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This Letter Should give you an insight in my life & personality: First I want to introduce myself: My name is....I live in a small town near....,called...with my parents & my sister...(4) & my brother...(12) - Word Order. My father works as a.......

my family is very important for me & we have a really good relationship. Other important persons in my life, are my friends. I spend all my free time with them.**

Except; i am doing other hobbies: I like to play tennis & sometimes the piano. therefore, i would be happy, if I could continue my hobbies in England. I often have heard, that in English schools, there are Orchestras and other musical and sporting activities. - Word Order

if that should not be so - Stil, it would not be that bad, because I have more positiv reasons to vistit an English school: - Stil I would like to learn English very well, I would like to make new contacts & think, I will gain very funny experience

l. And, of coarse, because my annoying sisters! :-)

at the moment, I go to After the holidays, I will visit grade 9. But maybe, I will be in an Englisch school. In Grade 7 I chose French as my second language.

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Ich hoffe, ich habe nichts übersehen.

:-) AstridDerPu

Auch wenn ich Frank83 zustimme, möglichst authentisch und mit eigenen Worten zu schreiben, würde ich jedoch ein paar Fehler korrigieren wollen.

Bitte "I" immer groß schreiben.

Satzstellung: "With my parents an my sister/brother I live in... Präposition: My family is very important TO me! Im Satz: Other important persons..., kein Komma. Except weglassen. Besser einfach schreiben: My hobbies are playing tennis and ... Artikel THE weglassen bei: I go to ... school. Mit einem Namen, den du sicherlich einsetzen wolltest, kann man im Ausland nichts anfangen. Besser: At the moment I go to/visit a comprehension school (Gesamtschule) oder secondary modern (BE)/Junior High (AE) (Realschule) oder grammar school (Gym) in.... After the summer holidays (Aug/Sept?) I will be in grade 9. AT (nicht IN) an English school, however, I might have to attend class 7.

I often have heard - nicht gut. Besser: "I often was told..." (Im Englischen wird das Passiv wesentlich häufiger benutzt, als im D.)

Und nur "If not...", nicht "If that should not be so...". das ist "Deutsch".

Funny experiences? Mhm... Begründung: I would like to improve my English, find new friends and learn a lot about the country and its people.

As A (!) second foreign language I would like to take French. (MY language ist falsch.)

Hoffe, ich konnte dir helfen.

Viel Erfolg!

LG Schuhsohle

Du setzt viele Kommata. Da kannst du locker die Hälfte streichen. Und nach einem Punkt wird groß geschrieben. Sonst nicht (letter, should - außer I und Namen und sowas natürlich).

Tatsächlich finde ich es ganz gut, wenn du den Aufsatz alleine machst und ich finde es auch nicht schlimm, dass da kleine Fehler drin sind. Macht es authentisch. :) Dann glaubt man dir, dass du den Text geschrieben hast und nicht jemand anders. Of course ;)

Vielleicht könntest du mehr ausführen, warum du ein englisches Internat besuchen willst. Kultur, fremdes Land, Selbstständigkeit etc.

Viel Erfolg

Thanks :-))


Sorry? Ich soll in dem Aufsatz Erwartungen schreiben..was ist damit gemeint ( beispiele? ) bitte! Danke :-)


My future plans

Pls könnte sich jemand meinen Text auf Fehler ansehen?


I often think about my future. I am curious how would it look like. At the moment I go to grammar school and I am in the 6th form. So it is obvious that I would like to pass the school leaving examination that I am allowed to go to university. But I am not sure yet what I will study. I was thinking about marketing and management which is something that really interests me, because the idea of presenting and seeling a product sounds good to me. I don’t know where I will live in the future. I would like to have a flat in Vienna on my own. Now it is only a dream but maybe some day. I have also some plans about my family. I supposed that one day I will get married and have children. However, these are further plans. Now I am trying to concentrate on my education and career. But also the fun should not come to short. I was thinking about traveling. I have often dreamed of taking a trip round the world. I have already been to many places. For example I was in Turkey and Italy. I really would like to visit Switzerland, America and England. I haven’t been there yet. 

Danke im Voraus!:)

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Englisch cv schreiben?

Hiii! Wir müssen in Englisch ein "Personal statement" zu einem Schüleraustausch verfassen. Nun, dieses Statement habe ich so gut wie fertig, aber ich bin mir unsicher.

"I have always loved meeting new places and I am sure that spending my year on a school abroad will be a valuable experience. I am sure that I will improve my English language skills and I also would like to broaden my horizon by getting to know new people and cultures."

Kritik ist erwünscht!


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Written Discussion "Would you like to live in Mumbai". Könnte mir jmand die Discussion verbessern?

Könntet ihr den Text verbessern ?. Ich shreib morgen ne Arbeit und ich find den nicht so gut und würde mich auf ein Feedback freuen.

**Today I am writing about the question „would you like to live in Mumbai?”. I think it´s a good question, because there a many Arguments for and against.

My first Argument for living in Mumbai is, that if you speak English, you can manage everything in the city. It is not necessary to speak the regional language. For example, …. Second argument is that India is one of few countries, where even people can have a maid or a chauffeur. You are able to afford them. In addition you can send your child to school. Because there are German, American and English schools. Another Argument for is that Mumbai is a city for shopaholics. There are designer closets much cheaper than in Germany. The qualities from the Materials are good. Tough the crime rate is high, so you can robbed in the city. The city has good transport options, for instance local trains, metro, monorail and public transport buses. No other city can sustain this much population and traffic. Nevertheless is there the rush hour. The Streets are crowded and it tooks a long time to come to the destination. My last argument is that the food in Mumbai is very delicious. You can eat in small restaurants, on the street or in very good restaurants to try out different cuisines. However you have to pay attention with food.

To sum up, the people in the city are very friendly and they will help you every time, when you need. I think I would like to live in Mumbai It´s a fascinating city with colorful festivals. **

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England austausch Bewerbung gut so?

Hello! My name is *** and I am thirteen years old. Together with my parents and my two years older brother, I live in a house with a big garden. We have got one little dog called ***. My hometown is ***. In my free time I often play football. Meeting friends like *** *** and surfing in the internet are also one of my favorite leisure activities. My favorite subjects are all languages. I am not so happy with subjects concerning to numbers like Maths and Physics. My family and my friends say about me that I am reliable, polite and I have a good behavior. Although I have travelled through many countries, I have never been in England before. For me the exchange would not only mean having fun but the possibility to make acquaintance with a new country and interesting people. I I would be very glad to take part at the exchange with ***(my school)

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