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Believe me 'cause now 's the time to try Don't wait, the chance will pass you by Time's up to figure it out You can't say it's too late - Sum 41, Some Say

I'm looking at you through the glass Don't know how much time has passed Oh God, it feels like forever But no one ever tells you that forever feels like home Sitting all alone inside your head - Stonesour, Through The Glass

Before you tell yourself It's just a different scene Remember it's just different from what you've seen. - Stonesour, Through The Glass

My best friend gave me the best advice: He said each day is a gift and Not a given right. - Nickelback, If Today Was Your Last Day

And in the end we were made to be apart The separate chambers of the human heart - Linkin Park, Burning In The Skies

How we survive is what makes us who we are. - Rise Against, Survive

Maybe that's the way I should go, Straight into the mouth of the unknown - Shinedown, Call Me

To the heart, there's no time for you to waste You won‘t find your precious answers now by staying in one place Yeah by giving up the chase. - Frank Turner, The Road

I'm stretching but you're just out of reach I'm ready when you're ready for me - Skillet, Yours To Hold

And I'm taking this lesson with me, The worst mistake to make is to be afraid to make mistakes. And I can't believe this took so long to learn, It should be so obvious, - Apologies, i have none, Sat In Vicky Park

And if the world decides to catch up with me It's a little victory - Matt Nathanson, Little Victories

"What happens when you lose everything? You just start again. You start all over again."

Maximo Park - Apply some Pressure (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zx00NuMSipc)

"I'm beautiful in my way 'cause God makes no mistakes, I'm on the right track, baby, I was born this way"

Lady Gaga - Born this Way

Ich kann dir nur die Lieder von twenty one pilots ans Herz legen. Sobald man einmal verstanden hat worum es in diesen Liedern geht, finde ich sieht man die Welt mit anderen Augen.

Aber hier sind einige Zitate bei denen ich jedesmal anfangen könnte zu heulen:

rain down and destroy me

I don’t know if I am dying or living

we had to steal him from his fate so he could see another day

he pretends he’s okay but you should see him in bed, late at night, he’s petrified

it’s time you pick your battle, and I promise you this is mine.

what have I become? I’m sorry.

ceiling fans and idle hands will take my life again

one half of my heart is free/the other half of my heart’s asleep

I have committed dirty dirty crimes

you would do almost anything just to feel free, am I right?

the windowsill looks really nice, right?

I’m forced to deal with what I feel, there is no distraction to mask what is real

am I screaming to an empty sky?

we’re going too fast, fast, save us now!

you’re not who you’re supposed to be. this is not what you’re supposed to see

my treehouse is on fire and for some reason I smell gas on my hands

I will fear the night again, I hope I’m not my only friend.

on my enemies I wouldn’t wish who I was

I’d live for you and that’s hard to do, even harder to say when you know it’s not true

shaking hands with the dark parts of my thoughts

I look outside, see a whole world better off without me in it, trying to transform it

I want to be known by you

stay street |-/


meine Favoriten sind:

• Don't worry about people from your past, there is a reason they didn't make it to your future

• A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out.

• The best kind of friend is the one you could sit on a porch with, never saying a word, and walk away feeling like that was the best conversation you’ve had.

• Friends are kisses blown to us by angels.

• A friend in need is a friend indeed.

• It is the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter

• A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart.

• Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. "Pooh!" he whispered. "Yes, Piglet?" Nothing," said Piglet, taking Pooh's paw. "I just wanted to be sure of you."

• Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.

• A friend is someone who is there for you when he’d rather be somewhere else.

• Friends are God’s way of taking care of us.

• There comes a point in your life when you realize who matters, who never did, who won’t anymore, and who always will. So don’t worry about people from your past, there’s a reason why they didn’t make it to your future.

• Girls' faults are many.

Boys have only two -

Everything they say

And everything they do.

• Friendship is like china -

Costly and rare.

Though it can be mended

The scratches are still there.

True friends are like diamonds,

Precious but rare;

False friends are like autumn leaves

Scattered everywhere.

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. (Der kleine Prinz)

Don’t go around saying

the world owes you a living.

The world owes you nothing.

It was here first.

(Mark Twain)

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow. (Mark Twain)

Let us so live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry. (Mark Twain)

Many people die at twenty five and aren't buried until they are seventy five.

(Benjamin Franklin)

To the barefoot man, happiness is a pair of shoes.

To the man with old shoes, it’s a pair of new shoes.

To the man with new shoes, it’s more stylish shoes.

And of course, the fellow with not feet would be happy to be barefoot.

Measure your life by what you have,

not by what you don’t.

(Michael Josephson)

Only when the last tree has been cut down; Only when the last river has been poisoned; Only when the last fish has been caught; Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten. Proverb, American Indian

:-) AstridDerPu

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