Wo kommt "only" in diesem Satz hin? (Englisch, Satzbau)

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Es geht beides. Ich selber würde die erste Variante vorziehen (... to eat only food that ...)

Es gäbe sogar noch einen dritte Variante. Auch sogenannte "split-infinitives" sind durchaus üblich (wenn auch von manchen verpönt.)

a person who makes an effort to only eat food that ....


A person who makes an effort only to eat food that is ..... geht definitiv nicht,

es muss immer an effort to sein vor dem to kann man kein zusätzliches wort reinzwängen


English is more flexible than you think. ;-)

Spaß beiseite. Meine erste Wahl wäre auch "a person who makes an effort to eat only food that" oder "a person who makes an effort to only eat food that ..". Völlig ausgeschlossen ist die andere Stellung allerdings auch nicht.

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in diesem Satz gibt es 3 Möglichkeiten only zu positionieren:

  1. A person who makes an effort to only eat food that is ... Der split-infinitive wäre meine 1.Wahl.
  2. A person who makes an effort to eat only food that is ...
  3. A person who makes an effort only to eat food that is ...

Außerdem würde ich makes an effort to durch tries to ersetzen, da es weniger gestelzt klingt.

:-) AstridDerPu

Kann mir bitte jemand meinen Englisch text verbessern?

Healthy Lifestyle

This report aims to illustrate what it takes to have a healthy lifestyle.

Organic food:

The first step to a healthy lifestyle is to eat Organic food. At supermarkets Organic food is very expensive and not many people can afford it to buy it every day. There is no need to eat like this every day but 1 or 3 times in the week will help you to stay healthy. Otherwise in normal food there is a lot of chemicals. Eating those products damage your body. Stop buying all bad food and save the money for some healthy food. It makes you feel better and healthier.

A healthy diet:

Beside eating much organic food it is important to know how many should we eat. Even your food is very healthy and with no chemicals ,eating for example a lot of meat is not the right way. Or eating to much cheese will make people fat. A healthy diet include to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. Furthermore , it is also helpful to drink a lot. In summer there is often very hot and the body need liquids to survive.

Keeping fit:

It is also a fact that sport is needed to have a healthy lifestyle. It is simple enough to run 20 min to keep yourself fit. Of course going on to the gym or doing intensive sport is better. Going cycle with friends your family is good for all.


Finally , it can be said that for a healthy lifestyle it is important to have motivation and to do sport and eating healthy.

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Frage zu Satzbau im Englischen

Wie übersetzt man den Satz "Ansonsten ist alles gut." Entweder "Otherwise all is good" oder "Otherwise is all good." ? Was davon ist richtig? Oder ist Beides falsch?

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Wann benutzt man Who oder That?

So hab mal ne grammatikalische Frage. Und zwar heißt das:
He's the only one WHO understands me.

... oder:

He's the only one THAT understands me.

Ich wär ja für das erste mit 'who', weil ich das 'he' indem Fall als Person sehe und deswegen 'who' benutzen würde.
Sorry für so eine Frage, aber trotzdem danke, wenn ihr das beantworten würdet.
LG Leon

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Englisch Grammatik-Frage: Wird viel Tee getrunken? - Ja, wird es.?

Hallo würde gerne wissen ob, ich richtig übersetzt habe:
Wird viel Tee getrunken? Is a lot of tea be trunk?
Oder: Is a lot of tea drunk?

Und die Antwort: Ja, wird es.
Yes, it is.

Ist das so richtig? Bin mir ziemlich unsicher.

Ich bedanke mich vielmals.


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Englisch comment: GM Food! Fehleranalyse! Ist dieser Comment ok?

Hallo ! Ich schreiben nächste Woche eine Englisch Arbeit zum Thema Genetically Modified Food. Ich wollte mich drauf vorbereiten und habe deshalb schon einen kurzen Comment geschrieben. Könnt ihr mir helfen und nachschauen ob das so ok ist. Danke im Voraus!

At the present time People always want to sell faster and cheaper. This also applies for food. More and more Supermarkets sell genetically modified food. But is that ok? Should Mankind manipulate the gene? In the following Text I will show you why GM food should be ban.

The Problem is that many People doesn’t know that the most Food in Supermarkets are genetically modified. I thing if they knew what they eat then many People wouldn´t buy the GM food. Because the food is unpopular among Consumers.

On the one hand the Food is much cheaper than Nature Food. On the other hand the Food is unhealthy. The GM animals die much earlier than normal Animals and they suffer too. There is no doubt about it that the GM Food is unhealthy.

In addition the Mankind doesn’t know which consequences at manipulate of gene there can be. Maybe it can break a disease. The People should be careful with that.

So I believe that the GM Food is not only bad for us but also for the animals. That is why I think that GM Food should be ban. The Mankind shouldn’t change anything what worked of thousands years. Only because the People are greedy.

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Findet sich jemand der meinen Text auf Rechtschreibung kontrolliert :) (summary: "Bread on the Water")?

Hier ist der Text:

Stations of the action in "Bread on the water"

In the short story "Bread on the water" by David Lubar occur two teenagers: Andy and Tomy. The action begins in the church. Andy behaves so that he will be kicked out of the church - and his best friend Tommy same time. The two friends launched after a man who tells them that he has already eaten quite a while nothing. Andy makes sure that the man gets something to eat. Thereafter, the two friends go back to church and meet with Tommy's parents. Parents grumble from Tommy because he was kicked out of the church. On the way home sees Tommy as Mrs Linden her son spanking and Mrs Skeffington rushes past the old Mrs Wilming without offering her to take them, even though the old woman has her trouble with walking.

The backgrounds in the short story by David Lubar

The saying "action speaks louder than words" - actions tell more than words - plays a significant role in the short story "Bread on the water" by David Lubar. Andy is when he gives the hungry man to get some food. The crucial difference between words and deeds is the visibility. An act can be seen, and indeed for a long time. Words, however, are often spoken in the wind. For one ear, out the other ear, is often said to words. About deeds can not judge so disparagingly one. When eating the hungry homeless is nothing. He wastes no words. The only thing he says is the end: "Thank you". This one word is much in this moment of the story much more important than action. Andy is again, as he is a generous tip, although the service is mismatched.

Dankeschön ;)

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