Englische Adjektive steigern most/more?

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Guck mal dieses Video: 

alle Wörter haben eine Silbe: fake, late, fast, new, usw.
D.h. -er/-est

Bei Wörter mit zwei Silben und mit -y enden: early, busy, happy.
earlier/earliest, busier/busiest, happier/happiest.

Bei andere Wörter mit zwei Silben oder alle Wörter mit mehr Silben: tired, disappointed, excited, usw.
more/most tired, more/most disappointed, more/most excited.

Es kommt auf die Silben an! Einsilbige Adjektive werden wie 'clean' gesteigert. Mehrsilbige mit more und most

wie mehrsilbige ?😅


Wörter, die mehr Silben haben. clean hat eine. difficult ist dreisilbig


Zusammenfassung? - Englisch Klasse 9?

Hey Leute,

Ich muss eine Zusammenfassung für Englisch über diesen Text schreiben aber ich kann sowas echt gar nicht. Es wäre echt nett von euch wenn irgendjemand von euch mir helfen könnte und mir eine Beispielzusammenfassung schreiben könnte. 😅😂

The Guardian is reporting on an innovative study – the Disconnect project – that has challenged young people at a London secondary academy to go cold turkey on using digital devices for a week…

Was it hard? Yes. But impossible? No. Most who took up the challenge found it less difficult than they expected, suggesting the relationship they have with their devices is less addictive than compulsive.
More importantly, all of them said they got something out of it. “I watched TV with my friends,” says one. “I read a book. I can’t remember the last time I did that,” adds another. “I got my homework in on time and hung out much more with my family.” They also reported going to bed earlier – a related and growing area of concern.
Head of year 10 at CCA, Jason Badu, watched the students throughout the week with interest. “They seemed a little freer. It gave them a sense of getting to know their strengths and limitations. When you have your phones it’s easy to forget this. When it was taken away they had to be like modern-day explorers.”
…Since this pilot, the Disconnect project has evolved so that students will be offered online alternatives – books, sports, culture – as incentives to sign up. This way the project hopes to send out a positive message – it’s less about disconnecting and more about re-connecting with other activities. Balance is the key…

More at: Teens and tech: what happens when students give up smartphones?


See also: School tries to ban pupils from taking mobile phones on visit to war memorial

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Hilfe bei meiner Englisch-Hausaufgabe

Hallo ich habe eine Englischhausaufgabe für morgen auf und zwar habe ich einen Essay vorliegen, der unstrukturiert ist und nicht fließend ist. Deshalb muss ich diesen Essay in seine richtige Reihenfolge bringen und mit Bindungwörtern fließender schreiben. Ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn Ihr mir dabei helfen würdet.

(1) Barack Obama living the American Dream; Martin Luther King dying for it because he dared to challenge a society where segregation of races was accepted; a confident black middle class, but blacks are still discriminated against: how realistic is the American Dream?

(2) My view of the American Dream is complicated - I can see two sides to it. There is the idea that anyone can be succesful in American society, i.e that it doesn´t matter how poor you are.

(3) Through hard work you can create a better life for yourself. This is believed in it, and many of them have been succesful.

(4) Part of this idea is that anyone can become a millionaire or even a president of the USA. Most people know that is much more difficult than it sounds. Most US presidents in recent years have been very rich. Running for President costs a lot of money. All Americans are supposed to be equal, but some are definitely more equal than others.

(5) It certainly helped George Bush Jr. that he had a rich daddy when he wanted to become President.

(6) If people have to be rich to be President, it´s obvious that presidents will have less sympathy for the poor. The basic idea is that "If they´re poor, that´s because they haven´t worked hard enough."

(7) There is the other side, too.

(8) Things have changed enormously since the 1950s. In the 1950s the election of a non-white president was unthinkable, and nowadays the mayors of many big cities are black.

(9)Discrimination makes sure that some are more equal than others. As an old song from the 1950s goes, "If you´re black, stay back. If you´re brown, stick around. If you´re white, you´re all right.

(10)For me, the only sensible approach to the American Dream is to say that it helps people by giving them the belief that they can improve their lives through hard work. The popular idea that anybody can become a millionaire or US president is missleading. These are impossible goals for most people, even if they do work very hard.

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kann mir jemand mein Text korrigieren?

Ich muss morgen eine 5 minutige Rede in Englisch halten, ich weiß es aber nicht ob meint Text passend ist. Könnt ihr mir bitte euer Meinung dazu sagen, was ich daran verbessern könnte?

Danke im Vorraus

Good evening everybody, today I would like to introduce myself for you. I’m .. and I’m .. years old. I was born in .. and I came in age of 17 to Vienna. That’s mean I finished the elementary and middle school in my country and started here in fifth class high school. Unfortunately the situation there wasn’t actually aren’t save so we had to move out to somewhere where we can live in freedom. Of course the first two years were very difficult for me, because I was so impatient when people spoke in German and I couldn’t understand anything. So I had to deal at the same time with difficult language and completely different culture but it was just matter of time until I adapt that all. Now I live with my parents, 3 Sisters and with my dog. In my free time I go shopping, meet my friends, play drum, I also have to convenes that I’m kind of series junkie. I’m I am currently watching “how to get away with murder” so if you don’t know it, I can recommend it to you.

I also like to read books but most of them are in Arabic. Speaking of languages besides german and english i speak fluently Assyrian and Arabic, and little bet French. For those of who don’t know what Assyrian is, it’s a language that was spoken in Mesopotamia. It was in use for 2,500 years.

Likewise I like to travel around the world. I was in a few countries last years for example, Finland, Italian, Sweden, Rome, Spain, Germany, Hungary and Czech. And lived for a couple of months in Jordyn and Syrian.

As a kid I always wanted to be dentist to make people nice smile but now I prefer to study pharmacy because it’s more comfortable than playing in people’s mouths.

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