Englisches Referat "Mein Haustier"

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Composition (referat) about my two dogs: My house pets are two dogs, they are called "NAME" and "NAME". "Lassy" is 3 years old and is black and white. "Bongo" is 8 years old and is brown. I often go for long walks with them and they love to run over the fields and through for woods. They are really lovely dogs and they look forward to it when I come home from school. I often feed them from the table (which I should not do really!) My mother does not like it when I do this and she gets really angry when Lassy and Bongo jump on my bed and make it dirty. They lose a lot of hair and my mother says I should help to clean up the mess they make. I do help sometimes but not really very often. I cannot imagine life without my lovely pets, they are an important part of my life and although they do make a lot of work I know my mum loves them too. (good luck) J.McDonald

3 min?

Du wirst doch sciher drei munuten über die Hunde erzähln können wir alt welche rasse welche Farbe wei groß blablabla

wie sie heißen,wie alt sie sind, was sie so fressen, wie oft du mit ihnen gassi gehst (bzw wer mit ihnen gassi geht u. wer sich wenn du in der schule bist um sie kümmert), Wie sie aussehen bzw was für eine rasse sie sind, ihren Charakter, wie lang du sie schon hast, wie und wann du sie bekommen hast...usw

schreib einfach ein paar sätze über namen, rasse, alter, größe, was die machn, wie laut und so