wir schreiben ja morgen english arbeit und habe jetzt den text über mein zimmer gschrieben :D

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My room

I have my own room. My room is sometimes tidy and sometimes untidy. The colour of the walls is red. There are posters of stars hanging on the wall. Next to the door there is my TV. I can watch TV and I sometimes play wii. On my desk there is my computer and I also do my homework at the desk. When I look out of my window I can see our garden. My bedspread is white with red flowers, my furniture is black and my curtain is white. The colour of my wardrobe is red and white.

:-) AstridDerPu

dankeschööön astrid :DD


welche Klassenstufe? In DEUTSCH lernt man übrigens nie einen satz mit AND/UND zu beginnen. Und du musst dich entscheiden ob BE oder AE.

Und was ist daran so schlimm, einen Satz auch mal mit "Und" oder "And" zu beginnen? Und: Du tust es übrigens selbst. Kommata täten Deinen Sätzen auch gut. Ich sage das übrigens nur, weil Du jemand anders für seine Fehler in DEUTSCH kritisierst.
Gruß, earnest


Dass bringt doch nichts gegenseitig beleidigend zu werden.... An rejes - lese doch mal nach der Schularbeit ein paar englische Bücher - da siehst du wie man schön Sätze beginnt und mit wieviel verschiedenen Worten man sich ausdrücken kann.. : )


eafnest ich schreibe hier auch im Internet das ist wohl ein himmelweiter Unterschied!


I can watch tv or sometimes play wii. On my desk stands my computer where I often do my homework. When I look out of my window I can see our garden. My bedspread is white with red flowers, my furniture is black, my curtain is white and my wardrobe color is red and white.


Hallo! Ich hab dieses Cover beschrieben, jedoch muss es mehr als eine Seite lang werden.Könntet ihr mir helfen? Ich hab schon geschrieben:

On the cover you can see the 'MI7' agent, who is the main character of the film. He is called Johnny English, which is also the title of the movie. He has formed his hands to the defensive posture, because he loves karate and feels himself professional. In the left hand he has a gun. Here can you see that Johnny can multitask, because he shoots the enemies with the one hand down and with the other hand he finishes them with his karate tricks. Johnny English stands on his feet confidently. This means the agent is unerring and wants to implement his plan quickly. He doesn't regret his decisions and knows how to do his mistakes well according to his lights. The man also carries a parachute backpack, which means that he has no fear of heights and flies on all problems without thinking. Between Johnny and English, you can see a fireball with a J and E on it, which is the abbreviation of his name. The fireball stands for explosion which he leaves behind him every time. Of course, does he treat the problems without thinking and he can handle it in his manner well. On the cover you can see a description to him: "He knows no fear. He knows no danger. He knows nothing." Here can you see that he has no negative feelings. He goes to every problem with a positive vibe.  The background is white and his suit is black. Here could be believed in Ying Yang because in every nice-looking person is darkness hidden. This person is Pascal Sauvage, who wants to rule the world. When you see Johnny English, you will know that the film is a mixture of comedy and action.  

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Kann jemand mein englischen Text für das MSA korrigieren?


Ich habe in einer Wochen meine mündliche Englischprüfung für den MSA und da muss ich mich 5 Minuten lang selbst vorstellen. Ich habe hier ein Text geschrieben. Kann mir den jemand vielleicht korrigieren und mir sagen was ich verbessern kann, hinzufügen oder weglassen sollte?

Danke schon mal

Hir ist mein Text:

Hello, my name is (...)

I am 15 years old and I was born in Hamburg in 2002

I have lived in Hamburg for about three years and then my parents decided to come to Berlin.

I have two sisters and one brother. My Brothers Name is (...) and he is (...) years old. My sister (name) is (...) years old and then there is my small sister. Her Name is (...) and she is (...) years old.

My Hobbies are drawing, Swimming and playing Football. On Fridays and saturdays  I like to go out with my friends or my familiy. In the rest of my time i have to learn for School.

I started School in 2008 and I will finish it in 2020 with the Abitur. Now I am doing my oral exam. In the future I would like to become a Doctor or an Architect.

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Englisch Personenbeschreibung Korrektur lesen bitte Hilfe?

Bitte helft mir ich habe niemanden der mir den Text korrigieren kann :/ und morgen schreibe ich eine Arbeit ... also: This is a movie poster of Romeo and Juliet. That movie poster was drawn. The illustration shows Romeo and Juliet and they kiss. In this illustration you can see that they are in love and really happily. The painting is special of the love behimd this picture. The picture reminds me on teenagers who have freshly fallen in love and it is a very realistic picture because one can identify with the persons. In the background and also at the top is like a yellow bright ball surrounded by a red orange colour. In the yellow ball is a burning red heart with roses from inside and a red flame at the top ot the heart. The heart in the yellow is surrounded at the left and right side of black white furious men with guns in their hands turned on the heart in the middle.

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Ist meine englische Zimmerbeschreibung so in Ordnung?

Hallo (: Ich sollte mein Zimmer auf Englisch beschreiben, wie findet ihr die Beschreibung? Habt ihr verbesserungs-Vorschläge?

Hier der Text: *

When you open the door you can see a shelf with CD's on the right,next to the shelf is the bed, in front of the bed hangs the TV on the wall, under the TV is a desk with a computer and a chair. On my windowsill are flowers,The colour of my curtain is beige. In the right corner next to the window is a cupboard with school things in it, next to it is a little shelf with my parfume collection and jewelry.In the left corner of the room is another shelf with books in it.Near the shelf stands the couch, and next to the couch my warderobe. My furniture is white,my walls orange and the floor is dark laminated. *

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Waß ist die Übersetzung?

I'm sorry to have been made to order the UK. The comments box. The comments box. The comments box below to find the best of the best way for me. . I think it is. I think it is. I think it is. It is not the same time as a whole lot. . The comments box below to view this page and click Help with this. The may have been made. I have a great day and night and I have a great way to the right to change

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Written discussion

Hallo wir haben als hausaufgabe aufbekommen eine written discussion zu schreiben. Ich hab mal eine geschrieben könntet ihr den mal durchlesen und meine fehler korrigieren oder verbesserungen vorschlagen?

Thema:Mobile phones have become an important part of our lives.More than 90% of german teenagers have a mobile phone of their own.What are the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones?

Mobile phones have become an important part of our lives. More than 90 % of German teenagers have a mobile phone. But is a mobile phone really important? Here are advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones.

My first argument against mobile phones is that the most teenagers use a mobile phone in the lesson. They play games and send emails or short messages to someone. So they are they are distracted from the lesson and get bad marks.

The next point is, that some people can’t stop using mobile phones. They get addicted.They lose their social contacts and spend all their time on their mobile phones.A good example is my friends brother, he haven’t got social contacts he is all the time write short messages or calls to friends.

The last point is that mobile phones are unhealthy. I have heard in many television reports that mobile phones can be cause of cancer.

On the other hand there are arguments for the using of mobile phones too.

Firstly you are very flexible. You can use it everywhere at any time.For example you are waiting for the next train and you are bored, you can use your mobile phone. You can listen to music,play games or go online when you have an Internet flat. More Important is that the mobile phone is helpful in case of emergency.If something happen on the way to school or somewhere else you can call to the emergency.

The most important is that you are always be in contact with your friends and your family. So your parents mustn’t care where you are. With one call they can know it.

After looking at both sides I’m in the opinion that mobile phones are important for the most people.

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