Ist da ein Fehler in dem Text?(Englisch)

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Vom Fragesteller als hilfreich ausgezeichnet

I save my pocket money and if I have enough, I buy clothes,books,earrings ( 2 r?),magazines,bubble gum or hand bags. Once I bought a mobile phone but for this I had had to save my money for a whole year and that was/had been a hard time for me. Too hard. Never again! But I think it was worth it. Sometimes, I don' t save my pocket money or my parents buy things for me. Two days ago, I buyed clothes with my pocket money and my mum gave me some extra money


Dein 2. "buyed" musst du schon selber richtigstellen, dann bleibt's besser im Gedächtnis.


und bei "I had to save" hast du 2x had also "I had had ..." :)


Ja, das nennt sich "Pluperfect" oder " Past Perfect Tense" = Vorvergangenheit, da du vor dem Kauf des Mobile Phone (Past Tense) ein Jahr lang hattest sparen müssen.
ein had to fürs musste, das had davor fürs Past Perfect:

Past: I had to
Present Perfect: I have had to
Past Perfect: I had had to


Das sagt google übersetzer dazu :D

Ich spare mein Taschengeld , und wenn ich genug , ich Kleidung, Bücher, earings , Zeitschriften, Kaugummis oder Taschen zu kaufen. Einmal habe ich gekauft Am ein Handy , aber ich musste mein Geld für ein Jahr zu speichern , und das war eine harte Zeit für mich. Zu hart. Nie wieder! Aber ich denke, es hat sich gelohnt . Manchmal , I don 't zu retten mein Taschengeld oder meinen Eltern kaufen Dinge für mich. Vor zwei Tagen gekauft Am I Kleidung mit meinem Taschengeld und meine Mutter gived mir etwas Geld bekommen. "


Dies Antwort ist "I don't zu retten".
War das jetzt Satire?



du solltest dringend deine unregelmäßigen Verben lernen,

buy - bought - bought
give - gave - given

Bei der Rechtschreibung und beim Vokabular hilft ein gutes (online) Wörterbuch, z.B.,
bei der Grammatik und

Halte dich an Koschutnigs Antwort.


Englisch text? Ist das ok so?

I dont have any problem with my parents. But my mum is very strict. She takes sometimes my mobile and at this moment I am not allowed to play with it. And this action she does very often. My dad is strict too but not so as my mum. My dad allowed me sometimes things that my mum doesnt do. Now I can play with the computer or play with my mobile when my patents arent at home. All in one i have good and lovely parents.

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in my summer holidays - hilfe

ich muss in meiner bevorstehenden englisch arbei einen text über meine sommerferien schreiben, mit 150 wörtern, ich bitte um hilfe , für einen guten und grammatikalisch richtigen text + zeit ! DANKE!

In my summer holidays I stayed in Germany with my family for six weeks. One day in my holidays I went shopping with my friend Dana at Primark's. Primark has a lot of beatiful clothes for very lour price. I buy jewelry, clothes, hats and other nices things.Many days i spent in Overne at my friends! I stayed a few days at katharina's and Anna's. We had a lots of fun together and very nice days. Some nights were very long an funny, for example, we saw shooting stars in the sky at night other we saw films untile late in the night. On some days, when the weather was good we went swimming in a pool. My little brother from frankfurt, was two weeks to visit. We always have very fun together! At the end of my holidays i was at the kirmes with my friends from Overne. Together we walked to many attractions and we and we bought cotton candy. These were my experiences in the summer holidays.

& jz bitte verbessern, daaaaaaaanke!!!

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Hilfe bei Englisch Ha relativ clauses?

Hi , an alle English experten. Ich muss eine Englisch aufgabe machen und die aufgabe lautet so wie mache ich aus diesen 2 sätzen ein relativ clauses

,, Lool at Sharon's earrings . She made herselfe''

Wie lautet der relativ satz und wie mache ich den?

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Ist der Report (auf Englisch) gut geschrieben?

Der Report: Schalke 04 against Hoffenheim On 17.02.2018 was a football match in Gelsenkirchen in the Veltins stadium.It played Schalke 04 against Hoffenheim. They played 2-1 for Schalke 04. Thilo Kehrer scored the decisive goal, in the second half-time. It was an exiting match. Let's see who wins the next time?

Ich wollte mal fragen ob hier die Grammatik und die Rechtschreibung ok ist. Und ihr mir noch ein paar Tipps geben könntet zu dem Report. Da ich nämlich morgen eine Englischarbeit schreibe, und dies vorkommen wird.

Ich entschuldige mich jetzt schon für meine Rechtschreibung.

Vielen dank schon mal im voraus. Lg Laureen

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Brauche eure Hilfe in English, da ich einen Text über teenage millionaire geschrieben habe?

könntet ihr meinen Text kontrollieren denn ich geschrieben habe und mich versuche zu verbessern und würde mich über eure Hilfe sehr freuen und bedanke mich schon im Voraus.

Today I will speak about teenage millionaire?

Can a teenager takeover the full responsibility for the whole money? First, the money makes you addicted after a while and then you try to buy everything that you like, but this can lead to the fact that you get into debt and do not come out anymore and have bought the money for unnecessary things like drugs or things you again economical. 

Another aspect is that one has no real friends because of any money, but fake friends who stand behind the money and are not interested in you and want to profit only from you. It is nice to be rich because one can afford the things which one wanted long. A study suggests that this makes you addicted and no more can stop.

They also help friends who cannot afford things which so desire and there are not all greedy for money. I mean, of course, you can buy everything that you can buy that doesn´t make you always happy. I don't like rich kids because they are selfish. 

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Bitte um Korrektur text about myself

Im folgendem text sind sicherlich grammatikalische fehler. Ihr würdet mir sehr helfen wenn ihr mir helft. danke im vorraus :)

Let me just briefly introduce myself before I start to tell you about my life and my future plans. My name is .... . The letters of my name describe me best: self-confident, easygoing, loyal, independent, natural and ambitious. Currently I live in Cottbus and attend the 11 th grade at the Humboldt-Grammar-School. I am 16 years old and have the best family. I love my grandmothe, grandfather, mum, dad and my one year younger brother. I don’t remember when we have argued the last time. In my freetime I love to talk with my friends about all unimportant topics and go to parties but to be active is also very important to me. That’s why I try to go jogging regulary. In former times I was a member of different sports clubs, e.g. gymnastics or athletics. If I have nothing to do, this means no homework, nothing to learn or other aktivities I love to relax if I watch TV. My strength are in team skills, reliability and self-reliance. In addition I’m very sociable and cooperative. Some of my less great properties are listlessness and reticence. Furthermore you can describe me as reserved, because to entrust myself to someone is difficult for me. Hitherto school wasn’t a big problem for me. My strengths are in scientific subjects, this includes mathematics or chemistry. Difficult for me ist German because there is another weakness of me: spelling and grammar. Therefore English and Polish isn’t easy to me, too. Occupations like journalist or copyreader are out of the question very early.

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