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Vom Fragesteller als hilfreich ausgezeichnet

Dein Vokabular is ausgezeichnet! Es schleichen sich nur öfters Germanismen in den Text. Keine Sorge, das kriegst schnell weg, wennst einmal ein spannendes englisches Buch durchgelesn hast ;-)

The definition of racism for example is when a person/a group is not accepted....

... it is a diverse society, where there is no place for racism and prejudice.

As a matter of fact, I myself never got discriminated. But that's just me. The new ones/ a new one will always be looked at with mistrust. This truth lies within the human nature. In today's society,...out of their problems. Most of the time, they will just blame other people or other races for their problems.

Danke ^^ Deine Antwort hat mich gefreut. Ich werde die Fehler sofort ausbessern.



Wenn schon:

I, myself, HAVE NEVER BEEN discriminated AGAINST.

jemanden diskriminieren: to discriminate AGAINST sombody.


Nicht schlecht, aber auch nicht fehlerfrei.

1) Racism is not the same as xenophobia(Fremdenfeindlichkeit). Wer z.B. als Deutscher eine Abneigung gegen Menschen seines Nachbarlands(z.B. Österreich) hat(solche Typen soll es ja geben), ist damit noch kein Rassist, weil Niederländer, Tschechen, Norweger usw keine "Rassen" sind.

2) Sprachliche Fehler, korrigiert:

Racism means that a person of different skin colour...

I, personally** have never been discriminated against.** (Ohne "against" geht's nicht!!!)

This** fact** (truth?) ... nature of** humans**.

... they only* prove their ignorance.*

Brauche eure Hilfe in English? Es ist wichtig?

Könnt ihr mir meinen Text durchlesen und wenn ihr Fehler findet es ausbessern, da ich versuche mich zu verbessern. Ich würde mich für eure Hilfe sehr bedanken und bedanke mich im voraus . Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe

Today I will speak about young People. The important thing for the Teenagers is Clothes. For many Teenagers, it does not matter what the clothes look like, the price and the brand always important. Many teenagers say that they are too overpriced brands but still are almost all of their clothes from well-known brands.

The teenagers try to style themselves to either show-off or impress girls. They want to belong to a group to hang out with or they also make fun of the others who cannot afford expensive clothes or use their money sparingly.

Especially sports brands are very popular with boys and girls are more classic clothes. There are also some Youtubers who make videos about it and then they look at the kids and then they try to dress like their idols.

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Mündliche Englische Prüfung ist das richtig?

Ich hab jetzt bald meine englische Prüfung über Rassismus und hab das was ich sagen möchte schon mal vorgeschrieben, weil ich sehr schlecht Englisch kann. Da sind sehr viele Fehler drin. Könnte mir wohl jemand helfen?

As everywhere in the world, Racism is an important topic in the USA. The definition of racism is when a person or group is discriminated because of race, religion, sex or national origin. Even though Racism is illegal in the USA, it is still present. Blacks, gays and lesbians wrote on Twitter and Facebook of threats and attacks. In New York people found a graffiti with the label “white power again“. Minorities claim that white policemen shoot unarmed blacks allegedly because of their color and complain that they remain unpunished and protected by their superiors.

A good example of racism is the movie called Blind Side. When Mike came into the new class, he was looked at strangely by everyone because he was different. Even the small children ran away from him, because they were frightened. The mother of SJ had a bad feeling when Mike stayed overnight.The friends of SJ's  mother talked bad about Mike and the area from which he came.

Ich habe das mal so einigermassen  korrigiert. Allerdings weiß ich nicht was du mit "quarter" meinst - Vielleicht Viertel?-  Quarter oder Quarters ist die Wohnung- aber üblicherweise Militärwohnung-deshalb "area"

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Written discussion

Hallo wir haben als hausaufgabe aufbekommen eine written discussion zu schreiben. Ich hab mal eine geschrieben könntet ihr den mal durchlesen und meine fehler korrigieren oder verbesserungen vorschlagen?

Thema:Mobile phones have become an important part of our lives.More than 90% of german teenagers have a mobile phone of their own.What are the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones?

Mobile phones have become an important part of our lives. More than 90 % of German teenagers have a mobile phone. But is a mobile phone really important? Here are advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones.

My first argument against mobile phones is that the most teenagers use a mobile phone in the lesson. They play games and send emails or short messages to someone. So they are they are distracted from the lesson and get bad marks.

