Wie könntet ihr Baseball in 5 Sätzen so gut wie möglich erklären, da ich dafür ein englisch Referat halten muss?

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1. A popular sport in the USA often confused with cricket.
2. 9 players make up a complete team occupying the following positions: catcher (home base), first base, second base, third base, short stop, left outfielder, center outfielder, right outfielder and pitcher.
3. A professional baseball game is made up of 9 innings.
4. For a team to lose an inning  3 players have to be eliminated in one of the following ways. a) 3 strikes b) ball is caught in the air c) player is tagged before reaching a base. d) ball reaches base before player in a forced play

5. Unlike cricket, baseball players wear gloves on either the left or right hand side..

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