Referat "Uluru" (in Englisch) - ist dieser Text so ok?

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Thats the Ayers Rock, a very nice, big and popular rock. He is Hier fehlt ein Verb. in the Kata Tjut Nationalpark from Australian. He is 3 km (= kilometres) long and 348 m (= metres) high. He is 550 Million years old. He was created by the Amadeus Lake and the layers of rock. There was a
english-australian explorer, who explor (Zeit) 1873 the rock (Word Order).

He give (Zeit) the name Ayers Rock (Ausdruck; kein Komma) because the prime minster (Welcher?) was Henry Ayers.

Its a holy place for the Aborigines, they say (Ausdruck) Uluru. Since (Wort) many thousands of years they thing
kein Komma there was a people (= ein Volk)

, who was born from the earth. The people got (Wort) two children. When they died, they become (Zeit) a rock. The Aborigines dont like to see that people climbed the rock. Nobody is allowed to take little rocks, plants or sand. When it is sunrise or sunset
he is red, when it rains he is black.

In Uluru you can see cavepainting. So you can see Uluru you need 25 AUD to pay (Word Order). Every year (---) visited (Zeit) a half million tourists Uluru. (Satzstellung)

Das Fettgedruckte muss korrigiert werden. Ich hoffe, ich habe nichts übersehen.

Für das Vokabular und die Rechtschreibung empfehle ich ein gutes (online) Wörterbuch, z.B.,

für die Grammatik und


Schön, dass dir meine Antwort gefallen hat und danke für das Sternchen!

:-) AstridDerPu


Also am Anfang hast du ziemlich viel "he" drin. Versuch mal lieber die Sätze anderster zu beginnen oder aus zwei einen zu machen. zb " Uluru is an big and popular rock which is also called Ayers Rock."

Es heißt "is a big and popular rock..."

"An" benutzt man nur, wenn das darauffolgende Wort mit einem Vokal beginnt oder wenn man das darauffolgende Wort mit einem Vokal beginnend ausspricht, wie zum Beispiel "an hour".


So hab das Referat gehalten(und vorher nochmal gründlich überarbeitet)! Wenn ich mir das jetzt so durch lese, ist es mir sehr peinlich überhaupt sowas geschrieben zu haben...Danke für eure Tips, vorallem AstridDerPu! Ach ja wenns interessiert mein Lehrer hat gesagt das es ihm gut gefalle hat und ich eine 2 drauf bekomme.

Bitte Englisch Referat überprüfen

Hello, today I want to tell you something about the Civil War and the racial discrimination in the USA. There are a few things you have to know to understand how the Civil war could break off. The USA was divided into a northern and a southern part. The northern group of states was high industrialized. The people earned their money in the industry, the bank system was good and they were linked in international trade. The south states were a poor region with a lot of agriculture. The people earned their money with cotton, rice, sugar and corn plantation. In this area, slavery was all-round and it was normal for the population. Another point was, that there were about 21 Million habitants in the north and just 9 million in the south, so the political participation was very difficult for the south states, because they were to less people. In 1860 President Lincoln was elected president without winning a single southern state. Because their political influence was no longer important, the southern states separated from the northern states and voted their own parliament. Because the industrialized north really needed the agricultural products from the south, they declared the war. The northern states said, they attack the south, because they want to free the slaves, but the real reason was, that they want to get their power over the southern states back. This Civil war was cold the first modern war. The army fought with distant because they had impressive rapid-fire weapons. They fought with artillery instead of cavalry. About 600.000 soldiers died in this war. After 4 years won the north against the south and the new government gave former slaves the same rights that white citizens had. This happened for about 50years but there are still acts of racial discrimination in the USA. The biggest reason for this discrimination is the high unemployment rate of the black citizens in the USA. This unemployment make the Blacks to accept low paid jobs which makes this people to the sub layer against. There are a lot of aliens who hadn’t any job. Because they are poor, frustrated and full of pain and aggressive feelings, they commit stealing ore beat people on the street. This makes a lot of white, better educated, people feel scary of this people and this leads to the racial discrimination that you can see in the USA today.

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Kann jemand über meinen Englischtext einmal rüberschauen?

Kann mal jemand über diesen En glischtext drübergucken und ein paar verbesserungsvorschläge dazuschreiben? Wäre echt nett! Achtung: Es ist eine Zusammenfassung!

Wo ich mir besonders unsicher bin - ist fett!


First of all the text presents a few facts about an average Briton. Among other things Tim Wardle occupy himself with the question, if Mr. or Mrs. Average exists in real world. And, if they exist, the author would like to know everything about him and his social environment(soziales umfeld).

First Mr. Wardle collects statistics to find out what is average and what is unaverage. A really important fact which he finds out while his data-recall facility is that the average person hast two children (statistical data: 1.8). He starts to search but for the present he does not find anyone who matches the criteria. But then Tim Wardle finds Army wife. He thinks that she is Mrs. Average but later he finds out that there are things she does which are hardly average. So the author visited the company CACI, because this company knows where which people live and if you give any information they will be able to tell you where the searched people live. Mr. Wardle gives information about an average person and so the company tells him where the average persons live - scilicet in Essex.

For this reason he drives to Essex and continue his quest right there, but again he does not find the Mr. or Mrs. Average. He now is about to give up. But suddenly there is a gleam of hope: National newspapers print Wardles(oder: Wardle´s) questions and in the following days many people contact the author and assure him that they are the average Briton. One of these is Peter Williamson who lives in the outskirts of Swindon where Tim Wardle drove(wohin T.W. (nun) fährt). When he arrives he tried to explain his aim. The married office worker and father of two children is exactly what the author had been looking for all the time.

In the end of the article he recognizes that being average is not bad and boring but a recipe for contentment.

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