Hilfe beim Schreiben einer englischen Rede!

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Hallo liebe/r Jothe,

ich weiß meine Antwort kommt ziemlich spät. Allerdings beantworte ich sie auch für andere, die sich dieselbe Frage stellen.

Folgendes haben wir von unserem Lehrer mitbekommen:

Giving a speech:

Step 1: Preparing the speech

-Before starting to write, consider your audience and the Intention of your speech.

-Research your Topic thoroughly. Form an opinion and find Facts, examples, etc. to Support it.

Step 2: Writing the speech

-Use an outline to help you structure your speech.


->Great the audience

->State your Topic and purpose.

->You may want to include an anecdote or an interesting fact to attract the audience's Attention.

-Main part:

->Depending on the length of the speech, organize your Information into three to seven (3-7) main Points (no more than 5 Points for a speech of up to 30 minutes). Prioritize your Points according to importance and effectivness.

->Support each Point, using e.g (for example) statistics, Facts, examples, anecdotes, or quotations. Mention and justify your rejection of possible counter-aguments.

->Connect your thoughts using transitions.


->Summarize your main Points.

->Draw an effective conclusion by means of a quotation, a rhetorical question, a call for Action, a desirable future prospect, a promise, or an Appeal.

-If you are not a professional Speaker, you should write out your complete speech. However, your Goal is still to deliver it as freely as possible. (siehe Step 3!)

-Use stylistic devices to make your speech more effective and more interesting.

Step 3: Delivering the speech

-Rehearse your speech before you deliver it, e.g in front of a full-length mirror.

-Speak clearly,distinctly and as freely as possible. Keep eye contact with your audience. Your Goal is to make them feel as if you are addressing them personally.

-Emphasize key ideas. Use pauses for emphasis.

-Use Body language you feel comfortable with to underline your message.

-Deliver your speech with conviction and Passion to show that you believe in what you are saying.


Soo das wars! :) Ich hoffe ich konnte euch einigermaßen helfen und viel Erfolg jedem, der eine mündliche Englischprüfung vor sich hat! :)

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