Englisch Steigerungsformen?

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1 Die Steigerung der Adjektive mit -er, -est

verwendet man für

- einsilbige, kurze Adjektive

Mitlaut nach kurzem Vokal wird verdoppelt.

big, bigger, (the) biggest

hot, hotter, (the) hottest

y nach Mitlaut wird i – dry (trocken), drier, (the driest)

y nach Vokal (a, e, i, o, u) bleibt erhalten. – gay (fröhlich), gayer, (the gayest)

- für Adjektive mit 2 Silben, die auf -er, -ow, -le, -y, -ly enden

Stummes e vor der Endung -er, -est fällt weg.

simple, simpler, (the) simplest

clever, cleverer, (the) cleverest

narrow (eng), narrower, (the) narrowest

y nach Mitlaut wird i – happy, happier, (the) happiest

- nach den folgenden Adjektiven:

polite (höflich), quiet (ruhig), handsome (schön; boys), sincere
(ernst), severe (streng), common (häufig), pleasant (angenehm), compact
(fest), exact (genau), intense (intensiv)

2 Die Steigerung mit more und most

verwendet man für

- 2silbig Adjektive, die auf -ful oder -re enden

careful (sorgfältig), more careful, (the) most careful

obscure (unklar) more obscure, (the) most obscure

- nach folgenden Adjektiven:

modern, cautious (vorsichtig), complex, content (zufrieden), frequent
(häufig), perfect, afraid (ängstlich), splendid (hervorragend),
thrilling (spannend), complete (vollständig), correct (richtig),
corrupt, wicked (böse), usual (gewöhnlich), tired (müde), distant
(entfernt), boring (langweilig)

- für Adjektive mit 3 und mehr Silben:

Interesting (interessant), more interesting, (the) most interesting

3 unregelmäßiger Vergleich:

good, better, (the) best (gut)

well, better, (the) best (gesund)

bad, worse, (the) worst (schlecht)

much/many, more, (the) most (viel)

little, less, (the) least (wenig)

little, smaller, (the) smallest (klein)

4 Adjektive mit 2 Formen des Vergleichs:

- old, older, (the) oldest

This girl is older than that boy. This church is older than the town hall. It is the oldest building in town.

- old, elder, (the) eldest

(nur bei Familienmitgliedern und nur attributive/beifügend gebraucht,
aber: älter als = older than) – This is my elder (beifügend) sister.
She is my eldest (beifügend) daughter. aber My elder (beifügend) brother
is 2 years older than (Vergleich) I.

far, farther, (the) farthest (weiter = örtlich)

Nürnberg is farther from Freising than Munich. (weiter entfernt/weg)

This was my farthest journey (weiteste = der Entfernung nach)

far, further, (the) furthest (weitere, noch welche, zusätzliches; auch für örtlich weiter zu verwenden)

Any further questions? (Noch/Weitere Fragen?)

late, later, (the) latest (später, neuest)

See you later, Bill! Did you read her latest book? (neuestes Buch)

late, latter, (the) last (Letztere, Allerletzte)

There are Mary and Anne. The latter is in my class. (die Letztere, Letztgenannte; also Anne)

This was her last book before she died. (allerletzte)

near, nearer, (the) nearest (nächstgelegen, räumlich)

near, ----, (the) next (nächstfolgend, Reihenfolge)

The nearest (nächstgelegene) ATM (automated teller machine =
Geldautomat) was out of order, so I went to the next (nächstfolgend).

I must get off the train at the next (nächstfolgend) station.

than wird nach der ersten Steigerungsstufe verwendet

Tom is older than Bill (älter als)

as ... as = genauso wie

She is as old as I am. (genauso alt wie ich)

:-) AstridDerPu

PS: Schau dir auch die germanische und die romanische Steigerung der englischen Adjektive an unter folgendem Link an:


Ist dieser Text in englisch richtig?

My name is ******. I’m 14 years old and live in ******, a very small and rural village in Hessen, Germany. ******* has only 68 inhabitants, including my brother, my mother and me. We live in a red Swedish wooden house at the edge of the village. My brother’s name is***** ,he is 17 years old and a very funny guy, he is going to the “Oberstufe”, it's like the senior highschool in Canada. My mother’s name is ***, she is a Physics and Biology teacher at my school. But we don't live alone, we have many pets, like a little zoo. First of all, there is Goty. Goty is a dog from Spain. Then there is Tintin, Tintin is our cat, it's a funny pet. We have three horses, too. Fabi, Popeye and Summerset. Finally we have six chickens, they don't have own names but they lay delicious eggs.

My hobbies are playing the piano, soccer, astronomy and meeting friends. Maybe astronomy sounds boring, but it's more interesting than you think. I play soccer by ********, it's the football club in our neighboring village, (village name). It's a lot of fun but sometimes really hard, but I think because of this I like it. Sometimes I go to the youth club on the weekend to meet friends and celebrate. Or I look movies or series like breaking Bad.

My school is the (long school name), in short NAO. I go to school by bus at 6:40 am, it takes 35 minutes to get there. School in German starts at 7:45 am. My favorite subjects are Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Math.

I like to go to Canada, because I want to practice my English. I think it's very important to be good at English, because people all over the world speak English. I also like the Canadian landscape, it's very impressive. I've heard that the people living in Canada should be very kindful and open-minded, so I want to meet them.

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Ist mein Englisch in Ordnung?


In meinen englisch Kurs sollen wir eine E-Mail an unsere Lehrerin schicken, die sie dann kontrolliert.

Jetzt wollte ich mal fragen ob ihr kurz drüber schauen könnt und falls nötig die E-Mail verbessert 😁

Danke im Voraus.

Das ist die E-Mail:

Dear Mrs xxx,

I‘m very happy to be a part of your English class and I hope that we‘ll have a great time together.

I‘m learning English since first grade and I really like this language. Most of the teachers I had were very kind and good at teaching, but mostly they designed their lessons not very creative and interesting. That didn’t stop me from learning and getting good grades, but sometimes I wish that it would have been better if it was more fun. 

However, I‘ve always got a good grade in English and that’s why I think that I am a good English speaker. I don’t have any problems with the grammar or pronunciation. I think that I improved my English skills a lot, because of social media. For example on platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. To be honest, I only watch English speaking YouTuber, because I prefer them to German YouTuber. In my opinion their content is just more entertaining and when I’m bored I often watch Netflix shows or movies in English. I also follow a Britain actor and watch his interviews. Last year in English class we read a book called „xxx“. I didn’t like it at all, because it was kinda boring, but I don’t like reading book in generally. 

I‘ll probably join English LK next year. As I said, I think my English skills are good. Of course I can still improve myself (and I really hope I‘ll do it) but I feel like I am already good enough.

I don’t have much hoped or wishes. I just want to have a great time and improve my English as much as I am able to. 😁

Yours sincerely 


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