Handy: Vor und Nachteile (auf Englisch)?

 - (Handy, Englisch, Hausaufgaben)

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+ Facilitating communication in everyday life

+ In emergencies everyone can get help quickly

+ Through mobile phones with Internet you can quickly get knowledge & information

+ With the many features, such as calendar, payment functions, apps etc, the organization becomes easier in everyday life and you have more time for more important things

+ You save money because you do not have to buy a navi and a camera, for example, and use services such as WhatsApp


- this is used most of the time only for "meaningless" things like Facebook, games etc

- knowing what you can retrieve through the Internet is often neither secured nor true

- The communication "impoverished" since most almost eh only SMS with it write (JIM study 2006)

- Through the new smartphones first violent videos etc are possible

- You have to disclose your data to many providers

- One is continually distracted by new messages, status messages, etc

- Many young people have to complete very expensive installments and pay high bills

- This results in a group break that everyone must have the most expensive and newest smartphone

- The radiation from the mobile phone is not health-promoting

 06.09.2017, 19:37

Danke! Das sind schon viele ich denke das müsste reichen die sind auch wirklich gut und dann noch direkt auf Englisch. großen Dank :)