Englischer witz?Lustig?

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Hier einer, der nur auf Englisch funktioniert. Ist eigentlich kein Witz aber ein lustiger Spruch:

A cat as a trophy is a catastrophe.

Pi sees Zero sitting on a bench crying and asks: "What's wrong with you?"

Says Zero: "I'm useless! Just a big, fat zero!"

Anwers Pi: "You think you got problems? I'm not even real!"

Alles Nachfolgende auf englisch.

Radarcontroller to airplane: " Nirwana-airline 210 descent immeadetly from FL310 to 290 due to noise abatement.

Pilot to radarcontroller: Nirwana-airline 210 to control: Do you wanna fool me?! We´re 10km high, so what kind of noise we may cause on earth?

Radarcontoller to airplane: I know your altitude exactly, but there´s an airbus in the opposite direction same altitude as yours! Do you know what kind of noise this will cause on earth when you both meet each other?!

Helicopter instructor to his student pilot: Keep an eye for remaining within the white circle on the ground!

After a few minutes the instructor to his student: Forget it...keep an eye for remaining in this country!

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