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während ein Adjektiv (Eigenschaftswort) eine Person, ein Tier oder ein Ding/einen Gegenstand näher beschreibt,


  • a beautiful girl; The girl is beautiful. (Wie ist das Mädchen? – schön)

  • a careful driver; The driver is careful. (Wie ist der Fahrer? - vorsichtig)

  • an honest answer (Wie ist die Antwort? - ehrlich)

beschreibt ein Adverb ein Verb näher, wie der Name schon sagt.


  • The girl sings beautifully (Wie singt das Mädchen? – schön)

  • The driver drove carefully (Wie fuhr der Fahrer? - vorsichtig)

  • She answered honestly (Wie antwortete sie? - ehrlich)

Im Englischen hängt man i.d.R. an das Adjektiv ein -ly, um daraus ein Adverb zu machen.

Keine Regel ohne Ausnahme z.B.:

Zu Adverben, die nicht auf –ly enden, gehören:

  • Adj. good - Adv. well,

  • Adj. fast - Adv. fast,

  • hard = schwer (Adj. und Adv),

aber hardly = kaum

  • long, fast, fair, straight, near, high

Wieder andere Adverben haben dieselbe Form wie das Adjektiv:

  • early, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly

    • u.a.


Nach Verben der Wahrnehmung (verbs of perception) wird kein Adverb verwendet:

  • feel = sich anfühlen

  • smell = duften

  • taste = schmecken

  • sound = klingen

  • look = aussehen (wie)

Hier muss es also heißen:

  • It sounds so beautiful.

  • It feels good.

  • The soup tastes delicious.

Regeln und Übungen dazu findest du auch im Internet, z.B. bei und

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Das Adverb kann auch ein Adjektiv näher beschreiben.

The computer was terribly expensive. (verb – adverb – adjective) He was highly intelligent. (verbadverbadjective)

Das Adverb kann auch ein Adverb näher beschreiben.

She is always absolutely perfectly dressed. (verb – adverb – adverb)

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Adverbien beschreiben nicht nur Verben näher, sondern können auch zwei weitere Wortgattungen näher beschreiben, nämlich Adjektive (wie in deinem Fall "intelligent") oder auch andere Adverbien. Das wird oft vergessen.

1) Ein Adverb beschreibt ein Verb:

He speaks English well.

2) Ein Adverb beschreibt ein Adverb.

He speaks English extemely well. (Hier beschreibt das Adverb "extremely" das Adverb "well")

3) Ein Adverb beschreibt ein Adjektiv:

He is highly intelligent. (Das Adverb "highly" beschreibt "intelligent" näher.)

This is extremely important.

Könnt ihr mir helfen den text zu vollenden? (englisch)

Hab ein text für englissch geschriben finde aber kein gutes (und SCHNELLES) ende The Outback

It was the first weekend of summer and the Christmas holidays, and we were excited. Four good friends on their first road trip into the outback! No parents for a week! It was just my best friend Donovan (the star rugby player), Dani (his nice but princess-like girlfriend), Ruby (my girlfriend and the school's cleverest girl) and me, Angelo. I've always been quite the worry wart, and I wasn't sure this road trip was the best idea. Two guys and two girls- was this going to work in the outback? But it was summer, school was over, so I didn't care. I should have. Four friends left together on that Sunday, and four friends returned to Sydney a week later. But not the same four people... bis hierher war vorgegeben

I looked up: »Hey Donovan, the sun goes down, can I drive? You’ve already driven since Sydney. Don’t you want to sleep?« Donovan turned his head around and looked at me like my mother, when I said something very stupid: »Angelo, maybe you need to sleep the whole time, but I CAN drive 2 days in a row. We’re already in Alice Springs and in 2 hours we will arrive the Ayers Rock« I stared at him angrily: »Donovan this isn’t one of your stupid rugby game! You can have a break and let me drive.« Donovan looked back at the street: »Shut up! This is MY car and I drive!« Suddenly Dani said something: »Boys, cool down! I hate it when it is loud!« She rolled a lock of hair around her finger and looked with big eyes at Donovan. »Do not worry babe, we stopped already, didn’t we?« I snorted: »Yes…« I breathed in and looked around. Ruby was sleeping and now the sun was already gone. Donovan turned on the light. We drove off-road through a desert like environment. Yes, this was the outback. After a while Donovan said: »F*ck that damn sand, I can hardly see more then 5 meters wide.« I smiled: »Hey, maybe you’re tired? Let me drive.« Donovan raised his eyebrow: »Nice joke. But you will NEVER drive Angelo. I…Ah, DAMN! WHAT...?« The car had made a little jump up. Donovan’s face had became white: »I…I…I think a have drove over a men!! «. The car stopped abruptly. »WHAT?!!!« Donovan stuttered: «I don’t know there was a shadow and… and…I…I…« Now the girls waked up.»What happened?«, the girls asked. »Why aren’t we driving?« »Donovan has killed a men!« »WHAT??!« Donovan opened the door and he left the car. He walked around and said to us: »I…I don’t know, but maybe I drove over a men!!« Now Ruby and Dani jumped out of the car too and asked Donovan: »How did you can?!« Donovan tried to answer: »It was dark and the sand has blocked my view! I didn’t want that!« Ruby raise her hand: »Stop! The most important thing now, is to help the men! Where is he?« Donovan looked around: »I think in that direction« He showed us a area behind the car. We ran to the area, which was about 30m away from the car. Then we arrived the body.