The next point is, that some people can’t stop using mobile phones. They get addicted.They lose their social contacts and spend all their time on their mobile phones.A good example is my friends brother, he haven’t got social contacts he is all the time write short messages or calls to friends.

The last point is that mobile phones are unhealthy. I have heard in many television reports that mobile phones can be cause of cancer.

On the other hand there are arguments for the using of mobile phones too.

Firstly you are very flexible. You can use it everywhere at any time.For example you are waiting for the next train and you are bored, you can use your mobile phone. You can listen to music,play games or go online when you have an Internet flat. More Important is that the mobile phone is helpful in case of emergency.If something happen on the way to school or somewhere else you can call to the emergency.

The most important is that you are always be in contact with your friends and your family. So your parents mustn’t care where you are. With one call they can know it.

After looking at both sides I’m in the opinion that mobile phones are important for the most people.

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Könnte jemand bitte meine Englisch Argumentation korrektur lesen?


In Britain, children and teenagers can be given an ASBO if they do anything that is an antisocial behavior. It’s a way of punishing them for their actions instead of going to prison or similar punishments. An ASBO consists of several punishments like being forbidden to go to different areas of a town or to meet specific people.

The problem with ASBO’s is that they can give the person depression because they are socially isolated. Consequently, this can lead to self harm or depression in the worst cases. Secondly, their actions aren’t primarily punished they are prevented so that the child/teen won’t do it anymore. Furthermore, the things that are reported aren’t necessarily illegal sometimes it’s just something that might be annoying to others, like tattoos. Having said that, this might just be a way of showing personality. Reportedly, it has happened that someone was just given an ASBO because he looked scary and was always wearing a hood. Another thing to add is that the pictures that are hung up around town can be really embarrassing and can lead to harassment by others. On the other hand, ASBOS also have advantages. Many teenagers have their problems with school, friends etc. This might lead to some illegal actions like drinking or smoking. In addition to that, there often is some kind of group pressure. ASBO’s are a way of showing them that their actions are wrong and that there is a solution to their problems. For instance, it’s a way of identifying that their actions have been wrong. Another key thing to remember is that ASBO’s can keep the children/teenagers from going to prison and that would be way worse.

All things considered, I think that ASBO’s can be good for the young people to change their antisocial behavior. That way, they can understand that their actions have been wrong and change them for good.

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Altenglisch, Übersetzung?

Kann mir folgendes Zitat jemand übersetzen?

"Friends, though they may be said to die, yet their friendship and society are, in the best sense, ever present, because immortal."

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Hilfe bei Übersetzung/ Korrektur?

Hallo, danke das sie sich Zeit nehmen. Kann mir einer meinen Text in gutes Englisch verbessern ?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

What is skynet? It's a new mass surveillance technology in China. It is a way for the government to monitor the population at any time on any day. But does total surveillance not affect the population negatively? The fact is that mass surveillance greatly influences and restricts people's privacy.

 Does surveillance have a positive impact on people's behavior? Does it make humans automatsch better? Total surveillance limits the lifestyle of the individual human. In public, man must behave as the state dictates. He has to cut back on his own needs in order to seize the same opportunities as other sections of the population. If he does not, he has to reckon with restrictions in social and professional life by the state. In Xingiung, who are pioneers of total mass surveillance, there is a social credit score that spikes people's behavior and places them in a ranking. If one does not behave according to the guidelines and rules, one falls down in the ranking. This inferior rank can cause disadvantages in job application, job, home and credit. In the long run, it does not make a person better, because as a person you need a break to have time for yourself.

Furthermore, mass surveillance affects the human psyche. Constant surveillance puts pressure on the people by the state, as it always has to behave according to the guidelines. This results in fear of failure. Other psychological consequences are behavioral disorders that build on the fear of failure. People become more unhappy and their potential for aggression increases. Man becomes a ticking time bomb to the state, because they can exercise their aggression in a dangerous way. Through constant monitoring, bad mental illnesses, such as paranoia, develop. Normally, people behave individually and do not have to pretend. Through constant surveillance, he is forced by the state to behave differently or against his will. Therefore, the individuality of individual citizens is limited. Man has a right to the free decision that is limited by it. As a result, the loyalty and acceptance of the state is called into question. So an oppositional opinion is formed against the state, which does not make the citizen a better person.

In conclusion we conclude that state mass surveillance only makes man as an individual better in a short time: In the long run, this system is in a dead end, because it has many physical and mental, as well as social negative consequences for humans in the long run.

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