Deutsche Übersetzung: "Roll with it"?

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Etwas akzeptieren; Die Dinge so nehmen wie sie sind

Aus yahoo: Best Answer - Chosen by Asker In modern usage the term comes from boxing. If you see a punch coming and can't avoid it, rotate (or "roll") your head in the same direction the punch is GOING so as to lessen the impact or even make the punch glance off at an angle. The term means "do not resist, or the damage will be worse; give a little and you won't get hurt." Of course, the advice about falling off a truck amounts to the same thing, but I can assure you that boxing is a great deal older than trucks by several thousand years. In the original Olympic games and in the Roman Colosseum, boxers wore leather gloves with brass studs embedded in the knuckles; if you didn't "roll" with those punches your face would resemble hamburger in a matter of seconds. - Bedeutung also: Mach einfach mit, Du kannst sowieso nichts daran ändern. Machst Du etwas anderes, wird es eher schlimmer.

Mach mit! Lass Dich davontragen! Lass es geschehen! Lass es zu!

Also sich nicht dagegen wehren.

Für eine gute Übersetzung müsste man den Textzusammenhang wissen. Also: am besten den ganzen Satz angeben."Roll with it" kann vieles bedeuten.