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Still 250 years (Hier fehlt eine Präposition) racism

Das fängt schon in der Überschrift an. Was soll das auf Deutsch heißen.

A women (= Plural) left the lift when you enter (Zeiten passen nicht zusammen), a man whit his child change his place when you come, and you are advised to go to a cheaper restaurant when you enter a luxurious restaurant.

That are examples of daily racism in the United States of America. But is not this racism situation come better after the first black president of United Stated was elected?

It is a well-known fact kein Komma that (---) racism is a problem in USA. It began with (---) slavery. But (---) slavery is really (Position) not the explanation for the start of racism. (---) racism is a result of (---) politic in this time.

There the white governments saw that (---) white people are more worth. So they changed the relationship between the white workers who has worked (Zeit) with (Präposition) the slaves and the black people. From this day Komma (---) white people were the owner (Plural) of the slaves. This period of racism was finished after the civil war in the 19 century. Than the period of the racial segregation began. (Word Order)

In that time Komma (---) black people were not slaves anymore but they were only humans of the second (ore bellower) class. During this time Komma

it gave a lot of arbitrary murder through the FBI and other government security organizations. That might explain the bad relationship between black people and the police. Nowadays Komma 

it still gives murder to black people Komma for example the murder in Ferguson, the murder to the 17-year(---) old Tyson or the murder to (s.o.) an kiosk owner in New York. In all these instances Komma the murderer are (Zeit) police mans, all victims are innocent and all murderer are not made guilty. Furthermore Komma in statistics (---) black people(---) are poorer, more unemployed and it gives thrice (veraltet) black people in prison than white people despite just 25 percent of the Americans are black.


this facts it gave a development. But it will be a long way, and it seems to me that it will last as long as the slavery and (---) racial segregation. Maybe in someday the dream of Martin Luther King (besser: s-genitive) will be reality: “It will give a world, where little black boys and girls and little white boys and girls can held hands.

Bei it give / it gave rollen sich mir die Zehennägel auf;

es muss there is / there are bzw. there was / there were heißen!!!

Das Fettgedruckte muss korrigiert werden. Ich hoffe, ich habe nichts übersehen.

Für das Vokabular und die Rechtschreibung empfehle ich ein gutes (online) Wörterbuch, z.B. pons.com,

für die Grammatik ego4u.de und englisch-hilfen.de.

:-) AstridDerPu

PS: Eine 6 darf nicht vergeben werden, da du ja etwas geschrieben hast. Mehr als eine 5 - ist aber nicht drin.

Wie AstridDerPu schon sagte, schlechter als 'ne 5 geht nicht.

Wenn man alles zurueck uebersetzen wuerde, kaeme folgendes dabei heraus:

Although this facts it gave a development. But it will be a long way, and it seems to me that it will last as long as the slavery and the racial segregation. Maybe in someday the dream of Martin Luther King will be reality: “It will give a world, where little black boys and girls and little white boys and girls can held hands.

Obwohl dieser Fakt es gab eine Entwicklung. Aber es wird ein langer Weg sein, und es scheint mir das es so lange dauert wie die Sklaverei und die Rassentrennung. Vielleicht in irgendwann der Traum von Martin Luther King wird Wirklichkeit sein. "Es werden geben eine Welt, wo kleine schwarze Jungen und Maedchen und kleine weisse Jungen und Maedchen kann gehalten Haende"

Da sind leider auch Rechtschreibfehler enthalten. >.<





"It will give a world" 

Wie kannst du dieses Zitat nur so verunstalten? :(

Wenn es nur das wäre...


Kann jemand bitte meinen englische Text zu "American Dream" korrigieren?

In the essay “What America means to me”, Benjamin Livian defines the American Dream as the ability to freely practice your religion and the equal right to political participation of every American citizens. He also describes the American Dream as the equal opportunities for every American citizens to go from “rags to riches” as long as they work hard to achieve aims. In the following I will assess Livian’s definition of the American Dream. On one side there are many stories of people who succeeded despite the economy, crime, poverty, poor education, and less than ideal homes, for example Bill Gates, President Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, etc. This proves that the US society is a classless society, where everybody can move up and succeed and social background does not decide on where you end up. The State has only few influences on each individual. As a matter of fact, communism or socialism never had a chance to spread in the US. Furthermore, the American Dream provides hope and encourage people to give their best and fulfil their dreams. This can lead to a reduction of the high school dropout rates. I believe that most dreams revolve around one’s happiness and well-being, and this is achievable for all. On the other side, the America Dream might not seem as beautiful as it represents. Most Americans in the current economic time have lost their jobs, homes and financial stability. Today many young children grow up believing that life cannot get better and that their dreams are impossible due to the struggles of economic, crime, and poverty. In fact, high quality schools are very expensive in America. The chances to climb the career ladder are very low and real success is still rare. It seems to me that the American Dream is only possible when there is no poverty in this world. Besides statistics show that African Americans have a lower median income than for example Asian. This means that not everybody has the same opportunities although this is what the Constitution guarantees. Moreover, the emphasis on individual responsibility of the American society can lead to isolation and insecurity. Aside from that, the pursuit of material things leads to disaster, climate change and pollution in the US and the developing world. In conclusion, I would say that I agree only partly with Livian’s statements. In my view, depending on whom you are and what you do for a living, the American dream may be more achievable to some than others.

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Cartoonanalyse in Englisch ( Bitte hilft mir )

Hallöchen :) Also ich habe eine Hausaufgabe aufbekommen und ich bekomme darauf ne Note . Leider ist es so , dass ich in Englisch die Grammatik nicht gut beherrsche und ich müsste mich durch die Hü`s und Hausaufgaben mich verbessern, damit ich eine gute Note bekomme im Zeugnis . Ich wäree sehr sehr dankbar wenn ihr meine grammatikalischen Fehler verbessern könntet wenn ihr welche entdeckt beim Lesen.

In the cartoon, which is black-and-white drawing, you can see two men, which are standing to each other. The man on the left side is little and lean. His clothes are cracked. The other man on the right side appears strong and wealthy because of his buisness suit and bag. The cartoon includes a speech that is called Australian mateship and the use of the wordMate``. In addition there are two speechs bubbles. The little man asks to the big man: Exuse me mate. Could you spare a coupleof dollars for a cup of coffee.and the strong man answers: Sorry Mate.

The words in the cartoon underline the cartonnists message. The cartoonist wants to show to the viewer that the wordmate have not always the same meaning. You can say that there are two types of mateship. One of the type is that mates spend much time and tell their secrets etc. But in this cartoon the viewer gets the impression that the mens meet for the first time and they are notmates. The little man wants that the strong man helps him but he did not want and he excused himself in a friendly way. But you know appart of the clothes that he has enough money, so he could spend money .The cartoonist expresses thtat Australian peoples are friendly and polite to each other and for this reason they use the wordmate. But this situation does not agree thereal`mateship because real mates would always help themselves.In this cartoon is the strong man avaricious but he excuseshim politely.

I think the cartoon is easy to understand because if you know what mateship means in Australia, it is clear that in this case friendship does not have the same meaning. Therefore you find out that the word mate has several meanings for Australian peoples.

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