falsch war, und so weiter ;) Den "echten " Text findet ihr im Anhang als Bild. Hab ihn nur als Bild gefunden, hoffe man kann ihn lesen... Danke :)
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English Summary and short story: "The Fun They Had"

Any mistakes? Any Verbesserungsvorschläge? P.s. Ist der Text nicht zu lang für eine Summary? Der orginal Text hat ca. 1042 Wörter.

The short story ‘The fun they had‘, written by Isaac Asimov deals with a boy and a girl, Tommy and Margie, who find out something about school in the past. On the 17th of March 2155 Tommy, a thirteen-year-old boy, finds a ‘real book‘ which has been printed on paper. He is at the house of Margie, an eleven-year-old girl. They both take a look at it togehter. The book is really old and the pages are yellow and crinky. In the year 2155 this kind of books do not exist anymore. In this time words are moving on a television screen. These televisions can contain over a million of boks. That is the reason, why Tommy thinks that they are much better. He has found the old book in the attic of his house. While reading, Tommy says that it is about school. Margie hates school and cannot understand why someone would write about it. She was having problems with learning geography from her ‘mechanical teacher‘. It was black, large and had a screen on it. It teaches the students, gives them exercises and askes them questions, all in a special room in their own house. It can also calculate the marks in no time. Margie hates the slot where she has to insert her homework or test papers. Once the geopraphy sector of her mechanical teacher was geraded too quick, so that her marks got worse and worse. The County Inspector rebuilt it after one hour. He was really nice to Margie. She hopped that her mechanical teacher would be taken away for a longer time, like Tommy’s was, because it’s history sector blanked out completly. Tommy says that the book which he has found, is not about their type of school, it is about school centuires ago. They find out that students back then had a man as a teacher who taught the girls and boys, gave them homework and asked them questions. They had a special building, all the children went to. And they learned the same things, if they were the same age. First Margie does not understand how a person could be a teacher and how the students were thaught the same thing, because her mother says that the education must fit to each child's mind, but nevertheless in her opinion these schools are funny and she wants to read more about it. Then it is time for Margie and Tommy for their school. Margie goes into the schoolroom in her house where the mechanical teacher stands. It is already on, because the lessons are always at regular hours. She was thinking about the old school system and how much fun the children must had, learning and spending time togehter.


Grüßle! ~ ♫

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Wie findet ihr die Einleitung ( Summary )?

The Story "Bend it like Beckham" was written bei "Autor" in "Jahr".The Story is about a india girl by the name of Jess who plays football against the will of her parents.Bend it like beckham Illustrates the difficult life of girls who grow up in a conservative parents house.

Das ist meine Einleitung, wie findet ihr sie ?

Danke für jede Unterstützung.

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Muss man bei einer Mediation ins Englische immer wieder Bezug auf den Autor nehmen?

Wenn die Aufgabe ist, dass ich meinem Freund zusammenfassen soll, was in dem Zeitungsartikel steht, muss ich dann immer wieder Bezug zum Autor nehmen? Muss ich also schreiben, the author says...the author claims... oder kann ich einfach den Zeitungsartikel zusammenfassen und nur, wenn der Autor explizit seine eigene Meinung einbringt, sagen the author states... Danke für jede Antwort

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Kann mir jemand bitte folgende englische Zusammenfassung korrigieren?

In unsrer nächsten Klausur müssen wir unter anderem eine Summary schreiben. Kann jemand wohl meine überprüfen ob das allgemein so geht?

In the factual text “Bullying in school” written by CarrieAnn13 taken from the website the author says that everyone is included in bullying. In her argumentation she makes clear how the person, who being bullied, feels and wants to tell us that we must do something against bullying. CarrieAnn13 writes about the effect of bullying and that everyone is every time included in this, if you don’t help the bullied. She describes that bullying can happen in school and because of this it is responsibility for the students to save their classmates. At the end Carrie Ann mentioned that you only can stop bullying when you talk about it with other students.

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