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Englischer Text Berichtigung karrikaturenanalyse?

Könnte da jemand einmal ganz schnell kurz rüber lesen. Und die wichtigsten Fehler rausschreiben. Das wäre super lieb

The cartoon by Derez from an unknown source deals with the problem of water pollution and environmental catastrophes. It calls attention to reflect about how serious environmental problems are being whitewalshed and downgraded in the public.

The roughly drawn cartoon consists of several visual elements in black and white. It is divided into two parts. On the left there is a delicate man with big glasses and short hair who is wearing a dark suit with a tie. His facial expression is neutral, because the only striking thing is his mouth which is open while he speaks. And as the cartoon is roughly drawn, details like eyebrows which clarify his facial expression are non-existent. Only his upper body can be seen as he is standing behind a speakers desk with the inscription "BP".The background is kept simple in white. There is a text in a speech bubble which says that the oil spill is bigger than expected. This assertion is continued on the right side, the second part of the cartoon. It states that the spill is luckiliy enclosed by plastic junk. The text is spoken by the man as well. Underneth the assertion on the right, a huge black oil slik is depicted, surrounded by lots of plastic bottels and doses. In the background a little black cloud of smoke is shown.

Each visual element of the cartoon has a meaning, there are no useless details. As the man wears a suite and there's a speakers desk, it is obvious that he speaks to public. The speakers desk has the inscription "BP" which is an abbrevation for "British Patroleum". It is an multinational company, operating in all areas of the oil and gas industry. BP is the worlds sixth-largest oil and gas company. Therefore the man is a represantative of the oil concern. He says that the spill is bigger than expected. The cartoon supports the text with an protruding black spill. Oil spills are a result of wholes in pipelines, tubes which transport oil, or a result of accidents with oil rigs or tanker. Since oil has less weight than water , it swims on the surface. Probably the cartoon refers to the oil rig accident in April 2010. The oil rig "Deepwater Horizon" of the British Patroleum exploded and drowned off the coast of Lousiana. For three months ca 780 million liter of oil streamed into the ocean. Hence the little black smoke cloud on the right belongs to the oil rig. 780 million liter is a vast amount of oil, thus the big spill which is depicted on the right, is entitled. It was the biggest environmental catastrophe in this vein that ever happened.

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Characterization, "Laura", robert'oneill, tipps?

The Story: "Laura", by Robert O'Neill
Everybody in the crowded restaurant stared when the young woman suddenly threw a glass of wine in the face of the older man sitting opposite her at a table near the window. The young woman was attractive and well dressed. The man was at least twenty years older than she was. He looked shocked. The young woman suddenly stood up and ran towards the door. ”Laura, come back, please,” the older man shouted. But she had already reached the door. The man ran after her. It had started to rain outside. She ran out into the middle of the street. ”For God's sake, give me a chance to explain,” the man shouted. She turned around and stared at him. A car had just turned the corner and was coming towards her very fast. The driver had not turned his windscreen wipers on, and he was talking to someone on his 10 mobile. Then - suddenly - he saw her -directly in front of him, so close that he could see her eyes when she turned her head and looked at him.

My Characterization: The author Robert O’Neill gives us a short story named “Laura”, in our hands without a detailed beginning and a conclusive ending. We can just follow the situation – Laura is sitting in a restaurant with a man, but it seems that he had done something wrong so that whe throws a glass of wine into his face and runs out of the restaurant. The man wanted to explain, but as she just turns around and stares at him, a driver turns into the street where Laura is standing. In the End, we are not know what is happing to her, because it just ends with the fact that the driver was destracted and Laura now turns her head to the driver, while the car is close to her.

So what we can take from the story, especially when it goes around Laura, we can read out, that she seems to be young, around eighteen and above. The fact that she throws a glass of wine in the face of the man, is enough to assume, that she is of age. And this part shows us, that she is impulsive, mean, respectless, but fair enough angry, even if we don’t know what was happening. A Mixture of agressive, confidend and dissapointed. We also don’t know, how she looks like, what for a type of human she is and which thougts in her actions she might have. Anyway, as she runs out and does nothing more, than just turning her head back to the man, while standing in the middle of the street, it is hard to say, how she could actually felt, wheter she is just too desperate to realise, that she is standing on the street or wheter. The situation where Laura turns her head to the driver, in front her, in the car, begs for the same question; Was she just so stressed, dissepointed and desperated and what is the point of the whole story?

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